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Poll #3 : Shower Gel

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 30, 2012


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Poll 3 : Favourite Lipstick Brand

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 24, 2012



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Poll 2 : Shampoo & Conditioner

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 16, 2012

VOTE NOW!!! The brand of Shampoo & Conditioner  you use and highly recommend to others.

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Poll 1 : Body Moisturizer

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 14, 2012

Starting today, IFP will conduct an online beauty poll in which readers can vote for their favourite beauty products be it in skincare, haircare or body care products. IFP will also include make-up product poll this year. Remember your honest opinion will matter  for your product to make it to IFP’s list of ‘Best Beauty Buys’ of 2012 that will be featured later on. So go ahead, review & vote………you can share this page online Facebook, Twitter, Email or any source of social networking…………ask your friends to join in………..the more the merrier!!!

Poll 1 : Vote for your Favourite Body Moisturizer

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Salon Etiquettes by b:blunt

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on September 3, 2012

The way to get treated right is to behave right. In today’s modern times where trendy salons are catching up in India, this statement holds very true. Many clients visiting a salon seldom remember that etiquettes do matter here. The world of styling has become thoroughly professional over the years and good manners are always appreciated.

‘Indian Fashion Police’ gets some help from Rohan Jagtap – Director & Trainer at India’s premier hairdressing salon ‘b:blunt’  in listing down salon etiquettes. IFP also shares fabulous new looks of the season right from the experts at b:blunt.

Few things you must remember during your visit to Salon.

1. Prior appointment is a ‘must do’

Make sure that you have taken an appointment with the respective stylist for the day & time that would suit you best. A stylist of an established salon attends to numerous clients in a single day and would find it difficult to fit you in their busy schedule in case you plan to walk-in without any appointment. So in order to get the best service on time, please get book  in advance.

2. Be on time for your appointment to avoid any unnecessary delay

It is necessary to arrive at least 15 mins early than your appointment time for any beauty/hair ritual. There are some salon services that require you to change in different set of clothes. Hence arriving early gives you time to get ready and the stylist to start their work on time. In case you have to cancel the appointment, please do so by calling the salon few hours before the set time.

3. Do not apply oil or any hair pack before your visit

Application of hair oil or any hair pack pose a problem for the stylist to diagnosis your hair & scalp before they start with styling. For example – Hair packs like henna applied a couple of days before the visit, can interfere with few hair treatments and the end result might not be as desired.

4. Make sure to be blunt!

Clearly explain your requirement, be it change in style or length, cut or color, to your stylist.  You can carry the photo of the hairstyle you desire to have in order to show to the stylist. Always stay open to the stylist’s recommendations as well, it will lead to a better choice. In case you do not wish to undergo any hair treatment or have any allergies, please be sure you inform politely  to your stylist.

5. Confirm the quote for service from your stylist before the service begins

It is important that you are aware of the price of the service which you wish to undertake. Do make it a point to check the price of the service at the reception or with your stylist in order to avoid any confusion later on.

6. Keep the mobile phones on silent

If you expect undivided attention from your stylist, then you have to be considerate in return. Please be polite & keep your mobile phone on silent or even better if you can switch it off. The stylists need to concentrate on their work which can be very difficult if you are constantly on the phone.

7. Confirm with your stylist about any treatment, home care product recommendation

It is always helpful if you get professional advice for any treatment that will benefit your hair or home care product which will be useful for you to maintain your style longer. Few hairstyles also require follow-up treatment after few weeks, so you can book the appointment in advance.


8. Don’t Forget……

At the end of the of the service, while making the payment do acknowledge who all were involved in the service. If possible reward them as per your comfort. You can leave the tip at the reception desk while paying your bill.

New looks from b:blunt 

India’s leading destination hair salon, b:blunt pays homage to the changing face of India with their latest collection, Mini-12. Inspired by our urbane cities, b:blunt has created a fresh and vibrant collection to spread their love for hair and hairstyles, to every unique corner of the country via their ever expanding ‘Mini’ brand.This latest collection has been styled by three distinguished names in the industry, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar, Avan Contractor and Brent Barber.

