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Screening of Race 2

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on January 25, 2013

Race 2 which has released today, was screened yesterday evening at PVR in Mumbai. The cast of the movie & other celebrities came in dressed casually for the screening. But Deepika along with Jacqueline did manage to catch IFP’s eye for their outfits.

Photo Courtesy : UTV Stars


 Deepika looked fabulous in this ‘Victoria Beckham’ outfit but the shoes were another story all together. Black open toe pumps would definitely have looked better.  Absolutely heart her outfit.


Bipasha Basu who had starred in the first part of Race and also stars in the second installment of this movie,  attended the screening looking cute in her white lace dress with a navy blue jacket & nude open toe pumps to complete her look.


Jacqueline Fernandez & John Abraham posed together for the paparazzi. John who was dressed in casual outfit did not impress that much, given that he has got a strong role in the movie. John sometimes dressing up helps alot……:-) Where as Jacqueline looked good in gold sequin shorts with a black jacket that had detailing on the shoulders.


Saif Ali Khan also came in casually dressed in nautical stripe T-shirt which were complimented with snake leather. Not a fan of the shoes, but hey that’s just me.


Priyanka Chopra who came straight in from ‘India’s Prime Icon’ award event , was dressed in a Shehlaa Khan saree. She did look nice, but pastels on her are becoming a routine. Beg to see vibrant color on this talented actress.


Yami Gautam has given good red carpet look during the awards event but this look just doesn’t impress. The shoes, the bright denims along with the silky top don’t look well co-ordinated. But heard she was not even half bad dressed as Amisha Patel as seen below.


Amisha Patel seems to have come straight from the beach to attend the movie screening. The shorts with shredded end T-shirt was way too comfortable for a movie. Wish she would have just added an evening wear top to match those shorts along with gladiator flats or strappy heels.  This is look deserves to be ‘FINED”.


Aditi Rao Hydari in a black shimmer number combined with ‘Chanel’ bag and strappy sandals. She did look nice in this outfit and kept the look understated with minimal accessories. Like it.


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Saif & Kareena make it Official

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 16, 2012

Finally the day has arrived where Saif & Kareena have taken their relationship to the next level and made it official. Just a glimpse which I would like to share will all the IFP readers. Hope to get more inside details about this event soon. For now feast your eyes on Kareena’s fabulous attire designed by Manish Malhotra.

Just In : Kareena in her Bridal outfit with designer Manish Malhotra. She did looked beautiful on her D-day……..Sigh. :-). Karisma whose classic style I have always admired, looked so pure in terms of fashion……….loved seeing her in pastels all through.

Saif Ali Khan’s sister Saba wore a ‘Ritu Kumar’ Lehenga in gold. Wonder what mama Sharmila was dressed in???

Photo Courtesy : Zee News India

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Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Day 5

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 16, 2011

After the disappointing day 4, fashionwise Day 5 was quite a relief where Ms. Sonam Kapoor walked the red carpet like a fresh breath of air. Here your look at what she wore……..

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam was a vision in white when she walked in to attend the premiere of ‘The Artist’. Sonam was dressed in a structured gown designed by ‘Jean Paul Gaultier’ which had a net mesh above the simple white strapless bodice………….a risk which certainly paid off on the international event. She is young, vivacious and can definitely carry off the outfit with utmost grace. The hair, the make-up, the jewelery everything is perfect. I am truly happy that L’oreal got some fresh new faces for Cannes especially for choosing Sonam as their brand ambassador.

Sonam was also seen at the ‘IWC presents Peter Lindberg Exhibition’ event which was also held in Cannes.Sonam wore a ‘Masaba Gupta’ saree in black & white polka dots………….I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at Sonam for selecting ‘Masaba Gupta’ creation……….she does absolute  justice to the ensemble. The saree thankfully does not look too traditional and the way it is draped it totally gives a contemporary feel to it…………….suits her well considering her tall height & frame. Love the way this saree is draped & combined with a full sleeve high neck blouse……………..I must say our very own fashionista has arrived on the international scene.


Just check out the design at the back of her blouse……………gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous…………………absolutely love the same. Remember the saree disasters we have seen in earlier years at Cannes………….this look will help us forget them all for sure. This sort of styling of an Indian saree was much needed at international event.

