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Know your Saree- Banarasi

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 3, 2013


Banarasi sarees definitely need no new introduction……..a rich woven fabric has been in existence in our country since the Mughal Era. But IFP does want it’s readers to know more about this glorious saree.

Banarasi sarees as the name suggests did originate in the city of Varanasi or Benaras to the locals. Banarasi sarees are usually woven out of the finest silks and have been the most sought after saree for weddings in the north-east part of India. Till date it is considered to be an integral part of any Indian bride’s trousseau. These rich silks have been passed down from one generation to another in many households.

The motifs range from florals, birds, paisley, buttis to leaves  and a single silk saree can even take upto 6 months to be woven. Silk jamdani, jangla, jamawar tanchoi, and tissue are some of the types of banarasi sarees available today. These days the banarasi motif is also available in chiffon as well as georgettes so that women can wear it in their day-to-day life.

The silk Jamdani, is a variety of brocade woven in Banaras may be considered to be one of the finest products to come out of the Banarasi loom. Here silk fabric is brocaded with cotton and rarely with zari threads. Some of the traditional motifs of Jamdani included Chameli (Jas mine), panna hazar (Thousand emeralds) genda buti (marigold flower)pan buti (leaf form) tircha (diagonally striped) etc.

Jangala is one of the oldest form of a banarasi saree & also the most preferred during weddings. Jal Jangla design have golden or silver creeper motifs spread across the saree with a heavy border & pallu. Meena work can also be used on the Jangla to make it fit for bridal wear.

Jamawar Tanchoi is a form of banarasi brocade where 2 or more coloured silk threads are used to create the multicolour effect in a saree. Tanchoi is also used to create bridal lehengas by Indian designers.

The renowned Zari brocade weavers of Banaras has evolved a technique of weaving tissue material which looked like golden cloth. Tissue saris are most popular as wedding saris among the affluent. Tissue sari has glazed, shining character due to the use of real gold Zari/Silver Zari and are ornamented with the particulars traditional design such as Jangla Butidar, Shikargah menadar etc.

Any Indian designer who makes Bridal wear uses Banarasi silk to create that rich effect in their troussea collection. BAnarasi silk is also widely used to make men’s wedding achkans.  Even our celebrities love to wear this silhouette on the red carpet and here is a look at how they rock in a Banarasi saree……..


Christian Dior V.P. India – Kalyani Chawla


Kirron Kher


Rani Mukherjee


Sonakshi Sinha




Saakshi Tanwar

Photo Courtesy : Style&sparkle, Indiatimes


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Know Your Saree – Paithani

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 11, 2013

Paithani collage

After exploring the Kanjeevarem from South India to the Chanderi saree from Madhya Pradesh, IFP takes you to Maharashtra where the beautiful ‘Paithani’ saree came into existence. Paithani silk originated from a town named ‘Paithan’ in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. This saree is a rich heritage that the state of Maharashtra has to offer to people all over the world. Paithani sarees are worn by women in Maharashtra during auspicious occasions like marriages and other important family celebrations. The art of weaving this royal silk has been passed on to generations since the Maratha Empire Era……..despite many centuries have passed, this saree is one of the best ever made in India.

Available in silk, Paithani sarees have a heavy zari border & pallu woven out of golden threads. Motifs of peacock, parrot and  lotus top the list of the zari designs on Paithani sarees. Earlier the zari borders were woven out of pure gold threads mixed with copper but currently  silver is used as the base for the gold coated threads. Traditional colours preferred would be yellow, green, purple, magenta, red……….the brighter the shade, the better it looks. Sometimes two different shades of silk threads are used while weaving to get a kaleidoscopic effect of the saree. Each Paithani saree might take upto 18 to 24 months time in weaving…….that also depends on the intricacy of the designs. 

This saree has been portrayed very beautifully in some of Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings in which he has beautifully depicted a Maharashtrian lady adorned with jewellery & a ‘Paithani’ saree.




