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Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 28, 2011

Living in Indonesia certainly has loads of benefits………………one benefit that I love has to be visiting the Spa where one does not have to spend a fortune yet is able to get the most amazing service. Whenever I feel tired than usual, my body aches for the luxury of a Spa…………………..getting manicure, pedicure, body massage, facial……….ahhh I feel like I am in beauty heaven. But even I was nervous the very first time when I visited a Spa here ………………not knowing how to interact with the spa staff, what to expect, whether to leave a  tip or not???………….if so then how much………many things went on in my mind. Now that I have become a ‘pro’, I could tell people a thing or two about etiquettes to be observed  in a Spa.

1) Preparing yourself for the SPA before you even enter it

One most important step towards going to a Spa begins at home………….it is recommended that you wax at least 2 days before your spa session since the aroma oils might irritate your skin. Please do not use any other body lotion or sunscreen as the lotions might react with the oils and may cause irritation or a rash. Avoid the spa all together if you have broken skin, a bad rash, skin allergies, fever, cold, cough, upset stomach or your monthly menses. It is generally better if you visit the spa in your free time…………..avoid it if you are in a hurry as you won’t be able to enjoy the therapy ………the idea is to be stress free. Have your meal at least 2 hours in advance & do drink more water on the day of your spa appointment, since post the spa procedure you might end up dehydrated.

2) What to carry to the Spa???

Please don’t wear your best clothes to the spa, but still be presentable when you arrive there. Casuals or semi formals should be the preference, avoid going in your jogging suit or gym wear. Remember first impressions do matter here, you don’t want the spa staff to form an opinion before they treat you. Try lighter fabrics which allow your skin to breathe after the spa session is over. You can carry a bottle of water, deodorant, comb or any other essentials as per your requirement. You can carry a fresh set of under-garments, clothes and even your own towel if you tend to be allergic to bleach used in cleaning towels in spas and hotels. Reputed spas will not use bleach in their washing though.

3) What not to carry???

If you are going to the spa for a facial, avoid carrying any make-up since your face needs to be free of make-up for at least 8 hours in order for the ingredients to work better. Avoid the use of perfumes as well for few hours. Leave your jewellery back at home, if you loose them it won’t be the responsibility of the spa but your own carelessness….plus jewellery restrict the flow of massage……………so shed them. Also leave behind expensive gadgets like I-pods & Lap tops. Kids should be left behind at home or ask your friend or spouse to baby sit one afternoon,  else you will not be able to concentrate if they are around. Many spas frown if there are kids around & nobody to handle them.

4) Arrival at the Spa

Never enter the spa without a prior appointment……………………….make it a point to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Spa procedures requires some preparation before starting change of clothes, soaking your hands & feet in warm water and visiting the loo. Do make it a point to respond to the staff in a friendly manner, avoid being rude to them under any case.You might be shown make spa packages………….you can select any according to your budget & convenience or go with the best the spa therapist might recommend for you. They can even take you around for a short trip of the spa in case you require to know more about it. Let them know about any sort of allergies you might have with regards to certain ingredients used in the spa products……………the spa therapist will surely keep this in mind before starting off with the treatment. You can keep your belongings in a locker or a cupboard provided by the spa.

5) During the spa treatment

Lie down, relax, let yourself loose and enjoy the spa treatment. Before that please switch off your mobile phones……… is definitely rude to talk on the phone,while you have your spa treatment going on. This is a time to pamper yourself……………….so get disconnected form the outside world. Also do not be shy if you are just in a towel, the therapist are very professional and have been taught in a specific manner to perform the spa therapy without making their client uncomfortable.  The spa therapist will ask you about the whether you prefer light pressure massage or a bit more stronger……… tell her you preference. In case a part of you body develops sudden pain while during the treatment, it is important to let the therapist know about it. Please don’t go around screaming in pain during the treatment, you might disturb other clients. Also you can tell the therapist about your music preference plus it’s volume.

6) After the spa treatment

Even a complimentary drink which the spa would offer, my spa makes the most amazing ginger tea which has brown sugar in it…………it invigorates me instantly. So don’t miss on that……….take a shower, dry yourself up……..if you want you can request the spa therapist to give you a moment alone. Change into your clothes, check your belongings and only then proceed towards the payment counter. If you liked the products used during your session, go ahead and ask your therapist about it, if it is an in-house product you might be able to buy it. Many reputed spas do make their own products so you can use them at home too to get the spa feel.

7) Tipping at the Spa

This is a tricky question on how much should one tip…………abroad usually people tip 15% but in India I can say about 10% to 15%. It also depends on how much you have enjoyed your spa session. Honestly I find spas in India particularly in major cities too expensive and high priced. So you can tip according to your pocket. The only reason of giving a good tip will ensure that next time around you are given an equally good service. The spa staff always takes better care of people who tip well…………..that’s what analysis say.