At the event we also got a snapshot of  Saif Ali Khan in a ‘Tom Ford’ Tuxedo looking absolutely amazing………….just wish had his photo of him walking the red carpet. Saif was representing the brand  ‘Chivas’ at Cannes. Heres your look at how he looked…

Photo Courtesy :,

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Amazing Celebrity make-overs

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on January 19, 2011

 I have always wondered how hard do the celebrities work at looking good???? Do they have a checklist which they follow every single time they step out of their residential door???? Or their stylist does all the running around to find that perfect look for them??? It is not that even they were born perfect……………….but in the course of time in this competitive high fashion world they have achieved perfection. Some people change their looks with time, reinvent themselves and once they find their signature style………………they stick to it for a lifetime. This is what exactly happened with these celebrities who looked just like another person but are one of the stylish people around.  

Saif Ali Khan

Way back then


‘Chote Nawab’ as he is called with love, started his career on a low point without any help from his family………..for years he stayed in the shadow of famous parents and an equally famous wife. But that did not deter Saif Ali khan from experimenting………….though the initial years were tough for him since he was always offered second lead roles in films. His long hair, loose ill-fitted clothes and bad fashion sense made things only worst for him…………..until ‘Dil Chahta hai’ happened. In comes Saif Ali Khan with a new shorter hair cut, clean-shaven look, and bit of muscle………..and what you have???  Women screaming their hearts out for this cute dude!!! He has gone on to look better and better and better with every passing day……………..he is the lead actor for big budget films, walks the runway as show-stopper and has a hot, hot Kareena Kapoor as his partner. Need I say any more about one of the best transformation in Bollywood history.  



Shilpa Shetty



Can you imagine our very own Shilpa Shetty looking like that in her before pic…………..I am glad that we get to see her in the ‘After’ avatar now. If I had looked at her earlier pic, I could have never imagined that this young girl would go on to become one of the most stylish woman with oodles of sex-appeal. Must say one thing, that Shilpa has worked hard not just on her bod, but her hair, her clothes, her face and her attitude………….Love every bit of it on her. She started out with a small role in ‘Baazigar’, was paired opposite all the famous actors on-screen but that did not do much for her image in the filmi dunia. She wore bright jhintak colours with bad hair and equally bad make-up. People said that her days in Bollywood were as good as over.Then in comes ‘Big Brother’ and her whole world changes…………….. thanks to designer-friend Tarun Tahiliani, the ugly duckling became a Swan at last. Offers stated pouring for Shilpa – fashion week, movies, launches, premiere, IPL team……………she was all over the place. I am glad that good things came her way since she is one of the soft-spoken and ever-smiling celebrities that I have come across. She deserved her long-awaited success.



Salman Khan  

Salman Khan in his earlier days

 Yes the young man in the pic above is Salman Khan during the earlier 1990s………………all bones, no muscles. Salman Khan started out in the movie industry as a simple guy you would love to take home to meet your parents……………..but over the years he has become a dread you would fear to take in front of your parents……………………please do not take my comments to your heart. But this ‘Dabangg’ has revolutionized so many fashion mantras among the common people, be it with his attitude, his style, his clothes, his sunglasses, hosting a reality show or his humanitarian project ‘Being Human’…………………………..he always does it in style. Over the years one has seen Salman turn from a gawky looking young fella to a Macho man fit for our Indian version of ‘He-man’. Many controversies shook his life, despite the setbacks Salman always focused on evolving his looks for his roles, taking up newer challenges. One thing commendable about him is that he never followed the herd…………………the crowd came wherever he went. He might not be my top favourite stars, but I still love to see him host ‘Big Boss’ and his movies………………maybe that’s why the phrase exists……You can love me or hate me, but can never ignore me. That is the reason why Sallu bhai features on the list of ‘Best Bollywood Transformations’.


Salman hosting ‘Big Boss – 4’


Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle while starting out in Bollywood

 Twinkle Khanna is the daughter of Legendary actor Rajesh Khanna and beautiful actress Dimple Kapadia…………….know though she is also known as Akshay Kumar’s better half but Twinkle has established herself as a ‘Fashionista’ making to the ‘Best Dressed List’ all over the leading mags. Amazingly Twinkle never looked this good, the photo above does prove that to quite an extent. Curly big hair, sleepy eyes, frumpy baggy clothes never did much good for the lady. Today I can swear by her choice of outfits, hairstyle and accesories……………she looks like a million dollar buck. Thank God for the transformation, we have a ‘Diva’ on this list.