This age old silk has found admiration from the celebrity world in abundance. Most recently Genelia D’souza wore a Paithani saree in red  for her wedding to Riteish Deshmukh while other well known faces like Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan, Kirron Kher, Mahima Chaudhary & Maria Goretti have worn it at red carpet events. 







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Know your Saree – Chanderi

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 5, 2013


‘Chanderi’ is a town in Ashoknagar District in the state of  Madhya Pradesh which is famous not just for it’s history but also for Chanderi weave. The birth of this beautiful fabric dates back to 4th century BC as per ancient text……….Kings & Queens who ever ruled India have worn Chanderi silk & cotton weaved by the artisans dating back to 11th century AD. Chanderi was also used extensively for trading and even exported abroad since the times when the British ruled India.

 Women in India have worn Chanderi with true grace for centuries but not much is ever written about it. Chanderi weave is available in cotton as well as silk, though the weavers have believed that only silk is able to give the desired shine and richness. The Chanderi fabrics are known for their sheer texture, light weight and a glossy transparency. Sarees, dupattas and stoles are available in all possible colours with zari border in alluring motifs like lotus flower, trees, butis, leaves & peacock.

Renowned designers like Sabyasachi, Ashima-Leena & Ritu Kumar have used Chanderi in their works while Vaishali S, Rahul Mishra, Anupama Dayal,  Gaurang Shah have displayed their creations in Chanderi at Fashion weeks held in India. IFP appreciates the effort put in by these designers & our celebrities to keep the Chanderi heritage alive.

Here is a look at the celebrities who have worn Chanderi sarees and looked fabulous in it.

Brand Courtesy : Chanderi Sarees

Photo Courtesy :,

Celebrities who have worn Chanderi……….


Kareena Kapoor


Vidya Balan


Juhi Chawla


Tisca Chopra


Rani Mukherjee


Maria Goretti

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Know your Saree – Kanjeevaram

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 28, 2013



We talk so much about gowns & the big designer brands but often forget the beautiful textile creations from our own soil. The fabulous silks, the zari work and handwoven fabric which incidentally do end up on the international runways without our knowledge. More than half of the world’s designer use fabrics, embroidery, stone-work and zardosi from India to create their outfits and sell them at exclusive price…………….Isn’t that astonishing???

It is a pity that we fail to recognize the hardwork put in by the people or a better way to call them would be  ‘artisans’, who put in their life to create such wonderful works. In fact I am sure that not many of us even know how many different weaves or types are there in a saree. ‘Indian Fashion Police’ dedicates this month to explore the beautiful world of Indian saree and it’s type. After all this is one tradition we ought to nuture & be proud of.

IFP starts off this series knowing about the queen of Indian saree – ‘Kanjeevaram’. Kanjeevaram sarees which originate from Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu are known to be the highest quality of weave in sarees. Traditionally it is pronounced as Kanchipuram saree, it has depictions of the beautiful temple art in threads of silk, silver & gold. The sarees usually have zari work in gold dipped silver thread on the borders and the pallu. A bridal saree will have all over zari thread work for that rich feel.

A wide range of colours with motifs of nautre, animals, paisley and flowers are woven by artisans. Amazingly these hand woven sarees are never alike so any saree you own will be  absolutely unique. Kanjeevaram is six yards to nine yards in length and suitable for women of all ages. The price of Kanjeevaram saree is determined by the quality of silk yarn [count per square inch], intricacy of the design and the amount of gold zari work used.

In India this saree is passed on to generations and is often given as family heirloom during weddings.  IFP says this is a ‘must-have’ in bridal trousseau for every Indian women.  In fact Indian celebrity are looking fabulous in these sarees at major red carpet events. Don’t believe me then have a look  below………

Who was seen wearing Kanjeevaram Sarees?






Vidya Balan


Kirron Kher



Saree Brand Courtesy : Sarangi Sarees

Photo Courtesy : Indiatimes & Rediff India

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Fashion & Bollywood movies……………….