Courtesy : Peepul Consulting for b:blunt 

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Celebrity Hairstyles

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 5, 2012

Celebrities dress in their most stylish designer outfits on the red carpet, but many A-List celebs forget to style their hair that can make a huge difference to their looks. These days many women opt for poker straight hair which does look neat, but that is a trend which more than half the world is following. IFP lists downs four Indian celebrities who always have something new up their sleeve in terms of hairstyles. How they inspire us fashion wise and why they stand out on the red carpet? IFP explains you why………..

Bipasha Basu

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…………..who has the best hairstyle of all? Well if I were the mirror, ‘Bipasha’ would be the name that would echo from my mouth. Call me crazy about Bips but this lady has definitely set some standards on the desi red carpet. From straight layered hair to loose curls, she has a new look every single time she steps out of her house. Off late Bipasha has been seen sporting a side swept braid or ponytail along with her casual outfits. All of Bipasha’s hairstyle looks have been created by hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani…………be it the red hair extensions, short bob, side swept fringe……..we think Sapna continues to do an amazing work on this pretty lady.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika is not just a pretty face, but she gives a lot of emphasis to her hair. The brand ambassador of ‘Parachute’ haircare, Deepika is always spotted wearing different hairstyles, on & off the screen. Earlier she was seen in wavy hair that spelt beach look but the lady has been showing off more sophisticated hairdos at recent events. IFP loved to see Deepika in chignon on the Cannes red carpet that spelt ‘C-L-A-S-S’. She has been styled by many leading hairstylist in India, but the team of b:blunt have been her ‘go-to’ stylists. Deepika experiments with her hair a lot and usually wears them down. Her signature look would be the tousled wavy hair which goes well along with her casual look.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka started out with the boring long hair but boy she is a delight to see on the red carpet. She made layers super trendy in the movie ‘Dostana’ and continues to pleasantly surprise us with her fierce hairstyles. She has thankfully ditched the bollywood style big hair and opted for sleeker looks. She even went short with an angled bob which made her look even more demure. These days one can see Priyanka sporting a bouffant ponytail for a casual do but she goes all glam with voluminous hair with loose curls for any big event. She has been styled by Javed Habib, Savio John Pereira and Sapna Bhavnani. IFP finds her gravitating more towards 1960s & 70s look for her recent appearances.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam is not just about dressing up but also loves to experiment with her hairstyles. As a brand ambassador of L’oreal, she has the best team to create her new looks wherever she goes. She wowed us with her pinned up ringlet hairdo at Cannes 2011 dressed in a ‘Jean Paul Gaultier’ gown. Curls, twists, updos, finger waves, hair loops, vintage hair or even Victorian era hair………Sonam has tried all styles on her hair. IFP likes the look where her hair is styled away from her face in a sleek bun or a ponytail.

Photo Courtesy :

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Trendy Manicure style this season

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 2, 2012

Every season not just the clothes, but even your beauty style should get a face-lift.  Here are a couple of manicure trends which IFP thinks makes a cut this season.

Caviar Manicure

Caviar is not just pair with champagne but now can we added to your manicure as well. The latest trends to hit the manicure market, has to be the Caviar beads which IFP finds fabulous and fit for women of all ages. What’s best about this trend is that it is not too loud yet spells trendy all the way long. Many Hollywood celebs have caught on with this trend and hope to see it at the nail spas in India soon. You can also buy the tiny beads and D-I-Y at home with any of your favourite nail color. This one is worth a try this season…………

Louboutin Manicure

If you though that Louboutins are just a synonym for stylish shoes…………think again. The label which has the patent red sole has got transformed into trendy manicure style where the inner side of the nail is painted red while the outer tip can be of any other shade….just like a pair of Louboutins. Famous celebs have been seen on the red carpet rocking this trend……… rush to your manicurist & flaunt this style on your next party.