Twinkle in Verve Magazine as ‘Best Dressed’



We have seen Sridevi since past 30 years go from an ugly duckling to a glam queen of Bollywood to finally becoming a ‘Graceful Swan’………………..I prefer her look in her 40s than her in earlier years. Long gone are the days of flashy lipsticks, huge bindis,traditional  kanjeevarams, ghajra as hair decoration, big jhumkas and in comes ‘Herve Leger’ outfits, chiffon designer sarees, subtle diamond jewellery and Jimmy choos to match her outfits. Sridevi has never looked better since she started out in Bollywood……………………can’t wait for her to make a comeback in movies. But she does make to my list of ‘Most Amazing Transformation’. She makes me believe that ‘Life does begin in your 40s’…………….at least fashionwise.

Sridevi looking 'HOT' now


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IIFA Awards 2010

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 4, 2010

IIFA Award 2010 – Main Event 

IIFA Award 2010 main event was held in Colombo the capital city of Sri Lanka where many Bollywood stars walked down the green carpet and posed for the shutterbug.

Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan

The star couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan walked down the green carpet at the IIFA Awards 2010. Kareena was wearing a green and red Manish Malhotra couture saree where as Saif Ali went in for a formal-casual fusion of blazer with denim. I might have never liked the blazer with denim style but Saif makes an exception with this design on self pin-strip black blazer with a pop of colour in form of the red satin he has displayed on the side pocket of his blazer. The v-neck t-shirt with rugged blue denim and brown shoes plus belt are making his look ‘oh-so-fashionable’. I like Kareena Kapoor in Sex and the City style of dresses but somehow this colourful saree is not doing justice to this wonderful actress. The work and design everything is rich………….no doubt but the look is not very alluring. Maybe the green carpet has something to do with it???? I prefer Kareena more in the western avatar in the photo below where she is wearing a where she was dressed a shimmer top over jeans. I dig that look even though it is red carpet inappropriate. Maybe it is just me……………


 Lara Dutta

Whoa……….Lara Dutta in the 60s hairdo and a beautiful gown………do I need to say anymore.I think I do since I am not a fan of the 60s updo but must say Lara Dutta is pulling it off well. The gown is ‘magnificent’ with such intrisic work on the each layer of the hemlines and the criss cross fabric pattern on the waist. The accessories are well co-ordinated with huge diamond and pearl earrings with a golden clutch. This is a very red carpet look and I am happy that Lara not only looks like a glamorous super star but also classy. Lara Dutta I am a fan of your outfit…………..can you please lend me it for a day.

Bipasha Basu

This is wrong……………….this  is very wrong………………Bipasha has always been my favourite on the red carpet but this does not seem to be the real Miss Basu. This does not seem fashion forward nor it is elegant…………..The bright orange saree is an eye-sore but combining it with a hot fuchsia pink halter neck blouse is a disaster. With the chunky bangles and the big red bindi, Bipasha wanted to give a sexy look to the goan ki gori but could not do justice to the ensemble. Ms. Basu please go back to your original form………… much as I adore you I simply hate this look.

Salman Khan

The black suit is is very basic but what’s with the bright blue shirt and the black tie with a ‘Being Human’ message on it. I cannot see the ‘Salman’ style anywhere………….both the collar and the tie are hideous plus the colour blue are not doing any good to this dashing Star. The shiny blue shirt is a fashion crime…….better luck next time Salman.

Kangana Ranaut


The gown is pretty, the  detail work on the bustier of the gown is exquisite but the colour has totally disappeared against the back drop of the green carpet. As forKangana, she looks every bit radiant in this outfit. The gown has a very elegant feel to it…………….two thumbs up for the dress but I wish if Kangana would have opted for another colour.

Neha Dhupia

Neha seems to have come ready to chain a man from the IIFA award. She wore a black saree which was draped in style of a gown with a black blouse covered with golden chains all over…………plus topped it off with a bold chain belt. The style was innovative but why it is not working coz it is too overdone. I can see chains and only chains in this outfit. This style would have looked amazing if Neha would have concentrated on showing off the belt or the blouse only.  Any stylist would know that overdoing one accessory kills the look. 

Anil Kapoor

Did someone forget to wear their coat for the event??? Yes Mr. Anil Kapoor just did that……..this outfit is incomplete and unfortunately looks incomplete without it’s blazer. Love the grey colour with the maroon polka dot tie………..but who convinced Anil to go without the blazer. 