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 19, 2010

I am a movie buff & there is no confessing about it. If you are an Indian who does not see any Bollywood movie or dance to any of its melodious tunes…………….please don’t call yourself a ‘Saccha Hindustani’…………….Bollywood is in our blood. These days it is in our dressing too…………ever notice your next door neighbour auntyji dressed in a Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Hum Aapke hai kaun’ trademark blue saree or your best friend trying to be like the gorgeous Deepika Padukone in those shorts & spaghetti tops which she wore in ‘Housefull’ or a guy walking in a denim with T-shirt reminding you of Ranbir Kapoor’s recent flick or the sexy siren dancing in a party dressed to kill as Kareena Kapoor in ‘Kambakt Ishq’…………………we all have seen these people somewhere right!!!

Let me take you through the fashion down the decades in bollywood and how it has changed the face of what you, me or anyone as a matter of fact wears in our everyday life.



I think the obsession started with seeing the yester year actresses like Madhubala, Nutan, Meena Kumari, Nargis Dutt, Waheeda Rehman all dressed in sarees with blouses which were printed or plain had puffed short sleeves.  The Western wear of the 1950s was long middy dresses since it was considered inappropriate for a woman to be dressed in revealing clothes. How can I ever forget the beautiful vintage jewellery like jhumkas, hooplas, matha tikka, chokker, bangles….. ahhhh……. jewellery……………… beautiful jewellery. The keyword for this decade was ‘Simplicity’……….be it the designs of the clothes or the make-up it was all kept minimal.

Legendary Actors like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Kishore Kumar wore traditional clothes like dhoti kurta, kurta pyjama and when it came to formal western wear they opted for suits with tie. Hair for men were short accesorized usually with hats and women usually wore their long hair in a bun, plaits or simply left them open. There was no space for a tom-boy in that era since women were considered to act more feminine and men had to be thorough gentlemen. Movies like Awaara, Naya Daur, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Daag have set the trends for the people of India. But the fashion of the 1950s is classic and evergreen just like the movies.


Enter the Era of Anarkali suits, chudidhar with fitted kurtis & Mumtaz Saree [as seen above] were what one who has lived that era can recall……unfortunately I was born 2 decades late but would have loved to live the 1960s era when fashion had made a grand entry into Bollywood. People were discovering new styles in both Indian & western couture, experimenting with their looks.

What I can remember after seeing the movie is the high hair updos, ‘Sadhna’ cut which was a name given to fringe haircut, elongated eye-liner, big earrings, tight fitted clothes and the famous ‘twist’ dance. Asha Parekh, Mumtaz, Meena Kumari, Sharmila Tagore, Helen, Saira Bano were the top actresses in this time era influencing the fashion. The clothes were bolder than the previous decade in this ‘eastman’ colour decade.

Of course how can I ever leave the men behind…………..Icons like Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dharamendra, Manoj Kumar, Sunil Dutt ruled the bollywood scene and they generally prefered wearing western attire. Even today when I see the movies from this era, I brings so much of joy………………..Mughal-E-Azam, Teesri Manzil, Junglee, Aradhana, Bramhachari, Sahib, Biwi aur Ghulam, Jigri Dost, Padosan, Pakeezah [though released in 1972 it was made in the 60s]……………always refreshing to see these movies.












The ‘Flower Power’ or the ‘Disco Age’ years must have been the era that left quiet an impression on minds of very bollywood fan. The bell bottoms, platform heels, colourful sunglasses, psychedelic prints, butterfly collar shirts, big  jewellery, Maxi dresses, tie-dye designs are still fresh in my memory.  ‘Big’ was beautiful in the 1970s……………now that can be your hair, the print on the fabric, buttons on the shirt or the hemlines of your pants…………….

The hemlines went up and the necklines plunged a bit…………bold, demure style followed in this era where actresses like Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi, Neetu Singh, Hema Malini, Jaya Badhuri Bachchan ruled the time. The ‘bangs’ or the ‘wings’ look was very ‘In’ during the 70s for women…………Men too loved wearing their hair long with prominent side-burns. The leading men in bollywood were seen wearing fitted Blazers which were a bit flared at the hip coupled with broad ties………..I remember my Dad still has a couple of those and still not ready to give them up saying it was huge trend during his college years. Three piece suit also gained prominence during this era where one could see the hero’s of Bollywood wearing this style on & off the silver screen.

Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Dharamdra, Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Jeetendra, were the idols for the young generation. Movies like Sholay, Seeta aur Geeta, Deewar, Yaadon ki Baraat, Amar Akbar Anthony, Bobby, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Anand, Guddi, Chupke Chupke were the movies making waves in bollywood.














I am a sample piece from this era since I was born in 1980s……………I am not telling you the year though………..but the bell bottoms + platform heel trend was phasing out ……………enter the strappy sandals and denim. Loads of colour was also the focus of the 1980s but people prefered wearing single colour instead of going in for fusion.

Rekha, Sridevi, Jaya Prada, Shabana Azmi, Dimple Kapadia, Padmini Kolhapure, Amrita Singh, Poonam Dhillon, Neelam ruled the silver screen in the 1980s. The saree in plain colours was a rage when Mr. India released…………I could see all the friends of my mother buy sarees in plain colour and consider themselves Sridevi……………Bhagyashree made the white Salwar Kameez famous in ‘Kabootar Jaa Jaaa’ song from the movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. The hair style meant more volume and people were simply crazy behind Dimple Kapadia’s hair do in ‘Saagar’ that every beauty salon put up a poster of Dimple in order to boost their sales. Hope you all remember the ‘Sagar Choti’ ……………..that is where the name came from. This era also made pants much more of a fashion for common people with denims catching the focus.

Actors like Sunjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Mithun Chakravarthy, Govinda, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Naseerudin Shah, Rishi Kapoor made the fitted pants or jean…a routine. Of course not forgetting Jeetendra who made the white pants with white shoes a must have for every guy………………………. The rugged look was ‘In’ for the guys of the 80s. Movies that left a mark not just at the box office but also in fashion were Umrao Jaan, Mr. India, Maine Pyar Kiya, Chaalbaaz, Silsila, Shaan, Sagar……………














 I remember the frenzy that followed the weeks after ‘Hum Aapke hai kaun’ released in India, If I ever went to any wedding I could see a belle dressed as ‘Madhuri Dixit’……………….remember the famous purple saree [Pic above] from the song ‘Didi tera devar deewana’…………….

Colourful Bandhni, shoulder pads, scarves, chunky jewellery, ankle high boots, tight fitted skirts, hair bands, big decorative bindis and matt lipsticks were a rage in 1990s. And of course all the actress like Kajol, Urmila Matondkar, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Raveena Tandon, Juhi Chawla set the trend for it. Menswear had also changed to a lot of extent with waist coats, leather jackets, baggy pants, loud print ties, dungrees, colourful denim making an entry into their wardrobe. Even if a guy is not all muscles he would wear a T-shirt underneath his over-sized shirt to make him look like a hunk……………..yeah I know you have been there too, buddy. Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan have sported that look in many of their movies. Talking about movies, I feel films like Hum Aapke hain Kaun, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dil toh Pagal hai, Yes Boss, Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani made an impact on the fashion industry as well.

These movies also made way for designers to enter Bollywood in a big way………….famously known was Manish Malhotra for transforming Kajol in DDJL, Kuch Kuch hota hai or giving a make-over to Karisma Kapoor in Raja Hindustani…………Designers made it big and created a new path where the clothes were not required to be rented from the dresswala but to be picked up from a boutique. The 1990s era was a gateway for Fashion designers who were able to showcase their creations not just in movies but also on Ramp and international beauty pagents. Actors & Actresses became more image conscious with respect to what they wore…………..each one wanted the designer to create a unique style for them. In india this was a revolutionary period in terms of fashion for sure……













Enter the era of ‘Stylist’ since the designers were already here……………the bollywood actors & actresses started making more frequent appearance on the red carpet hence needed someone to style them both on and off the screen as well. The best example of course can be Dhoom 2 where stylist  and fashion editor of Vogue India Anaita Shroff Adajania had made all the people look ‘hot’ with her styling tricks. She was also a part of the cast of ‘Kal ho na ho’ which was another style forward movie. But people loved the ‘Dil Chahta hai’ gang that changed the way men looked at themselves in the mirror.

