Indian Fashion Police

Honest opinion about the Indian Fashion Scenario

About Indian Fashion Police

Indian Fashion Police is a way of giving a feedback to the fashion industry to what we like and what we don’t. This website is written totally based on my own perception and I do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I will be reviewing the latest fashion weeks, red carpet events and major events plus giving inputs of my own. The comments will be frank, not influenced by any outside factors and will be targeted at the person’s dressing style only…………………….. Nothing beyond the style. I had earlier tried to approach many magazines and newspaper in order to write for them but unfortunately never received a reply……………….Hence this is my effort to write an online fashion magazine. I believe that we Indians have a lot of talent which I learned to appreciate only after staying away from my home-country and my people.

I am always on a look out for budding Indian designers…………If I like their creations I will definitely write about their work. I feel a good talent even if it is raw should always be appreciated. I am more than happy to display new designer creations whether it is clothes, shoes, accesories, bag, on my website.

My passion for fashion is the reason for writing this blog…………..but I don’t think of myself as Anna Wintour in any sense…………I too have made many fashion mistakes but have been fortunate enough to learn quickly from them. This website is purely related to Indian Fashion scene, no ill gossip or vulgarity will be ever seen in this space. It is for all age groups to read………………Hope you all enjoy reading my website as much as I love writing………

Puneet Suri – Creator of ‘Indian Fashion Police’ & Guest blogger at ‘Borrow it Bindaas’


6 Responses to “About Indian Fashion Police”

  1. Definitely, what a good blog and educative posts, I’ll bookmark your site.All the best

  2. You are a outstanding author. You evidently imparted the message.

  3. aparna said

    lovely effort, hope to see many more posts from you

  4. Hai is it possible for you to post manufacturer direct link so that it will be easier for those who interested in apparel business to deal direct with manufacturing factory rather then go thru suppliers as im having difficulties in searching direct contact for my wholesale apparel business and in between im loosing a lot by paying middle person involved in getting all the stocks. Hope you can help on this. Thanks

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