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Tabu awarded Padma Shri by President Pratibha Patil

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 25, 2011

I think it was long overdue to award a talent power house like Tabu with a Padma Shri, but I am happy for the Indian Government has honoured Tabu with Padma Shri. The ceremony took place in Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on 24th March, 2011. With noteworthy performances in Maachis, Viraasat, Astitva, Maqbool, Chandni Bar, Namesake and Cheeni Kum………Tabu has time & again proved that she is a force to reckon with. Here’s your glimpse to the event.

Also honoured were legendary actor Waheeda Rahman who was presented a Padma Bhushan for her elaborate career in Indian Cinema. There were 15 Padma Bhushan and 42 Padma Shri conferred to the individuals who excelled in their field of work. Music Director Khayyam & singer S.P.Balasubrahmanyam were also awarded Padma Bhushan.


For more elaborate details on the event visit

Photo Courtesy,

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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Day 5

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 16, 2011

On the last day, I do say that I am much more satisfied looking at the awesome outfits displayed by the designer. Must say that Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 was definitely a ‘Hit’ in terms of designs. But it does make me a wee bit sad when a good fashion week comes to an end. Nonetheless I will still look forward to their next event.

Photo courtesy :,

Gauri & Nainika


‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ is the title I give to the talented Duo Gauri & Nainika’s recent collection……….they have once again proved that when I comes to designing evening gowns  suitable for International red carpet as well, no one does a better job than them.They were the LFW finale designers and had plenty of drama to offer us. The drapes, the colours, the designs in silk & lace were magnificient……………..their collaboration with Lakme Cosmetics for the new range of colour make-up is definitely gonna be a ‘Hit’. The presentation of their collaboration with Lakme Cosmetics – “Over the Rainbow” had models Amrit Maghera in a white rose gown, Shraddha Kapoor in a net and silk dress, Lisa Haydon dressed in a white  mini, Vipasha Agarwal in a white gown, Indrani Dasgupta in a mini and the new face of Lakmé, Liza Golden in a net and silk version. All of them looked fabulous. The styling with the head gear was very innovative yet looked classic. The only question here is of wearability which I doubt that our celebrities will be able to wear here……………Internationally I think Gauri & Nainika have set a new standard for themselves. I do hope I get to see their creations of International red carpet in near future. My verdict : Love the collection.


















Satya Paul

The collection titled as ‘The Jewels of Sea’ was the latest presentation of design house Satya Paul. The glorious printed sarees with detail work have somewhere lost their charm. On display were the Satya Paul signature style sarees & dresses in an array of colours, but the collection felt totally repetitive. There was not a hint of fresh designs in it…………….seen it too many times now. They did start a rage with beautiful saree prints but the question is  whether they will be able to sustain their label with the same concept???? Model Actress Sarah Jane Dias in a red lehenga complete with crystal detailing walked as show stopper for Satya Paul. My verdict : Beauty is totally understood, but repeating the same collection all over again will kill the beauty of it.
















Rinaldi By Rina Shah

As far as I can recall, Rina Shah’s shoe label ‘Rinaldi’ was the first to introduce us Indian to designer footwear. I remember seeing her bridal shoe designs in leading magazines of our country & just being in awe of it. This is probably the first time that I got to see the shoes on the runway in the fashion week…………I am delighted to see her what she does best…… splendid creations for us. The theme was inspired by horses & polo matches, ‘Rinaldi Polo’ was an alluring creation which not only had knee high & strappy shoes but designer bags also. I never thought that polo shoes could come in such variety of shades……………thought they were available in black & browns only. But what literally took my breath away were the carved heel of the sandals displayed on the ramp……….lust at first sight for me.  The knee high boots were colourfully different…………top Polo players of our country Angad Kalan, Kamran Ahmed and Shrinivas Bobade walked as show stopper………………handsome choice for show stopper, totally in accordance to the theme. My verdict : Welcome back Rinadli, once again you have proven that you are one of the leading Pioneers of Designer shoes in India.














Abdul Halder

Peach, Green, pinks, yellow dominated the colour choice for Abdul Halder’s recent collection ‘Ode to Leisure’ had a range of dresses, pants, top, jackets for both genders. The jewel tone colours were lovely with minimum detailing. It was way too simple from the earlier works of Abdul Halder, some of the outfits failed to impress me. The tailoring is very comnedable but it lacked the element of ‘surprise’. My Verdict : Could have put in more detail work rather than leaving the collection devoid of it. Needed a lot of jazzing up.

















Lina Tipnis


‘Fantastical Land’ was the theme of Lina’s latest collection which had shades of black, blues, browns, purple. The collection mainly had cocktail dresses with jodhpuri pants & party tops. Loved the one shoulder outfits & the detail work on few dresses. Styling was very party appropriate butit was ‘Glamour’ that I missed most in this collection. I expected something over the top or dazzling………….nonetheless the collection was good especially the outfits where the detail work appeared like jewelry which I think is a first in this fashion week. My verdict : Chic party wear with one shoulder outfits as my favourite.

