Gradient Manicure

Imagine seeing sunset on your fingertips till the time your manicure lasts………different shades of a single color merge on a tiny finger-nail is what gradient manicure looks like. The base is usually kept in lighter shade which becomes darker till the tip with the help of a sponge. You can  try in blue, green, red, yellow,infuse two colors or try with neutral shade & combine it with shimmer tips…………the choices are unlimited.

Photo courtesy : Ciate UK, Swatchaholic & Flickr

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Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 28, 2011

Living in Indonesia certainly has loads of benefits………………one benefit that I love has to be visiting the Spa where one does not have to spend a fortune yet is able to get the most amazing service. Whenever I feel tired than usual, my body aches for the luxury of a Spa…………………..getting manicure, pedicure, body massage, facial……….ahhh I feel like I am in beauty heaven. But even I was nervous the very first time when I visited a Spa here ………………not knowing how to interact with the spa staff, what to expect, whether to leave a  tip or not???………….if so then how much………many things went on in my mind. Now that I have become a ‘pro’, I could tell people a thing or two about etiquettes to be observed  in a Spa.

1) Preparing yourself for the SPA before you even enter it

One most important step towards going to a Spa begins at home………….it is recommended that you wax at least 2 days before your spa session since the aroma oils might irritate your skin. Please do not use any other body lotion or sunscreen as the lotions might react with the oils and may cause irritation or a rash. Avoid the spa all together if you have broken skin, a bad rash, skin allergies, fever, cold, cough, upset stomach or your monthly menses. It is generally better if you visit the spa in your free time…………..avoid it if you are in a hurry as you won’t be able to enjoy the therapy ………the idea is to be stress free. Have your meal at least 2 hours in advance & do drink more water on the day of your spa appointment, since post the spa procedure you might end up dehydrated.

2) What to carry to the Spa???

Please don’t wear your best clothes to the spa, but still be presentable when you arrive there. Casuals or semi formals should be the preference, avoid going in your jogging suit or gym wear. Remember first impressions do matter here, you don’t want the spa staff to form an opinion before they treat you. Try lighter fabrics which allow your skin to breathe after the spa session is over. You can carry a bottle of water, deodorant, comb or any other essentials as per your requirement. You can carry a fresh set of under-garments, clothes and even your own towel if you tend to be allergic to bleach used in cleaning towels in spas and hotels. Reputed spas will not use bleach in their washing though.

3) What not to carry???

If you are going to the spa for a facial, avoid carrying any make-up since your face needs to be free of make-up for at least 8 hours in order for the ingredients to work better. Avoid the use of perfumes as well for few hours. Leave your jewellery back at home, if you loose them it won’t be the responsibility of the spa but your own carelessness….plus jewellery restrict the flow of massage……………so shed them. Also leave behind expensive gadgets like I-pods & Lap tops. Kids should be left behind at home or ask your friend or spouse to baby sit one afternoon,  else you will not be able to concentrate if they are around. Many spas frown if there are kids around & nobody to handle them.

4) Arrival at the Spa

Never enter the spa without a prior appointment……………………….make it a point to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Spa procedures requires some preparation before starting change of clothes, soaking your hands & feet in warm water and visiting the loo. Do make it a point to respond to the staff in a friendly manner, avoid being rude to them under any case.You might be shown make spa packages………….you can select any according to your budget & convenience or go with the best the spa therapist might recommend for you. They can even take you around for a short trip of the spa in case you require to know more about it. Let them know about any sort of allergies you might have with regards to certain ingredients used in the spa products……………the spa therapist will surely keep this in mind before starting off with the treatment. You can keep your belongings in a locker or a cupboard provided by the spa.

5) During the spa treatment

Lie down, relax, let yourself loose and enjoy the spa treatment. Before that please switch off your mobile phones……… is definitely rude to talk on the phone,while you have your spa treatment going on. This is a time to pamper yourself……………….so get disconnected form the outside world. Also do not be shy if you are just in a towel, the therapist are very professional and have been taught in a specific manner to perform the spa therapy without making their client uncomfortable.  The spa therapist will ask you about the whether you prefer light pressure massage or a bit more stronger……… tell her you preference. In case a part of you body develops sudden pain while during the treatment, it is important to let the therapist know about it. Please don’t go around screaming in pain during the treatment, you might disturb other clients. Also you can tell the therapist about your music preference plus it’s volume.