Suddenly ‘Metrosexual Men’ were very much in vogue………..they styled their hair well, wore designer labels only, went in for a regular manicure/pedicure & professional grooming, carried a pair of stylish shades………… short men became much, much more fashion conscious which was a woman’s business till the turn of the century. Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan,  Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal we owe this change to you guys……..

It was ‘More the Merrier’ for women too who had an array of style to choose from…………she could go vintage with the classy ‘Devdas’ look by wearing kundan jewellery with designer saree or look like a million bucks by adorning short dresses which Kareena Kapoor carried off  in ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ ………else look feminine in the Anarkali chudidhar which Sonam Kapoor wore in ‘Saawariya’…………..the choice is unlimited.

Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu are the front runners from the beginning of the 21st century. New faces like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut are being looked up as the ‘next best thing’ in Bollywood fashion. The movie list that set a fashion trends would go on forever since today fashion changes as quickly as the movies in the theatre……….hope the next decade is even more fun-filled.

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How to dress in your 60s and beyond!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 2, 2010

In a party where there are plenty of women in their 20s and 30s looking gorgeous in their designer outfits, only one woman wearing an elegant beige colour sequin embroidered Saree with minimal make-up on her face, a strand of white pearls combined with a beige colour shoe manages to gather admiration from me as well as the crowd…………..that is the power of a wise woman in her 60s………..she can still give the young pretty ladies a run for their money when it comes to style.

Somehow after doing a ‘Google’ search on Indian celebrities in their 50s and 60s I could hardly find a handful of celebrities of this age……………..are we biased only preferring the young pretty ladies, forgetting the women who was also a style icon in the earlier years………………. honestly I am yet to find a Meryl Streep or Barbra Streisand of India………….but I do admire few celebrities as seen in the picture gallery below,  since they have stood through decades with their timeless style.

Comfort is essential part for a woman in her 60s, hence many prefer wearing Salwar Kameez, Saree and Trousers with small heel or flats. Draping a stole around your neck or on the shoulder is another style I adore so have loads of them in your wardrobe………….colour choices can vary from neutrals to earthy tones to any colour that suits your skin tone. Baby pinks, beige and off-white colour are my favourite for woman of this age group. Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend but pearls work best for a woman in her 60s. I also like the style of Maharani Padmini Devi of Jaipur and Sharmila Tagore for wearing kundan jewellery with Sarees……………sheer grace when I look at them. At this age the simpler a woman dresses, the better are the results. Now by being simple I do not mean to go with out any glitter…………….add the shimmer factor but make sure it is not all over your outfit or jewellery. Salwar Kameez can be worn in any shades since this outfit is the easiest to carry off plus we Indians are lover of bright shades.

Go by your gut feeling when you want to buy an outfit for yourself…………no stylist is needed here. Have a bag for day wear, a clutch for night time  and a potli bag with your saree. Shoes can be mules, kitten heels, flats or our very own kolhapuri chappal………….designer or not, it does not matter but avoid too high heels. My personal favourtie are Charles & Keith’s collection for daywear/nightwear plus their shoes are so comfortable. The biggest advantage of being in your 60s is that whatever you wear you have been the trendsetter for ages. So go ahead and just be yourself lady.

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How to dress in your 50s!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 1, 2010

After living half of a century a woman in her 50s has seen all the ups and downs in her life and of course in fashion. She has experimented with silly clothes, found her own style, given up some of her favourite fashion evils, does not commit any fashion crimes………… in this age she wants to be perceived as more of a ‘Classic Beauty’. Gone are the days where one could wear flashy clothes with chunky jewellery…………but who says a woman in her 50s cannot be demure and attractive.

The most elegant woman in today’s Indian fashion scene are in their 50s and 60s………….and boy I honestly aspire to be like them once I touch that mark…………..coming back on dressing, the best part about your 50s that you have to try too hard to impress anyone if your personality does all the talking.  There is so much of ease in women of this age group……….no wonder people say that you become wiser as you grow older………..wisdom reflects beautifully from these woman……….I sure can see that in my mother’s face. 