Harangad Singh

‘Madame Pavone’ which means peacock in French was true to it’s form. The peacock blues were indeed breath taking………….Harangad did include colours like pinks & pastels but I am preferring the darker hues more. Stylewise I have no complaints but the pastels range could have worked well if the ‘fit’ was better…………….in few outfits it was draped a wee bit carelessly.  My verdict : Way better than his previous collection………..he has included sequins & detail work. From all girly dresses, Harangad has gone on to designing for women……………Like it.
















Vijay Balhara

The model turned designer Vijay Balhara was back with his recent collection ‘Rustic Sophistication’ which was inspired by North India.Fabrics like mul, chanderi, linen, cotton were flowing on the runway in colours like pinks, blues, lavender, pastels. The collection had kurtis, short dresses, shorts, shift dresses, churidhar, anarkali, flowy summer dresses………….but in some outfits I missed the ‘Fit’. Liked the short dresses & kurtis alot, not afan of churidhars with kurtis & anarkalis………………his range was quite a fusion of Indo-western. My verdict : The dresses are perfect for the hot summer, though the Indian-wear needs more definition.

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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Day 4

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 15, 2011

I must admit, this time the creations are awesome and very fresh……….I am getting to see a lot of new designs on the ramp and hence am very excited to see the outfits from every designer, every day. Till now have seen amazing outfits which are gonna have many takers, let’s have a look what Day 4 holds for us.

Pria Kataria Puri

Pria Kataria Puri closed the day 4 of LFW which was a collection inspired by a Moroccan city ‘Marrakesh’ also known as ‘Red City’ is a resort destination. No one does it better than Pria when it comes to Kaftans, it wasno differentthis time too. However, I got a feeling that it was similar to last years collection but only the prints were a bit different. I wish Pria would have experimented more with the ‘Cut’ aspect. A touch of tassels here & there complete with African style hair ‘do’ looked stylish on the runway.  Namrata Barua Shroff & Perizad Zorabian Irani were show stoppers for Pria, both the ladies did look stunning in silver dresses. My verdict : The detail work, the prints and especially the different necklines were very beautiful. Like the collection which wins browny points on wearability.
















Anupama Dayal

Something was totally a miss in this collection…..there were skirts, kaftans, dresses, shirts, saree, swimwear but I missed the detail work which took center stage in Anupama’s earlier collection. The range called ‘Short Stories’ was as colourful as it could be, but I am disappointed at the finishing of the outfits. Many of them lacked lustre and the fit……………she had emphasis only on the beautiful colour which is quite understandable since she had collaborated with DULUX Velvet touch paints………………….unfortunately that was not enough to create a line which would attract buyers. My verdict : This collection for sure left me high & dry. I expect more from Anupama who very well can deliver. This was not best of her works.

















Rocky S

Rocky S who collaborated with CANTABIL International clothing to showcase this recent collection which had western resort wear for men & women, It consisted of shorts, pants, T-shirts, shirts, flowy dresses, kaftans, suits in a variety of light fabrics ideal for summer season. I do admit that the menswear ensemble fares better than womenswear which was as I would put it ‘without any spice’. Unfortunately I could not find anything new in this collection for the ladies. Celebrities Zayed Khan & Dia Mirza walked the runway as show stopper for Rocky S. My verdict : Wearablecollection but wanted to see something new from this talented designer.



















Kallol Dutta

‘Weird’ is in one word how I can describe Kallol’s collection in collaboration with DHL.Though the theme was “Jailstripes” “Checkered” and “Illustration” but The clothes absolutely had no shape to them. I wonder what was Kallol trying to projecting his creation, since women want to look like ‘Goddess’ when ever they wear a designer collection & never like an object wrapped up in some household cloth. Let me be honest here, many fashionistas consider him the next best thing but I am reminded of the fairytale – The Emporer’s new clothes’ where the designer actually dupes the entire world by creating next to nothing outfit. My verdict :  Needs to go back to the drawing board & figure out more sophisticated looks which have some beauty in it. Plus the styling with DHL logo paper wrapped on the shoes………….Who is gonna wear that???? Snap out of fantasy, welcome to the real harsh fashion world.



















Purvi Doshi

Someone has done a tad impressive job this time around…………..yes I am talking about Purvi Doshi who at last has given a look worth admiring plus the usual hotch-potch of detail work & fabric was totally avoided. The collection aptly titled as ‘Bloom Boom’ had loads of floral detail  like Aari & Khaat which were pleasing to the eye. The collection had long summer dresses, short dresses, bolero jackets, capris and saree. The designer herself was dressed in her recent creation.  Though some outfits which were made of sheer fabric would work better if they had light fabric lining underneath for a structured look. My verdict : Pretty, pretty, pretty………………..something stood out beautifully this time. Love the pop of colour.

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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Day 3

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 13, 2011

After an exciting Day 2, I looked forward to Day 3 where the accessories shows were gone be held at LFW. I am enamored by the display of the jewellery, bags, shoes and so many accessories made by Indian Designers. Of course clothes are also what I look forward to nonetheless. Let’s take a look at what we had in store for us on the third day of this fashion week.

