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Top 10 Looks of Priyanka Chopra

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 28, 2013

Priyanka Chopra has been a name which is synonym with style in Bollywood. She has not only evolved as an actor but also as a beautiful diva. Over the years we have seen her rock the red carpet with many hits and only few misses. Not only is Priyanka an amazing actor but also a fabulous dresser.

She never repeats the single look on the red carpet no matter how good it was earlier……….she always has something new up her sleeve.  A risk taker at heart, Priyanka is always seen sporting a new hairdo, accessories, shoes & of course designer outfits. She usually opts for a Manish Malhotra or Ritu Kumar design for Indian wear but experiments with infinite designer wear when it comes to western attire.

Though this leading lady is going through a low personal phase since her fathers demise, IFP still admires her attitude & wishes to see her in best element once again. IFP takes a look at Priyanka’s top 10 best looks till date on the red carpet.

Look No. 1


Priyanka Chopra looked her best at the TOIFA Awards 2013 in outfit by designer ‘Arpan Vohra’. What caught my eye was her side swept hairstyle which was absolutely new on Priyanka, fit of the gown was flawless, her make-up was perfect and so were the accessories. Two thumbs up for this alluring look.

Look No. 2


Priyanka Chopra opted for ‘Gauri-Nainika’ dress in fuchsia for the L’oreal Paris Women Achievers Award 2012. The bright colour said loads about Priyanka’s colourful personality which was complemented with a pair of open toe white pumps & diamond earrings.

Look No. 3


Priyanka Chopra was a vision of Greek Goddess in ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’ gown at the Filmfare Awards 2012. The powder blue colour with a metallic clutch & an updo fit the bill perfectly………Priyanka made a simple look turn into a glamorous one.

Look No. 4


At the Marrakech Film Festival, Priyanka looked beautiful in ‘Ritu Kumar’ saree. The lace blouse with a sequin saree was a first for Priyanka but the scarlet red lips put the entire look in a fabulous place. Saree with a contemporary twist is what we like.

Look No. 5


At the IIFA awards 2012 Priyanka posed in this dreamy ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ gown………the floral detailing on the sheer fabric made this desi girl look like a princess. Paired with chandelier earrings & an updo, Priyanka knows how to work it well in any outfit.

Look No. 6


‘The Lady in Red’ was Priyanka’s hot look at the Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012 . Priyanka wore a ‘Ramona Narang’ gown and looked sizzling hot in this colour. Luckily she kept the entire look simple & devoid of heavy jewel while letting the colour take the entire focus in this look.

Look No. 7


For promotions overseas Priyanka went the Indian way in a Manish Malhotra sequin saree & red lips. The golden beige colour complimented Priyanka’s flawless skin while the lips drew attention to her face.  The saree was right for an international event and Priyanka followed the golden rule of keeping accessories to the bare minimum when one wears a heavy embellished outfit.

Look No. 8


‘Dior’ gown is a classic way to look instantly elegant on the red carpet……….Priyanka just did that for the Filmfare nominations event where she wore a white ‘Dior’ gown and looked pretty damn good. Priyanka does wear a lot of pastels & white but she can carry off bright colours with equal ease.

Look No. 9


Screen Awards 2012, Priyanka again went the saree route……….the Manish Malhotra sequin saree was combined with a maroon blouse. The well set hair and diamond earrings complete this look……….Priyanka looked stunning on the red carpet.

Look No. 10


Priyanka Chopra dresses to kill especially at award ceremony………….seen here in a black jumpsuit she looked down right sexy without going overboard. The palazzo pants are a rare sight on the red carpet but Priyanka is a risk taker all the way. On someone else the look might have not worked but PeeCee is an exception.


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Bridal Looks in Blush

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 18, 2013

‘Blush’ or light pink is one dreamy colour to have for your wedding outfit. But this colour is definitely better suited for a daytime wedding rather than night time wedding. Since the decoration lights might be too harsh during night time in which a beautiful baby pink colour might just fade. This colour is perfect if you want to wear it for your engagement. Here are some beautiful designer looks this season in blush.