Sarees and Salwar Kameez were a part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe but for woman in her 50s add-in loads of trousers, denim, formal shirts and kurtis……………if you got a pair of fine legs, go ahead flaunt them in Short skirts and dresses as well. Go light on the colour palette and avoid ‘jhatak’ colours, there have been instances where I have seen women have turned up wearing shocking pinks with loads of jewellery at a wedding………….somehow that image still stays embedded in my mind not for the fashion but for the look on people’s faces…………..your dressing style should say ‘I am 50 and beautiful’ and not scream ‘I am as young as my daughter’. Even many well-known socialites dress up in designer outfits like a 20 year old………….it is ok to wear designer stuff if you can afford them but find out what suits you first as per your age and body-type…………..try a nice formal shirt with padded shoulder [yes this design is back with a bang] with a plain black skirt/trousers, a single colour plain chudidhar with bold neck-piece, a bright printed kurti with white pants or denim, a black cocktail dress with minimum detailing………….the options are limitless.

My pick for women in this age group will be a smart fitted shirt on top a trouser with a belt that is well coordinated with her shoes and bag or a colourful short kurti over a chudidhar or jeans………….these two dress ideas work like magic. In case of shoes, if your feet are simply tired of the high heels opt for kitten heels since they work well with Indian or western outfits plus are very comfortable.

As for jewellery wear diamonds but not too much………..concentrate on one piece like beautiful earrings paired with a small pendant chain, or a huge pendant or neck-piece with small earrings or bangles and earrings only. the golden rule is to never overdo to…………please do not wear every possible jewellery that you own to wedding and other occassions…………itis not at all stylish but you might kinda end up being a ‘show-off’. Also opt for pearls in different colours, precious gem-stones and carved silver jewellery……….these pieces are always in fashion.

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How to Dress in your 40s!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 30, 2010

‘Life begins after 40’ holds so true for many women………maybe since in your forties a women finally gets a lot of time to think about herself since the past 2 decades she has been thinking about family, work and career. The 40s age era is about getting to know yourself better. Her focus is now primarily on finding an identity for herself apart from her family. Unfortunately I have seen women dressing up in their 40s as if they are still in their 20s. The fact of the matter is that the more you try to dress younger the more older you end up looking. There is no harm in aging gracefully……..

I like the fact that Indian have started adopting western wear in their wardrobe combining it beautifully with Indian pieces. Best example can be an Indian Kurti with a trouser or a knee length with Indian Jewellery………..this trend has actually caught the eye of the global fashion arena. A woman in her 40s has a strong personality which should also reflect in her dressing. My style for a woman in her 40s would be defined shoulder patterns, boat necks, trousers [loads of them in different colour], a little bit of layering to soften the look, fitted tailored jackets, Kurtis in beautiful Indian summer colours, well fitted Salwar Kameez, an elegant Saree with embroidery emphasis on the border or the pallu……….

I also love to see the women of this age group dressed in gypsy skirts which are long flowy silhoutte coupled with fitted top preferably in sleeveless and long earrings…………….this gypsy look is ‘oh-so-desirable’  when you remember the ‘hippie era’. If you wanna go classic opt for a satin tunic top with denim or trousers and simple accesories. Another favourite of mine would be long sleeve blouse on top of a skirt or trousers. The chinese collars with detailing work if you have a long slender neck else stick to round or v-necklines. Under any case avoid too tight outfits if you don’t wish to be on the ‘trashy dress list’.

If you are more inclined towards Indian outfits go subtle when it comes to choosing embroidery on the fabric or matching your jewellery with your outfits. Wear a saree or a chudidhar but with delicate accessories, please leave the heavy jewellery out for big occassions………… is necessary to have some glitter but not all over. There are women who want to go under the knife once they see the first signs of aging…………relax even with wrinkles a woman does look beautiful and wise. Attempt to wear neutral shade or lighter shades which reflect gorgeously on your skin giving it an instant glow. Include colourful silk scarves over formal wear or style it the way you want to. One can include beautiful mules in their shoe collection apart from stilettoes or flats.