Photo Courtesy :




I seriously want those shoes and the neck pieces…………Malini has done it again with her beautiful collection, I am in love instantly with these alluring pieces. Love the styling which kept the focus totally on the accessories and not else. The hair was sleek with the pulled back look………the stone work on the shoes are very pretty. On my next visit to India, I am headed to her store. My Verdict : I want to try all of these………..Contemporary yet fabulous.




















Eina Ahluwalia

‘Wedding Vows’ stunned the audience with the sharp eye-catching pieces made from shaped like a Trishul, bows & arrows, knives set with semi- precious stones. The styling of the collection was very classic in sarees made from silk in black, vermilion & white………….very ethnic. I like that her creation presented the Indian women as strong yet very feminine, The golds stood out magnificently with the gliitery gemstones…………If you wanna make a statement, Eina Ahluwalia should be your choice. Though I am not digging the skulls since it kinda took away from the ethnic designs which were displayed……..but hey that’s just me. My verdict :  Very Contemporary yet elegant.

















‘Drama’ and loads of it is what I got to see in Suhani’s latest creations titled ‘Urban Folk’. The bold pendants & neckpieces were indeed very fashion forward, but again a question lingers on in my mind……….are all of them wearable???? Few pieces I found wearable for a photo shoot only, whereas I do admit, many neck pieces were very wearable this time around. The cuffs were ‘to die for’  in amazing colours & designs. I am amazed with the circular copper necklace which was inspired by the ‘Adivasi’  – a Hindi word meaning ‘tribe’. Modernizing the piece to suit the urban belle was commendable. My verdict :  If you want to jazz up your look, just add one of Suhani’s creation & you will be ready to rock.















‘Love & Life’ the title of Anita Dongre’s ‘Timeless’ recent collection did take my breath away because of the simplicity yet beautiful creations. I am once more in awe of this lady who has been able to expand her label ‘Anita Dongre’ like no other designer. She understands very well what a women wants every new season, hence has been successful in creating the alluring silhouettes every single time. Though I must admit the gotta work was also seen on her outfits last season, this time I am more attracted towards the sarees & the lehengas than the Anarkalis. Anita has used Mul in pale colours like yellow, pink, beige & blues…………the fit & the flow of fabrics is no doubt flawless. Though by now you must be knowing that I am no more fond of floor length Anarkalis in summer, good to see Anita go for shorter version of the same. For summertime festivities, this collection is a must have since the fabrics used are light to carry in the heat plus the detail work is very subtle. My verdict : Never disappointed with Anita’s creations, her outfits are a class in itself. She is one designer to make designer wear actually reachable for normal people like you & me.



















‘Divonics’ was presented by designer duo Shantanu && Nikhil, who no doubt are favourite among our desi celebrities for red carpet ensemble. This time around they had their focus on outfits for occasion like a cocktail or party. They have to some extent given the little black dress an edge of it’s own with detailing which of course I found unique & seen for the first time on the runway of this fashion week. I am equally surprised that they created wonderful designs with fabrics like silks, brocade, tussar which is never preferred when one is creating a line of western wear.  My verdict : Very Chic with the drapes & the fit blending in beautifully. I guess the designer duo have a ‘Hit’ in their hands for the celebrities are gonna get hold of their creations for the red carpet in future.
















Rural designs fused with urban culture was the essence of Babita Malkani’s recent collection which had Indian block prints and drapes. The collection titled as ‘Iktar’ had very earthy tones with beige, browns, reds & maroons used to design flowy dresses, skirts, tops, dhoti & lycra churidhars . But somehow this collection did not excite me that much since somewhere I felt the ‘fit’ was not perfect. I feel individual piece might work well but the whole look was not what a women living in urban city like Mumbai might usually opt for. My verdict : Needs to spice up the outfit with better ‘fit’.





I am truly happy to see that designer Debarun Mukherjee go this groove back with his latest offering. What struck me the most was the way the gold & floral bronze appliqué stood out in the outfits which were designed on sheer off -white backgrounds. As predicted earlier, this summer season called for short kurtis…………….Debarun delivered the look. Young actor Aditya Roy Kapoor walked in as show stopper in white & beige creation. My verdict : The appliqué detail work was unique for this season. Menswear was a good fusion of East & west………………Like it.















Fashionable collection that reminded so much of  ‘Sex & the City’…………..the collection titled ‘Metalosophy’ metal detailing took center stage. The ‘Fit’ & the ‘Cut’ was the feature that stood out but in a beautiful way. There were floral prints which were suitable for the day, while the sequin dresses will rock in the night. I don’t get that swayed away by western wear so soon especially with our designers, but Siddhartha did manage to make a positive impression. The dresses were extremely stylish, the flared bottom pants looked excellent, the evening wear made me wanna party right away……….Need I say anymore.  My verdict : Definitely my favourite for the day











Reviews Coming Soon




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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Day 2

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 13, 2011

Day 1 was pretty satisfying in terms of designs with experienced designers going wild with their creativity, I loved the outfits which were much more wearable than last years Summer Resort. Day2 had loads of designers I was looking forward to see their latest creations. I must give credit to the team of Lakme Fashion Week for uploading the photos so soon…………..this shows their commitment to their work. Kudos to them……..