6) After the spa treatment

Even a complimentary drink which the spa would offer, my spa makes the most amazing ginger tea which has brown sugar in it…………it invigorates me instantly. So don’t miss on that……….take a shower, dry yourself up……..if you want you can request the spa therapist to give you a moment alone. Change into your clothes, check your belongings and only then proceed towards the payment counter. If you liked the products used during your session, go ahead and ask your therapist about it, if it is an in-house product you might be able to buy it. Many reputed spas do make their own products so you can use them at home too to get the spa feel.

7) Tipping at the Spa

This is a tricky question on how much should one tip…………abroad usually people tip 15% but in India I can say about 10% to 15%. It also depends on how much you have enjoyed your spa session. Honestly I find spas in India particularly in major cities too expensive and high priced. So you can tip according to your pocket. The only reason of giving a good tip will ensure that next time around you are given an equally good service. The spa staff always takes better care of people who tip well…………..that’s what analysis say.

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What’s in the bag, Lady?????

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 19, 2010

I have many guy friends who keep on wondering what is inside a woman’s bag and why the hell does she have to carry such a big bag around??? A few days ago I made an effort to clean my handbags and boy was I surprised to discover so many things in it which I actually thought were extinct…………..hee hee. Thankfully there were no bugs else I would have been branded as the most ‘Untidy person in the whole wide world’  by my hubby which till now a metaphor given to him by yours truly. Anyways getting back to the HANDBAG………..there are many things which any modern, smart woman needs to face the world………..If men have their swords to fight battles, handbags are our modern-day weapon. If you are clueless what to carry in your handbag, just read further for what I have learnt from my experience of carrying this glorious piece of accessory.



No woman no matter how rich or poor she is, needs to have this essential in her handbag………….of course your usual reaction would be “Hey everybody carries that………….what the big deal???” True, but you will be surprised to know that many women actually don’t even own a wallet. Wallet serves the functionality of storing cash, credit & debit cards, visiting cards, club membership cards, etc.So if you have the habit of storing cash in the zipper pocket of your handbag……………please get yourself a wallet and store things with a bit of sophistication & style.

 Lip Essentials

Woman!!!! Please never walk out the door of your house without your lip essentials in your handbag……….it canbe a lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss or lip stain…………..have one of these at least whenever you go out. My recommendation to all is to have a tinted lip balm which you can wear anytime of the day. It is always handy especially if you have dry skin or your shoe hurts, dab a bit of it and you can be out to do any damn thing in the world. Plus it looks good on the lips too…………….never know who you gotta impress……wink!!

Lipsticks are great as they make any girl look fabulous………….please stay away from dreadful dark shades which might make you look like a zombie………have a nude or light pink in your handbag which can be worn anytime of the day with any outfit. Tinted lip stain and vaseline also work for me but ultimately the choice is yours…………pair it with an eye pencil or kaajal if you want for that refined look.

My recommendation : The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm with SPF 15……………can’t do without it.

My Music

Imagine life without music…………………my answer is dreadful, now imagine life without our ‘Dhinchak’ bollywood music………………….my answer ‘living hell’. That’s just my taste but I also admire the Indian classical music equally and also listen to some english numbers but the point here is that some music is essential for anyone to calm their nerves, to meditate, to be one with the universe. These days you can listen to music through your mobile phones, Ipods, mp3 players, oh so many other options………….so why not switch on some good music, forget your worries for sometime at least for 30 mins everyday. Believe it works wonders for a stressed mind…………..

My recommendation : Ipod Nano displayed above is sleek, light, stores the world and reasonably priced.

Some Fragrance please…..