As for bags I have seen many celebrities carry the ‘Birkin’ bag which I honestly feel is highly over-rated both in terms of fashion and price. If you wanna look your best it is not necessary that you will be able to achieve that look only by buying the most expensive designer brand. Get creative and stop following the entire herd over specific brands……… fact find what looks good on you. Funnily the most well dressed women have always opted for lesser known brands and made them famous by wearing them on the red carpet. Originality might have it’s risk but if it works, the entire world will sit up to give undivided attention. 

Some famous Indian celebrities whom I admire for their style and looking good after so many years. Believe me it is a lot of hard work to look this good in your 40s……………..but it is possible.

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How to dress in your 30s!!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 28, 2010

I have come across many people who dread the age 30 and crossing over for them is a big deal but honestly it is totally in your mind coz 30s is the next 20s. Looking at beautiful women in their 30s and still rocking the fashion scene, I feel age is just a number now and it is ok to let people know that you might be 30 years old but have become wiser, much more calmer with time. A woman in this age group is more confident about her body and comfortable in her own skin. Her skin glows coz her pimple face years are behind her and her wrinkles are yet to arrive………….in short she is in the best shape but that does not mean she does not have other concerns in her life.

A woman in her 30s is at her busiest stage in life whether it is about children, work, family, social life…………..she is always in a hurry. But nonetheless she has never looked more stunning since she is at a stage where she can blend the elegance with beauty. Gone is the age-old myth that a woman in her 30s needs to cover up……………if you have a good healthy body, go ahead flaunt it………..

Please remember to dress your age and not younger, coz you will end up looking like a big mess believe me since we all see such disasters on the red carpet quite often. Embrace the 30s and you would have never looked better in your entire lifetime. Indian silhouettes like Sarees and Salwar Kameez are evergreen whatever be your age but go in for well-fitted tailored pants, formal tops paired with denim, knee-length skirts, evening gown, long flowy dresses work for this age group. Say goodbye to mini-skirts even if you have the body to carry it off…………it simply is not age appropriate……..besides one can look even more sexy without showing off too much of skin. Go in for floral dresses for the summers teamed with a pair of shades, bag and flat shoes or sandals like gladiators strappy ones [avoid flip-flops unless you are at the beach] for day-wear, a smart formal top combined with a belt on top of a formal trouser/skirt and stilettos/kitten heels for office wear.

For a more casual look try going in for a t-shirt [no skin fits please] or a shirt with jeans as per your body type since skinny jeans might not suit all body type. Halter neck look great be it day-wear or evening time………….I even love to see women in their 30s wearing square and v-necks to focus on their collar bones and neck.  Evening gown or knee-length dresses work for this age group which makes one look alluring in a very classy way when worn with a small clutch and a pair of open toe heels. Open toe heels are my favourite be it with Indian or Western attire they look good any outfit.

Oversized bags should be avoided at any cost unless you are travelling go for medium-sized leather bag in a sober colours like black, brown and beige which you can match with maximum outfits in your wardrobe.  Also don’t forget to co-ordinate your bag with shoes and belts. Saree can be worn with halter necks for a glamorous look, Kurti chudidhars are a must-haves, Empire waist dresses are to die for………………Fabrics like chiffon and crepes work for this age groups……….One shoulder dress/top make a woman look ‘oh-so-fabulous’. Also one can try lace tops, wrap dresses and ankle length boots [avoid if you live in a tropical city]

Avoid too chunky or girlish jewellery [please no cartoon motif here] instea. d opt for silver and gold combined with diamonds or precious gems. Go for long chains, chandelier earrings, classic stackable diamond rings and bangles with western outfits whereas do wear heavy kundan jewellery like earrings, necklace and bangles with your Saree/Salwar Kameez since I feel this age can easily carry off heavy Indian jewellery……………… a rule concentrate either on the outfit or the accessorises do not have both in excess. If your Indian attire has heavy all-over embroidery then go light on jewels and vice versa.

