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Best Dressed 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on December 1, 2011

Every year ‘Indian Fashion Police’ picks out the ‘Best Dressed’ people in India. Had many celebs on my mind who stood out on the red carpet but only few managed to make it to this list. We tell you why these people made it to this list, so here goes….’BEST DRESSED 2011′

Sonam Kapoor

This pretty lady has made us proud at Cannes 2011 with her choices which stood out of the usual. She is fresh, ready to experiment with her looks and head-to-toes a style diva. I love her fashion choices so much that I am featuring her in this list second time in a row. Sarees, Anarkali, gown, trousers, dress…………dress her up in any outfit and she makes it rock.


Imran Khan

Men in Bollywood have competition when it comes down to style………….Imran who is from this generation of actor not only entertains well on the silver screen but dresses well on the red carpet. His style is young, sophisticated and fun……….all at one which he always manages to get right. This year we have seen Imran in a bandhgala during his wedding, suits, tuxedos, casual wear and managed to rock every ensemble……that’s why he makes it to this list.


Sophie Choudry

Surprise, surprise………….Sophie Choudry who lately has been seen more on the red carpet this year was one of the few women who knew what looks good on her. Her emphasis is always more on the outfit while aceesories & shoes are kept simple. She is one of the few celebs whose dressing style does not scream for attention. She carries every silhouette with utmost ease and grace.

Freida Pinto

She has been making waves in Hollywood………..not just for her films, but for her red carpet appearances. She is young, smart and very fashionable when it comes to her style. Love the designer outfits she chooses everytime she has to attend a big event………..the hair, the accessories, the outfit and the shoes……….she gets it all right.

Twinkle Khanna

Mrs. Khiladi, we are a fan of your style……..despite leaving movies, Twinkle still manages to grab attention on every red carpet event for the outfits that she wears. Now here is someone who dresses her age and thankfully is not obsessed with looking like a teenager. Twinkle’s style is all about color……..she surprises you by wearing the most bright color and she looks absolutely stunning in it. She picks up the most classic outfits that do just to her body, adds in a bit of bling and voila……….Twinkle to ready to make heads turn. And oh she also has Akshay Kumar as her arm candy at these events…………….do we need any more reasons not to feature her here??


Siddhartha Mallya

Siddhartha Mallya might be just starting out with his appearances on the red carpet but he sure looks good. He takes dressing up quite seriously be it a casual party, a major event or a cricket match. He is young and has a long way to go before he is a bonafide celebrity, but for now I have a feeling he will make a lasting impression when it is about fashion.

Dia Mirza

If I was ever asked to define the looks of a princess, Dia would be my answer. Sweet, elegant and charming lady knows how to dress well for every occasion. She can carry off pastels with the same grace as any bright color. I have never seen her dress like a christmas tree unlike many celebs………..her style is minimalistic & classic. Plus she always has a smile on her face which is the best accessory.


Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna might not be that big on the movie scene, but he sure knows how to impress the ladies with his style. I admire the way this man takes risks with his fashion choices. Who else can carry a shiny dinner jacket and still look awesome. Even when he hosts any event, he looks way better than the top celebrities. ‘Effortless’ is the word I use to describe his sense of style.


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