Hrithik & Suzzane Roshan


Hrithik Roshan wore a black three piece suit with a plain black tie………..I am missing a pop of colour in his attire. Maybe if he had added a different tie with this suit it would have worked much better. Plus Hrithik needs a haircut……. the all ruffled hair ………..I am not digging his tired look that much. Suzzane on the other hand wore a blue shimmer gown which was too much of glitter & not proper fit. These shimmer patterns ought to be given a defined necklines and fitted well especially at the waist to add that definition. The same colour waist belt is not doing much to make this outfit look glamorous. Though her silver clutch and shoes are pretty but the outfit is not desirable.

Fardeen & Natasha Khan


I have always loved seeing actors wearing Indian couture on the red carpet…………andseeing Fardeen in a bandhgala coupled with trousers sealed a smile on my face. He is looking handsome and a thorough Indian gentleman. Thank you Fardeen for wearing a bandhgala at IIFA Awards since all the actors seem to go western and ignoring the fact that ensemble like these can actually look better than a coat/suit. Natasha choose to wear a light blue and cream saree with a halter neck blouse. The saree should have been all in one colour but it compliments well with Fardeen’s clothes. All my browny point to Fardeen for this look.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline wore a beautiful saree draped in style of an evening gown………..she looked every bit amazing like a ‘Diva’. The entire attire is beautiful, looks glamorous and she is able to carry it off well. The accessories blend in well with her saree……love the fact that she is wearing only heavy earrings. Let the Saree with alluring detail work do the talking for her style…….two thumbs up for this pretty look.

Dia Mirza


I always look forward to see Dia Mirza on the red carpet………….I love the way this lady dresses up for the occassion. At IIFA 2010 Dia tried going in for avintage look which she can carry off effortlessly even though the dress is tad too simple. She has combined vintage jewellery with this boring dress giving it a life of it’s own. The pulled back hair are neat and she has never looked prettier. I love this look where she has combined the contemporary with old time charm.

 Day 1 

IIFA awards 2010 started of with a fashion show in Sri Lanka on 3rd June, 2010. The news is that many bigwigs of Bollywood are giving it a miss but from the looks at the green carpet I feel that there are going to be many attending the grand affair. We start off with the green carpet review…….. 

Jacqueline Fernandez 


Jacqueline Fernandez who is representative of her country Sri Lanka walked on the red carpet wearing shiny blue gown……… the pattern of the gown. Even though people might not like the colour for its flashiness but I feel Jacqueline has been able to carry it of well.  The flowy long hair on the strap less gown with long earrings gives quite an oceanic feel to the entire look which as per Sri Lanka is perfect. On the whole I like this look which is glamorous but not over the top.

Bipasha Basu


Bipasha Basu wore a golden fringe all over short dress which had a very 80s look to it……………somehow this dress is not doing much to enhance this stunning actress body. We have seen Bipasha experimenting her look for the red carpet and maybe we have got used to seeing her in ‘bold avatars’ rather than going simple. Nonetheless I am digging the shoes, they look fabulous though are quite a mismatch with this outfit since the colour black of the clutch and shoes are taking the emphasis away from her golden dress which is more in a matt tone. My verdict on this outfit : don’t like it much, she could have glamed it up a bit with accessories and gone beige golden with her shoes and clutch since gold is the new black.

Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupati

Lara Dutta walked in with beau Mahesh Bhupati for the IIFA Awards 2010 fashion show. Lara went in for a retro 80s look with this black and white Herve Ledge dress. The dress gets full marks from me since it is different form the rest of the crowd and of course Lara has the fabulous figure to carry it off well. But what is spoiling the look is her hideous oversized clutch and those ‘shiny disco ball’ black strappy heels. I wish she had gone in for simple open-toe stilettos and a small black clutch with sequin detailing with this chic outfit. As for Mahesh Bhupati, dude you are standing next to one of Bollywood’s glamorous actress, you have to do better than combing a blazer with denim. This look is ‘out of fashion’ ………………..I would have preferred a classic look of white shirt with denim minus the blazer. They both can be a power couple but just have to work on their look together with a great stylist.

Sonakshi Sinha

I don’t have the full length photo of Sonakshi Sinha but from the looks of this pic Sonakshi is looking stunning. The beige and golden outfit with a matching clutch is doing wonders on this young up-coming actress. The dress is short yet age appropriate with exquisite embroidery work all over plus sequin work on the hemline. My say on this attire is simple, fresh and different. Am eager to see her on the red carpet in future………….