The photos displayed below are of the celebrities in their 30s who still rock the page 3 with their fashion sense and have never looked better.

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How to dress in your 20s!!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 26, 2010

Dressing for Indian Woman in her 20 – Bold & Beautiful

Dressing of Indian women have been constantly in change from yester-year Sarees to Salwar Kameez to the contemporary western wear…………………..the transformation was rapid.  I feel Indian women have unlimited options to wear when it comes to dressing since they can choose the western attire or go for more traditional choice. But these days it is necessary that a woman should always dress her age and not try to dress in order to look younger. Who says that a woman in her 20s is only allowed to experiment where as the woman in her 60s has to stick to a traditional Indian outfit only………….well times have changed drastically and for better.

Ahhhhhh……….the twenties where so much happens in a woman’s life-like falling in love, getting your first job, having a fairytale marriage, having your first child, going on a dream vacation, making new friends…………..but also coming out of your protective family shell and entering into the ruthless world as an individual…….well honestly the world is not that bad a place. But the twenties also turn a girl into a woman in terms of fashion. A lady has to bid goodbye to her teenage look and discover a more sophisticated mature look in her 20s. This decade is also an introduction to style and class in one’s wardrobe. I remember giving up the early 90s  baggy pants to fit into the new trend of boot-cut jeans after I crossed the 20th year mark………I think at this age a girl starts to feel comfortable as a woman and may be that reflects in her style of dressing.

A woman in her 20s can wear a jeans with a well fitted shirt or a top for a casual laid back look, go flirty with a short skirt, display seriousness in formal wear like a shirt combined with trousers. wear a saree/salwar kameez for a occassion or look demure in a little black dress for an evening out. At this age she can experiment with everything right from hair to make-up to shoes………….take full advantage while you are still young. My favourite in clothes is a short dress for women in their 20s. Wear as much high heels as you can for parties, night out, a date or if you are comfortable…..everyday. Experiment with make-up but make sure you don’t end up looking to made up……………at any age subtle make-up is the key to look like a ‘Diva’……………

The plus point of this age group is that today’s designers design their collection for this age group most of the times so you have a wide variety. As for Saree please invest in some classy designs which you can wear for years to come but experiment with the blouse like have a halter neck stitched, spaghetti straps, strapless tube kind………sexiness is the essential word here…………….you need to look elegant avoid looking too trashy by opting for too much of glitter. Some women in their 20s end up looking in their 30s by wearing grandmother’s era type of blouse………….even the look of saree is ever-changing so please try to keep up with the ongoing trend…………only some vintage outfits look classy in today’s high fashion world. You can keep your grandmother’s saree but please toss the decade old blouse and get a new one stitched.

Try going in for funky bags at this age – denim bags for a casual look, leather wear bag for daytime, a shimmer clutch for night-outs………….it does not have to be a brand only, elegance combined with utility and comfort is what you should look out for while buying a trendy bag. And yes it is ok to repeat your bags and outfit…………believe me it is no big deal if you end up wearing the same outfit or bag on different occasions. As for jewellery, keep it to the minimal and try to concentrate on one piece of jewellery to look fabulous and not too made up. One can go with small earrings, a chain with pendant and a bracelet for daytime but change if with longer earrings and a dazzling ring during night-outs. Keep the heavy Indian Jewellery for the occasions and wear them with Indian attire. Avoid trashy jewellery stick to minimalistic style during daytime with earrings, a chain with pendant and a bracelet. Try longer earrings for evening but wear heavy gold jewellery with Indian attire. Diamonds and other precious stones can be worn by anyone at any age……………..they are timeless. Concentrate on one piece of jewellery in order to get that undivided attention………too much of big  jewellery will make you look more of a ‘show-off’. In today’s bollywood world I am happy to see the young ladies who have a fresh face and their own unique style thanks to many talented Indian designers and stylists. Here are some of the women in their 20s whom I admire for their statement making style.

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