On a bright sunny day while I was having my cuppa of green tea and muffins with my BFF, on the table besides us an unknown woman dressed in her best, happens to open her handbag…………………out comes a dreadful smell which makes me feel that someone has put a dead mouse in that bag……………….I am not kidding, that spoilt my entire meal……………..this the result of not keeping your bags clean. For god sake if you are lazy enough to never clean it, at least carry some perfume along since it will work to make you smell pleasing as well as your bag. Spray on a bit on yourself and inside your bag before you leave the house. Carry a small bottle of Eau-de-toilette, anti perspirent, solid or cream perfumes in your handbag at all times………….it is also an instant mood lifter. Go for fruity or floral scents which do wonders any time of the day avoid anything too strong. I prefer solid perfumes since the risk of spilling is much lesser than the liquid ones. Even though the liquid ones are a form of spirit which evaporates quickly but the smell lasts long. So if you happen to spill some in your handbag………………please leave it behind at home till the fragrance disappears else people around you will choke…………

My recommendation : L’occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume showed above in the pic. Easy to carry, lasts long &  simply Divine…………

 Face Wipes


 These are life savers……………….literally!!! I have had terrible travel experiences which could have become worst if these wet wipes or facial tiisues were not there. Bad make-up, dust, pollution, any grimes can be wiped off your face with the help of these wonderful handy thing. There are plenty available in the market but choose a wet wipe which is not just for the face but can be used on other parts of the body as well……………why to carry different wipes for your face and your body………….better combine it in one. Alchol ones can be drying but alchol free wipes are better even for sensitive skins………..

My recommendation :  Olay Face wipes, Johnson & Johnson baby wipes [If you can use this one a baby, why not on yourself]

 Mobile Phone

People can’t live without it, I am trying to live with it…………..of course they ring when one is having the most peaceful moment in one’s life but rather than a style statement, I believe mobile phones have become a tool which helps you to communicate with the world outside. Even if you are not into phones, at least carry one in case of an emergency. Plus there are some many girly colours which a woman can opt for………….plus in this age of Facebook & Twitter have some fun yaar………..

My recommendation :  Ask your guy friends which is the most user friendly phone available. You will get the best tip……

These arethe essentials which I urge every woman to carry with themselves. Have the necessary items only………..anything more than that is just a load.

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Bridal Beauty Kit ‘Must Haves’

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on August 15, 2010

Since the wedding season will soon be approaching I thought why not write something to help the Brides-to-be in the make-up section. Do get yourself a kit or a Beauty bag which is available at all leading departmental stores. A vanity box is for professionals so avoid carrying a big box in your wedding trousseau unless you wanna do make-up for everybody else who comes to your wedding. Hope you don’t want to give an impression of the same once you enter the new household. Few essentials your beauty kit should be consisting of as given below. Of course it also depends what suits your face, skin & colour.


This forms the base of your make up. It sets a canvas for more colours to be added & give a neater, cleaner base. Choose the shade nearest to your skin tone. This is available in liquid & cream based. Test your foundation on clean skin – preferably on the jaw line – not on your hand. Always use a sponge to blend the foundation well. You can also use a concealer to hide the dark circles or scars on the face.
If it blends into your skin and disappears when you apply it, then it should be a match. Test your foundation on clean skin – preferably on the jaw line – not on your hand.
Once you have worked in the foundation round all the nooks and crannies, check that the foundation is well blended and not streaky. It’s better to build up layers than cake it on plus too much of foundation will show the lines and wrinkles on your face more prominently than hiding the same. You might end up looking much more older than you actually are.  Avoid going in for a shade than your actual skin tone and vice versa. Search andsearch hard for the tone nearest to your skintone…………………it pays off to have a foundation well blend into your skin.

Recommendation : L’oreal True Match, MAC cosmetic Select SPF 15 foundation

My Favourite : Revlon’s New Complexion Oil Free Foundation blends amazingly without any streaking.


Basic black is a must have, since it goes on with every outfit & every style be it Indian or Western wear. You can add in liners other colours like brown which is very subtle during daytime, blue looks great at night giving a dramatic look to your eyes or the riskier colour green which you should be buying only if you have an outfit matching it and loads of confidence to carry this colour around. But today’s market place is flooded with colour eyeliner. You have the choice of picking pencil or liquid eyeliners. But a word of caution:- buy the liner which would suit your skin eye & the colour of your eyes.  Saumya reminded me that an Indian woman’s make-up is totally incomplete without a kohl pencil or in our language better known as ‘kajal’. That is a must, must, must have coz even if you are just wearing kajal and a bit of lip gloss your look is actually complete for any time of the day. Thank you Saumya for reminding me about it…………..