Anil Kapoor


 Even after many decades how does Anil Kapoor still manage to look so good has always been a mystery to me. He has kept on re-inventing himself, experimenting with his looks both on & off-screen. At IIFA awards he was dressed in a basic black suit with a stripe tie………….kinda reminded me of Robert Downey Jr. with that french beard look. Me like the suit, like the style and love the fact that he is always well-dressed for red carpet. Two thumbs up for this look……..Mr. Kapoor keep rocking for many more decades to come.

Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha on the Ramp


Salman Khan and Shatrugan Sinha’s beautiful daughter Sonakshi Sinha walked down the ramp for Manish Malhotra during the IIFA Award 2010 fashion show. Salman Khan was in the avatar of his new upcoming film with Sonakshi wearing an all black attire and a fake mustache though the mustache makes Salman look like a 50s era gentleman…… suits him well. Sonakshi wore a Lehenga designed by the Manish Malhotra. I do like Sonakshi’s outfit but her Dupatta draping could have been done better…………..the drape just looks as if done in a hurry. Sonakshi…glam up a bit, you are a pretty face……… doubt.

Jacqueline walks the ramp with Kumar Sangakkara


It is always a delite to see Bollywood and Cricket come together during fashion events…………….this being one of the most anticipated shows held at different location every year. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez walked with Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakarra in Manish Malhotra creation. I love the golden empire waist kurta that Jacqueline is wearing…………love the detailing on it but somehow the velvet lehenga in navy blue colour with purple plus golden gotta border are not blending in that well. Thankfully Jacqueline’s angelice face is able to carry the dress off with an ease. Kumar is looking good in a navy blue kurta with golden detail work combined with white churidhar. On the ramp they both have made a pretty good impression.

 [The full length picture of their outfit can be seen

Picture courtesy: &

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Stylish Indian Gentlemen

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 12, 2010

Just the other day when I was busy updating my blog, my husband came in my work area and asked me……….”Why is that there is not much about men and their style in your blog??”…………………Valid question for which I had no answer……..maybe I like many other fashionistas kept thinking that fashion only meant ‘what women wear’………….but now it is time to change my focus and include men’s fashion as well. Though I will try my best to bring forth new articles about the opposite sex, people’s recommendation on the same will always be welcome…………….

Since I have written an article about the stylish women in India, I start off my section on men with the most stylish Indian celebrity.


Hrithik Roshan

‘Greek God’ is the word for Hrithik Roshan, everytime I see him on screen my eyes are wide with amazement………, not because he is good looking, so handsome, has such a good physique……………not for those reasons, but for the way he dresses up on-screen and off. How does he manage to get his look right for his role every single time. Of course he rocked in Dhoom 2 where he wore designer jeans with shirts and T-shirts, as a black phantom in ‘Krrish’, as a King in ‘Jodha Akbar’ or his look in forthcoming movie ‘Kites’………………..every frame , every angle he simply looks ‘Wow’. Hrithik’s plus point is that he knows very well what suits him and what he can carry off with sheer elegance on the red carpet. My favourite look for Hrithik has always been a good shirt paired with denim or in tuxedo. Hrithik can also try wearing a Jodhpuri jacket since these days Hrithik is more into a mature look with a beard and the jacket will suit him fine.

Amitabh Bachchan

The ‘Czar’ of Indian cinema needs no style tips from a nobody like me……………..I adore his style in bandhgalas or even in tuxedos which have a hint of Indianess in them. The designer who has done a lot of justice to his look has been Raghavendra Rathore for the movie ‘Eklavya’ and also  ‘KBC – Season 1’ [This is entirely my opinion]. The reason why Mr. Bachchan can carry off any outfit with ease has a lot to do with his personality. Surely if any other actor was to dress up in an outfit designed for Mr. Bachchan, I bet it might not look that good on any other person. He might not have the conventional good looks but has a charm which even the most good-looking men would lack. In my opinion he dresses up like a perfect gentleman and is a truly a ‘Legend’. If I were to ever style him for the red carpet it would be definitely in a ‘Tom Ford’ Tuxedo or Jacket.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction to style but even though he was never born fashionable, he learnt the trick to look good. I appreciate the fact as mentioned in my earlier write-ups, that Shahrukh Khan always makes an effort to dress up for the Red carpet which many male celebrities fail to do so……………he always has a perfect suit on, clean-shaven look, hair set well……….I won’t be surprised if he was the one to start the culture for men to dress up for the red carpet. He also looks very stylish in jeans and a simple T-shirt, I think it is not him wearing the clothes but his attitude which makes even the most simple outfit come to life. I do remember seeing his super-duper hit movie ‘Kuch Kuch hota hai’  during my college years in which he was carrying a ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ bag…………..the very next week of the movie release, loads of people in my college had the very same bag of course from the flea market since Mr. Hilfiger was yet to open a store in India and as a college student we could not afford any branded stuff. Still I just wish to see Shahrukh on the red carpet dressed in a Jodhpuri jacket or a bandhgala since I have seen him less in ‘Indian Avatar’ and more in the western high fashion brands. No doubt he fits in those suits like a glove but a dash of Indianess in his style would surely turn heads.