Photo courtesy : To view the complete collection visit


Who does not look forward to seeing Manish Malhotra’s latest designs on the runway, despite the India – South Africa match I’d say seeing his work made me happier than seeing the stressful match……………..but I saw both live……..could not keep myself from catching the cricket fever. Coming back to fashion, the Maestro was back with inspiration from Kashmir famous for it’s Kashmiri Kadhai……………he also designed pieces with chikankari and Gotta work. This time around I am very impressed with this menswear collection which had elaborate Kashmiri Work – the shawls, the kurtas, the bandhgala all in vibrant colours were very alluring. Love the use of Kashmiri Kadhai & Chikankari on the sheer fabrics like net & chiffons, love the knee length anarkalis, lehengas all done up in pastels. What I had expected is for Manish to make floor length anarkali’s in sheer fabrics but honestly that reminded me so much of his last season collection. My verdict : Menswear was an absolute surprise…………loved it instantly. All for the colour, the detail work and shorter length of kurtas. I do expect him to surprise his audience with a new creation in womens wear though.





























I just found few new designs on the runway…………..of course the credit goes to Anand Kabra for being so creative. Though I was not a fan of his collection last year, this season tell a different story all together. He had an array of summery colours & prints, fused together to form this collection. The collection was divided into five parts – first part had mustard yellows with grey, black & white, the second part had prints which were kinda very 1970s, the third part had bold prints in purple,magenta, grey & black, the fourth was more of a party wear style with glittery silver combined with grey and the last part was in black & white. The asymmetrical cut and beautiful use of sheer fabricis what set his collection apart from others. My verdict: Surprisingly fresh in terms of designs………..Love the collection which again is very wearable yet contemporary. Had a range of designs for women of all age.















The young and hip collection ‘Straight from my soil’ by Masaba had vibrant colours which was inspired by the Masai tribe. But unfortunately what lacked this time was the ‘Cut’ & ‘Fit’ of her outfits and the drapes too were wrapped pretty much in a hurry. The jumpsuits were impressive, the short dresses were fashionable, the sarees draped as resort wear still were stylish…………….but the styling of the entire collection left me high & dry. Some outfits still reminded me of her earlier collection. My verdict : Something absolutely fresh required here, the fitting of outfits should be given more focus next time around.
















The talented designer duo granted my wish by presenting wearable outfits with pants & shorts………………….I am liking it for sure. The collection had swimwear, cocktail dresses, jackets, tops………the colours were all for the summer, turquoise blue was my favourite. Styling was chic, the jewellery were awesome…………..the collection had a very real life feel to it. The duo was not presenting a fantasy which thankfully many designers go wrong at. My verdict: Neat & clean lines work for me.
















If you are thinking of going for a holiday at a beach resort, check Vivek’s latest collection. The sheer fabric worked for this Resort wear and the colours were radiant. Alot of white was used in shirts, dresses, swimwear, pants…………….nice, nice very nice indeed. On the wear-ability front, it is suitable for the young ones but I wish he had some outfits for women above 40s & 50s with some summer dresses in flowy fabrics. By far his collection was way, way better than his Winter festive collection showcased last year. My verdict : I like this collection alot for keeping up with the theme of the fashion week.


Jatin Verma’s aptly titled ‘Gelato’ because of the way the drapes were used to create a delicious designs. The collection consisting of primarily gowns & dresses were suitable for parties. Some dresses however gave me the feel of bridesmaid’s dress…………… few dresses the drapes were not set and in some places looked crinkled. To work with drapes is not an easy job, if one can pull off the look it is worth amillion bucks. Unfortunately the colours were beautiful but some places the drapes left alot to be desired. My verdict : Some outfits will work, some won’t………needs more refined finishing to the ensemble.

















Did Little Shilpa actually get lost in a fairy land and found it difficult to find her way back to normalcy………………Yes she absolutely did that. She is an accessory designer who flaunted floral head gears, neck pieces, scarves and many more……but I wish that the styling could have been way better than this. What spoilt the entire look was the way it was presented…………few floral pieces actually were very beautiful but somehow never came to be noticed because of the poor styling. My verdict : A fairytale that could have been brought into life, just turned into a nightmare.



The sister duo Pamela & Archana began started their collection ‘Pam & Arch’ in London showed off floral prints in bouquet of colours that reminded me of the 1970s. I got to see summer dresses mostly in halter or boat necks……………..I sorely missed pants, tops, shirts & shorts in this collection. The prints were commendable but what lacked in this collection were the designs & the cut. My verdict : Need newer designs but find this designer duo talented……..will look forward to their collection next year as well.
