Recommendation : Maybelline Liquid Eye Liner, MAC cosmetic Liquid Eye liner

Favourite : Lakme Eyeliners in liquid for the amazing jewel colours which look beautiful on the bride also Lakme kajal for those sultry eyes.

Face Powder or the ‘Compact’

The basic purpose of using a compact is to take of the shiny appearance and give the face a matt look. There are two types of face powder which you can use as per what suits your skin the best. The Oily skin tend to go in for oil free translucent powder than the compact.

Compact Powder

Compact or pressed powders are great on the go. Easy to use and helpful with other make-up also since it has a mirror in it……………… need to carry additional pocket size mirror al the time. Your face is does not appear oily for a long time…………but beware of using it too much. You might end up looking like a ghost ready to scare people off.
For a quick touch up, just block away shine with the puff by gently pressing the powder to get a matte finish. Excess can be brushed off or reduced with the help of a tissue.

Transluscent Powder

If you prefer a sheer look put a little translucent powder on your brush, shake off any excess (careful not to get it all over your clothes!) then gently sweep over your face, making sure you work round all the nooks and crannies.
Powder puffs are also good for getting an even coverage but a professional brush works better with the powder. Just press and roll a little powder, and dust off any excess with a brush.

Recommendation : Clinique Loose powder, L’oreal loose powder

My Pick : Revlon Compact powder for even coverage



This is a magic wand that if used correctly can make your eyes look like a million dollars. If asked for a make up must have tool this would top my list. The basic black mascara is more than enough for every girl. You can experiment with colours available like brown, blue, green & purple. But make sure it suits you well & does not scare any person of. For people having heavy lashes you can use a transparent mascara just to enhance your best feature without making it look weighty. Once you have worked in the foundation round all the nooks and crannies, check that the foundation is well blended and not streaky. It’s better to build up layers than cake it on.

Recommendation : Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, L’oreal Volumnious Mascara

My Favourite : Revlon Water proof Mascara………I swear by it after using for years, Have never experienced clumps while applying it or after.


This no doubt is something any woman cannot or in other words should not do without. Lipsticks are very important from the point of view for making up or spoiling a look. For a bride to be 3 shades are important to have –pink, brown & red. These are the base shades with which you have to see whether you like these shades in matt finish, glossy look or with shimmer in it. Fair skins can go in for lighter shades like glossy baby pinks or nude browns for day wear & shimmer copper/gold or reds for evening wear. Darker skins can go in for brown shades with a transparent gloss for day wear. Do remember to add a matching Lip liner as well. Instead of buying a Lip liner in every other colour matching your lipstick, buy one in natural shade that goes with every lipstick that you wear.

Recommendation : All Lipstick range of Revlon, L’oreal and The Body Shop. Love the long stay lipsticks from L’oreal.

My favourite : MAC Cosmetic Lipglass for that ‘oh-so-glossy’ effect and stays long.

Eye shadow

These add colour and enhance the shape of your eyes. Daytime makeup should be subtle & light where as you can wear darker shades or shimmer eye shadow for evening celebrations. Apply the eye shadow starting from the inner corner of your eye, sweep your brush (or finger if you’re using cream) across the whole lid. The colour should go over the entire lid and just above the crease.If you want to apply more than one colour you usually do the base colour first. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, sweep your brush (or finger if you’re using cream) across the whole lid. The colour should go over the entire lid and just above the crease.Blend away any hard edges to perfect your look

Recommendation : MAC cosmetic Eye-shadow for the professional effect, L’oreal Infinite Colour Quads and Bourjois Eye shadow pots.

My Favourite : Revlon Colour stay for it’s long lasting effect.