Ness Wadia

Ness Wadia who is the leading man of the ‘Wadia Group’, co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, great-grandson of Mohammad Ali Jinnah,  a regular face on the Page 3 circuit and of course one of India’s eligible bachelor has a very tasteful sense of styling. Though few years back we used to see him in his designer suits only, these days one get’s to see a more relaxed Ness Wadia wearing his jeans and his team jersey. He might stay away from the Bollywood hype but makes people sit up and notice him wherever he goes. He sure looks like a man who takes his dressing very seriously………..I have never seen anyone carry off those made-to-fit suits with so much of panache. His flamboyant style is the reason why he is on this list. But would love to see him in a knee-length black Achkan with white chudidhar to show-off his regal looks or he can even experiment with Ralph Lauren suits & casual wear.

Prannoy Roy

As a kid I would hate to see news on television but somehow I used to watch ‘The World this Week’ with utmost attention as if someone was telling be a story…………………the reason definitely was Mr. Prannoy Roy’s presentation of the past week’s historic events which even as a kid I could relate to and absorb the knowledge provided by his program. No wonder today Prannoy Roy is known as the face who leads the Indian Media with his NDTV channel. The man responsible for changing the visage of news reading in India keeps his attire totally business like. Of course not everyone have a salt & pepper beard and still manage to look so graceful. These days he is seen on television only while covering important matters but has been usually seen wearing a suit. Best part about Prannoy Roy is that he never craved for attention despite being in limelight, maybe his understated style has made people notice him. Any man who is works in an Indian corporate work culture can relate to him easily in terms of his style……………..simple, sophisticated, no frills and to the point. The reason why he makes this list is the realistic, practical approach which Prannoy Roy has towards his work and his dressing.

Omar Abdullah


On usually sees big and even the not so big politicians always walking around with an entourage consisting of their party member plus bodyguard. It was pretty unusual for me to see Mr. Omar Abdullah travel in an economy class in a no frills airline without any such crowd. He was what we usually call a ‘common man’ in that flight……………….a wonderful change to see in young politicians since he hails from the influential ‘Abdullah’ family of Jammu & Kashmir which has been involved in Indian politics for generations. Why do I call him stylish?………………come on how many Indian politician have ever made it on the cover page of ‘GQ’ magazine looking like our Indian version of ‘James Bond’. The fearless Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir looks suave even when dressed in Kadhi or a simple cotton kurta. He has a very demure sense of styling and knows well what looks good on him be it his attire, his hairstyle, everything is perfect even while he is campaigning. Hope that his sons also grow up to be as dashing as Omar and carry on the family legacy.

Saif Ali Khan

 ‘Chote Nawab’ as he is well-known within his royal family, should definitely give a lot of credit to his genes. It was a difficult path for Saif since people had a lot of expectation from the son of handsome Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and elegant Sharmila Tagore, but he has indeed made a standing for himself in Bollywood. Love his sense of style which is contemporary but has a very ‘regal’ air to it. The past decade one saw Saif grow to more mature roles with oodles of charm. His key style have been tailor fit suit for red carpet events, denim with T-shirt for casual wear, a blazer with jeans for a launch party, bandhgala for wedding occasions. He is open to experimenting with his look which is what makes his one of the most ‘Stylish Men’ in India. Whether we see Saif on the big screen or off he has never ever disappointed by wearing anything hideous. Unlike other actors, Saif has matured like wine and embraced his age gracefully rather than trying to look like a teenager.

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