“Tempestivitas’ a collection designed by Sabbah Sharma had fusion of bright colours especially in darker shades. Geogettes, silk, cotton and many more fabrics to take form of a knee length dress, flowy dresses, pants, tops. Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor in a grey double breast biker jacket  & Ex Miss Britain Preeti Desai in a black short dress which had a colourful detail work on the front &  a half trail flowing from the waist behind were the show stoppers for Sabbah. I liked the styling and the jewellery used to accessorize the outfits. My verdict : Lovely colours, unique designs especially the cut work. Like the collection which was relatively fresh.
















Pencil skirts, shirts is elaborate collars, puff sleeves, visible buttons & bows…………..I felt as if I am attending a Sunday mass at a church. I have seen women wear these stuff on my walks in Mumbai, I just did not find the collection creative or new. Plus the colour combinations were too boring to hold my interest in the outfits. I was not impressed by her earlier collection, still have the same feeling for this collection too. My verdict : Found the designs too old fashion. This is the fashion week where the designer is expected to showcase something extremely creative…………….elements of which were totally lacking.
















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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Day 1

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 11, 2011

The second day of Lakme Fashion Week started with introducing the Next Generation Fashion Designers or the segment better known as ‘GENNEXT Designers’ where many new talent from our country emerge to showcase their creative works………….I must say that many at times we do discover a ‘gem’ of a designer too. These young guys & gals do have a lot of potential in them, which was also relevant from their collections. I am really happy that I got to watch the shows ‘live’ thanks LFW TV where you can catch the fashion as it happens. Let’s take a look at what the designers had in store for us.

Photo courtesy :  For complete collection check

Gennext Designers

Anna-Liza Ganguly & Anita Walia

‘Deux A’ the label by designer duo Anna Liza Ganguly & Anita Walia  called their collection “Samo was Here”………… inspired by the work of American artist Jean Michel Basquiat and the Hollywood star Joan Crawford. Exaggerated shoulders, the sharp cut of the fabric with the ‘fit’ close to the skin………..was the highlight of this collection which had a medley of fabrics like chiffon, silk, viscose, mesh, organza and leather. Of course with so glitter in form of sequins on the outfit or the leggings. The collection had  primarily short dresses but I wish the duo had some knee length dresses & pants. That would have completed the look. My verdict : I like the fashion forward collection which is very young & chic.



Manas Dash


Manas Das named his collection ‘Modern Tribe’ inspiration for which was recollection of his childhood memories………..colourful with Orissa’s Pattachitra paintings all over the silhouette in flowy fabrics. The collection had different styles of pants with dresses & tops, but few outfits in it were better off for Lady Gaga. I usually like the use of colour but when thepattern with the cut does nothing to compliment the colourful background…………… is not very pleasant to the eye. For a photo shoot, I do understand these outfits……………but for a normal person like me, I feel only few flowy dresses can be worn on a sunny summer day. Rest I leave to stage performers. My verdict : Beautiful inspiration which was not translated that well into a collection.

















Miriam Strehlau

Miriam who has come from Germany and now is based in Goa, presented a collection which had shades from our country……………..bandhani, leheria and batik were pretty evident. The collection was very feminine with jackets combined with summer dresses and flower power was strong in terms of styling. But some outfits lacked the element of ‘Fit’ and ‘Cut’ …………..the outfits would have worked better if the same was considered……………some drapes were used very loosely which would make the wearer look bulkier than fashionable. My verdict : Liked the jackets alot with the skirts & dresses. But not a fan of outfits where alot of layers are used.

























Timsy & Siddhartha

Timsy & Siddhartha’s label ‘I know’ presented menswear collection………………outfits were basically in black, brown & white with interesting cut outs. I liked the way they designed the shirts with buttons placed in an unconventional manner similarly the designs of the  trousers were also new. But the outfit where the pockets were on the outside rather than inside plus the shirts & jackets cut up somehow did not go down that well with me in terms of wearability. My verdict : Unusual collection with some new designs, if more creative work is put in…….the future collection can be better.

Established Designers

Chaitanya Rao

Chaitanya Rao’s recent collection was a creative relief with abundance of colours seen on the outfits and the women’s wear was a very feminine yet demure. A fusion of orange, pink, peach with deeper colours like black, blues & green was quiet a sight. The entire collection was split into two parts where the softer floral patterns blended with the more demure outfits. I got to see summer on the runway through his collection. Dresses, Skirts, flared pants & shorts, jackets for women………….while menswear had pants with jackets. My verdict : Beautiful collection especially his work with sheer fabric like chiffons & lace. Menswear needed more newer elements.














Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabyasachi Mukherjee presented his latest collection which was inspired by ‘Save the Tiger’ mission undertaken by ‘Aircel’ , he had displayed the beautiful forest of Sunderbans in his collection. Crafts from Rajasthan & rural Bengal were used to create the outfits. The styling was very early decades with hair tied up in a ‘Do’ & the ‘nerdy’ spects gave an edgy look to the entire ensemble. Long dresses & skirts were in majority but what I liked were the dresses combined with half saree drape…………..that was different & very creative. As I have maintained, Sabyasachi’s outfits can be easily mixed & matched with other silhouettes………………there is a kinda off flexibility to them. Individual pieces if worn separately will look amazing too.My verdict : Very summery, bohemian chic collection yet I love the fact it is very Indian w.r.t to the beautiful prints used from various states of our country.


