Pink6 pink7

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Bridal Looks in Gold

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 13, 2013

When I say golden as a choice for the wedding outfit, many women seem to cringe at the mere thought of it. Maybe an Oscar statue is the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of golden. Funnily the shades of gold actually allows you to play around with jewellery. Try wearing the heaviest of your jewels with matt gold lehenga or saree and looking like a glamorous bride.

In fact designers in India have a wide range of shades in gold to offer in their bridal collection. From beige gold, matt gold to metallic gold……….your wish is their command. Another best way to wear gold is to combine the shade with pastel colour like having metallic gold detail work on pastel fabric.

IFP picks out some ways of wearing golden this wedding season & looking gorgeous as ever.




















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Bridal looks in Fuchsia

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 12, 2013

Fuchsia will be ‘hot’ this season in bridal wear but many women might refrain from wearing this colour since this one is bright. The bright shade of pink is one of the best bridal colour you can have in your wedding trousseau whether in form of saree, lehenga or salwar kameez. Fuchsia looks beautiful when combined with golden or silver detailing. Brocade under layering on top of sheer fabric is a subtle way of showing off this colour at weddings.

IFP gives you few looks as seen on the runway this bridal season.

Photo Courtesy : FDCI









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Know your Saree- Banarasi

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 3, 2013


Banarasi sarees definitely need no new introduction……..a rich woven fabric has been in existence in our country since the Mughal Era. But IFP does want it’s readers to know more about this glorious saree.

Banarasi sarees as the name suggests did originate in the city of Varanasi or Benaras to the locals. Banarasi sarees are usually woven out of the finest silks and have been the most sought after saree for weddings in the north-east part of India. Till date it is considered to be an integral part of any Indian bride’s trousseau. These rich silks have been passed down from one generation to another in many households.

The motifs range from florals, birds, paisley, buttis to leaves  and a single silk saree can even take upto 6 months to be woven. Silk jamdani, jangla, jamawar tanchoi, and tissue are some of the types of banarasi sarees available today. These days the banarasi motif is also available in chiffon as well as georgettes so that women can wear it in their day-to-day life.

The silk Jamdani, is a variety of brocade woven in Banaras may be considered to be one of the finest products to come out of the Banarasi loom. Here silk fabric is brocaded with cotton and rarely with zari threads. Some of the traditional motifs of Jamdani included Chameli (Jas mine), panna hazar (Thousand emeralds) genda buti (marigold flower)pan buti (leaf form) tircha (diagonally striped) etc.

Jangala is one of the oldest form of a banarasi saree & also the most preferred during weddings. Jal Jangla design have golden or silver creeper motifs spread across the saree with a heavy border & pallu. Meena work can also be used on the Jangla to make it fit for bridal wear.

Jamawar Tanchoi is a form of banarasi brocade where 2 or more coloured silk threads are used to create the multicolour effect in a saree. Tanchoi is also used to create bridal lehengas by Indian designers.

The renowned Zari brocade weavers of Banaras has evolved a technique of weaving tissue material which looked like golden cloth. Tissue saris are most popular as wedding saris among the affluent. Tissue sari has glazed, shining character due to the use of real gold Zari/Silver Zari and are ornamented with the particulars traditional design such as Jangla Butidar, Shikargah menadar etc.

Any Indian designer who makes Bridal wear uses Banarasi silk to create that rich effect in their troussea collection. BAnarasi silk is also widely used to make men’s wedding achkans.  Even our celebrities love to wear this silhouette on the red carpet and here is a look at how they rock in a Banarasi saree……..


Christian Dior V.P. India – Kalyani Chawla


Kirron Kher


Rani Mukherjee


Sonakshi Sinha




Saakshi Tanwar

Photo Courtesy : Style&sparkle, Indiatimes

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