This wonderful makeup must have can change your look. Excessive of blusher looks artificial & too less of it will not reflect to enhance your cheekbones when you are photographed.  Again daytime you should prefer lighter shade & a bit darker shade during evening. Commonly 2 types of blush are used  – Powder Blush: This blush is in powder form, .colours range from pink, brown, plums & golden/shimmer. To apply the powder blush dust the blush over the apples of your cheeks for a perfect peachy complexion. Finish off with a clean brush to blend in the edges so you don’t look stripey and Cream Blush: Creams or gels should be added after your base but before powder, and they are best applied with your fingers.
Smooth on a little blush to find the right place, smile and apply it over the area where your cheeks puff out.

Recommendation : Clinique Blush and Maybelline mousse blush.

I Adore : Christian Dior Blush spreads easily and looks amazing.


Even if you are not much into make-up, that is not of much concern. But if you do not use a moisturizer, that is something you should look in for. A well moisturized skin is a healthy skin. Include an everyday use moisturizer that suits your skin type which you can use after bath. For an oily skin choose an oil-free moisturizer. You can look for moisturizer combined with SPF 15. There are a variety of moisturizers available in the market to suit your skin requirements. These days one can buy tinted moisturizers which are a mix of foundation and moisturizer so that you get even coverage without the heaviness of a foundation. Also check that your moisturizer is at least SPF 15 [Sun protection factor] so that even if you are not wearing additional sunscreen your skin is protected to some extent from the harsh sunrays.

Recommendation : Olay Total Effects and The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer with SPF 30.

My Favourite : Neutrogena Hydro Boost & Neutrogena Day cream with SPF 15 keeps the skin glowing and healthy.


Minimum requirement is SPF 20 when you spend more of your time out in the sun. Your Vanity case calls for this product for daytime outings. Sunscreen is used widely today, hence making it easier for you to choose for a range of different brands available. This is to be applied 15 to 20 minutes before you step out in the Sun for it to act effectively.

Recommendation : Biotique Aloe sunscreen, Kaya Skin Clinic Sunscreen and Lakme Sunscreen.

My favourite : Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30 light and non-sticky.

Nail Paint

How can we forget this essential beauty must have. For a bride minimum 3 colours – one in darker colour for party wear, one in lighter colour and third one should be transparent which u can wear as top coat also. Reds, burgundy, pinks, mauves, peach, are all bridal colours from which you can choose. Combine these colours with golden and silver which add the required shimmer. Avoid dark blues and blacks unless you wanna look like a vamp for a new bride. Remember, first impression counts a lot here even if you hate being judged. A nail paint remover should also be carried along.

Face wash & a face cleanser

Till now we have put in the things to make a bride look her best, but a face wash will assure that her skin is taken care of. Check your skin type before you buy the face wash. Oily skins should opt for an oil free cleanser and dry skins should choose a cream cleanser to avoid skin stiffness after wash. These days you will find a face wash under the name of every big skin care brand. But stick to the one which suits you.

Recommendation : L’oreal Revitalift facewash & Olay Total Effects facewash

I can’t do without : The Body Shop Chamomile Waterproof Eye make-up remover and Neutrogena Deep clean facewash


This is one product which can make or break your look. Avoid cheap brands under this if you want to smell fabulous. Departmental stores are filled with these products. Price range of a good branded perfume will start from Rs. 750/- to Rs 3000/- to as high as money can buy. In case you find it difficult to buy an expensive perfume, try essential oils like lavender, rose or jasmine; else buy a good body deo spray to leave you smelling like heaven. There are a hell lot of products in today’s Indian market, one can never be short of it. For daytime try a scent which is refreshing and light……….you don’t want to suffocate people in case your perfume is on the heavier side which is preferable in small amount during night time. Apply the perfume on your pulse points and behind your earlobes for long lasting effect……………Do not apply perfume or better known as Eau-de-toilette on your underarms……………..a deo stick is better for such nooks.

Recommendation : Calvin Klein ‘In 2 U’ for Women

My Favourite : L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume………………love the light fragrance which is easy to carry and can be used any time.

These product recommendation is purely based on my opinion. I have used each one of them and have listed the good ones in this post. The result of the same might vary as per person’s skin.

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