Priyadarshani Rao

Priyadarshani Rao showcased a very feminine, floral, fun collection at Lakme Fashion week, the fact I love about this collection that it is very wearable………….it had pants,shorts, tops, pinafors, bay doll dresses, shirts………….the fact that it had something to offer for women of all ages. I would definitely wanna wear these outfits which are very neat in terms of design & cut. Though I am not much into the check print pants, I love the florals to the core. The shoes were very stylish & perfect for summers……………I really wanna have one of those. With the summer beach bags the styling was complete as per the theme.  My verdict : My favourite for the day, very wearable. Loved the ankle strap shoes in different colours.















Kiran & Meghna

Kiran & Meghna’s label ‘Myoho’ showcased their latest collection ‘Crytic Link’ which is Moroccan architecture inspired. They had printed pants which I suppose is a first in this fashion week, flowy jackets, skirts & dresses, ponchos, pinafores……………..all in muted colours like black, grey, brown & olive with a dash of bright colour. the styling was very 1960s with the side parted hair done up in a huge bun…………..reminded meof the Asha Parekh & Sharmila Tagore era. But I craved for better fit in these outfits……………though the prints wee classy. My verdict : Better fit would have scored more browny pointsplus some drapes were very loosely fit which spoilt the entire look.



Preeti Kapoor

The Indian way is back on the runway with Preeti Kapoor displaying her collection………….I suppose this was the first Indian wear I got to see on the ramp,till nowhave seen mostly western or Indo-western fusion. I am all forthe detail work and the colours used for this collection………….the peach, greys, reds, maroon, black, mustard, bronze & golden. Thankfully the collection was not that ‘blingy’ and was what I’d say very soothing to the eye. Fabrics like silks, net, satin, velvet & chanderi were used to create elaborate lehengas, saree, kurti churidhars, Anarkali………but the velvet trimmings and the layered anarkali were so last season. My verdict : Loved the detail work on the short kurti and the sarees…………wearability & the fit get my points for the collection.


















Paresh & Jai

Paresh & Jai had ‘Resort wear’ on their minds whenthey designed this collection which had swimwear, kaftans, sheer dresses & skirts & sarees all done up in light fabrics like chiffon & Georgette. Geeta Basra walked as the show stopper for the duo wearing a lehenga in blue with Madhubani motifs all over. Like the Western wear more than the Indian wear plus the colours are very soothing for the summer. I like that Madhubani painting was fused into their designs which is unique but find the sequin fish & feathered birds quiet over the top as summer wear. My verdict : Something new on the runway which is totally as per the Resort theme…………..just like few pieces.

















Arpan Vohra

Fresh & totally summery is what I can call Arpan’s collection ‘Sail Away’ which was inspired by the Sailor & Sea. The transition of outfits from daywear to evening wear was very well done. The collection had crisp white turning blue & green then going more colourful with reds & black. I like this collection where the ‘Fit’ was excellent even in flowy dresses. My verdict : Pretty, pretty, pretty…………young, hip, sexy, flirty & wearable. Riya Sen walked as show stopper in white short dress for Arpan Vohra.














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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011 – Curtain Raiser

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 11, 2011

Anamika Khanna
Anamika Khanna presented her collection ‘Indian Androgyny’ at TOTE in Mumbai which was an offsite location considering that the other shows will take place in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The show had Rhea Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor in the front row cheering for Anamika.

The collection had a masculine hint in the outfits with fabulous detail work in white. I am all for the detail work in her outfits which were amazing. That is not always enough for a collection to be a ‘Hit’ with the clients.

The collection had a very vintage look & feel with the base essentially kept as white. I was reminded of the pre-independence era because of the styling. The sheer fabrics with detail work combined with wide leg pajamas &  pants with a pop of colour in form of a shawl or a jacket. The prints did not go down that well with me………..i feel there is too much going on with a printed shirt over a printed pants. I am all for the detail work, but some outfits do leave me wondering if they can be wearable by women of all age. In this fashion forward era, would women want to go totally 1940s???

Guess we will have to wait & see, but for now I do like this collection quite a bit for they stand out from the rest of the crowd. It is a risk which Anamika has taken with this collection but I am sure some pieces if worn individually will be seen on the red carpet or big events soon.





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Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Awards – Red Carpet Review

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 7, 2011

The well known Cosmopolitan magazine had organized a Fun,Fearless Award events in Mumbai with many A-List celebrities gracing the red carpet. For our dish of the event, let’s see who fared well and who was a disaster on the red carpet.

Kareena Kapoor

Somebody who looked different has to be Kareena Kapoor in a beautiful peach colour with shimmer ‘Elie Saab’ gown. She looked very cute but wished she would have tied her hair up since she is wearing a halter neck. But nonetheless this look works for me since it is chic yet effortless…………Like it from the short dresses that she usually wears at such event. Refreshing change for once….

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The lady in black i.e. Aishwarya wasnot looking exactly what I would expect her to wear. She is into wearing pants off late but all black looks very boring on her…………black trousers with a smart top with some ruffles would have looked good on her plus more colour with some open toe pumps. But hey that is just my opinion………………For someone who had rocked the red carpet at the Oscars, this is way too ‘bland’……more colour required here.

Imran Khan & Avantika

Imran Khan walked in with wife Avantika, both dressed in black with Imran wearing a neat black suit and a clean shaven look while Avantika went for a very lady like ‘Gauri & Nainika’ gown. Love the simple look and think that as a couple they look great. For the event this style is very appropriate given their young age. Like it………..absolutely.


Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma wore this simple black gown that actually lacked imagination……………….for an event where one can be dressed in fun colours and fashion forward designs why go retro with simplicity. I would have liked her wearing a knee length dress like a ‘Prabal Gurung’ in bold colour coupled with killer heels………….Not liking this since have seen her do much, much better earlier. She has the bod, the grace and the naughty eyes………why not flaunt it???


Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan who is dressed to the nines on the red carpet, this time around seems a little out of place with straight hair, traditional Indian jewellery, the bandage dress and the shoes……….especially the shoes which is ruining the entire look. I do love her jewellery but feel it would have looked better with the gown in same colour rather on this short dress. For now, not into this look………….hope to see a great one in future.


Ramona Garware

Ramona’s dress colour reminds me of egg yolk or mangoes and not fashion forward. The colour simply washes her out with the blonde hair and the peacock blue open toe pumps. Even the all gold bling is not able to save the look. A darker shade would have worked but this is not my cup of tea………anybody liking this look???


Masaba Gupta

Designer Masaba Gupta looked quite dapper in the black short dress with matching shoes and a turquoise blue clutch to add that pop of colour. The sheer fabric detail at the waist does get our focus but in a subtle manner, just wish if she would tie her hair up and experiment a bit with longer earrings. Like the look which is age appropriate and just right for the event.


Shahid Kapur

Unfortunately I cannot find the handsome Shahid Kapur in this pic………..what I see here is someone who has come straight from work and is tired to dress up for the event. The stubble, no belt, the unpolished brown shoes and the crinkled pants……………need I say anymore. For someone who looks good, this is unfair……….next time Shahid Wrap up the shooting hours before in order to dress up for the red carpet or drop coming to such events if you wanna be dressed like that. Hate it………..


Neelam and Sameer Soni

Did somebody wrap Neelam in a silver foil and present her on the red carpet???? Yup that is what they did………..the newly weds though look made for each other, their dressing is not very appealing. Sameer Soni walks in wearing a blazer and denims, a style which I quoted as ‘out of fashion’ in ‘Fashion for Menswear‘…………….read this site Sameer!!! As for Neelam, the dress is too flashy for she oozes loads of grace & elegance. Wish to see her in a more diva-like avatar in pastels, peach and pinks.


Simone Singh


Peaches and cream is what I call Simone for her flawless skin, she came dressed in this shimmer number combined with black leggings. I like her look for it is glamorous but very stylish……….I like the way she dresses up at certain event and is totally comfortable in her skin. Though personally I would have worn stud earrings instead of a chandelier ones which Simone is seen wearing here, she can carry it off well. Like this ensemble………


Ranveer Singh

Leather jacket that too folded, pressed in half, faded denims and the red shoes coupled with bad hair do……………..a perfect recipe for red carpet disaster. Ranveer Singh simply forgot to see the mirror before leaving his home…………… his boots might be any big label but with the jeans tucked in so badly they spoil the entire look. A talented actor but definitely needs a stylist when it comes to red carpet………anyone interested in applying for the job????


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Manish Arora showcases Fall 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 4, 2011

The Eccentric yet very unique designer Manish Arora presented his recent Fall/Winter 2011 at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. We all are well aware of this gifted designer will be joining as the Creative   Director of  ‘Paco Rabbane’ in order to revive the Spanish brand. The next season he will present for the designer label but this season it spoke all about him. Every season people not just look forward to his creations but also the way he presents the show. This time was no different where he had magician Benjamin Dukhan performing tricks while introducing the models on the runway to add a touch of spice and keep the audience engaged. The background was done up in pastels where the colourful clothes stood out…………..each and every detail looked even more captivating.

The glittery collection had loads of Swaroski embellishment on satin, velvet, fur in designs like gowns, cocktail dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, ……………my favourite has to be the outfit which had laser cut patterns all over……………….Simply Divine. Plus the collection was more on the softer side and more womanlike than his earlier Spring 2011 collection which was wild.  As far as wearability is concerned, few outfits are not for a faint hearted person especially the sculpted shapes. My verdict : Astonishing yet very imaginative.

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