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LAI – Silver Jewellery [April 2012]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 16, 2012

Despite starting off this section last year, I still feel as if this section is still new and is yet to feature thousands of more upcoming designers. Over this one year I have seen some amazing work and have come to know many new designers which has been a blessing for my work. This month is no different where IFP introduces ‘LAI’ a label which offers beautiful jewelry creations in silver. The designs are contemporary yet exquisite and have an Indian theme to it………….IFP had to feature this glorious jewelry as our ‘find’ for this month.


The creator Puja Bhargava Kamath who is a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi and a gemologist, was earlier into designing of silver jewelry for Indian & international design houses. She has won many accolades in designing from  DeBeers, World Gold Council & Perles de Tahiti. After learning the art for years, Puja decided to venture into creating her own designs under the label ‘LAI’.

She used her design talents to combine silver with enamel, glass, wood, fabric while creating the jewels. ‘LAI’ is a beautiful expression of Puja’s creativity yet very affordable on the pockets. LAI’ starts from a price range of Rs, 1,000 to goes as high as Rs. 10,000.


IFP also got a chance to chat with Puja about her ideas and inspiration behind her work. If it is new and most importantly ‘Indian’ this is the place where you would find it.

Q & A with Puja Bhargava Kamath – Creator of ‘LAI’

1) What does the name of your label ‘LAI’ mean?

Lai is a sanskrit word meaning “the beloved one”.

In old french it also refers to a lyrical, narrative poem (written in octosyllabic couplets) that often deals with tales of adventure and romance.

2) How did you start off designing silver jewelry and what was the inspiration behind your work?

After my schooling, I did a graduate course in Accessory Designing from NIFT, New Delhi. I supplemented my knowledge base w.r.t. jewellery by further doing a course in Gemology & went on to work as a freelance designer for a number of leading national & international jewellery houses before coming out with my own collection of silver jewellery.

In between, I also worked extensively in the handicrafts sector, travelling the length & breadth of the country to work with different artisans groups. I also dabbled a bit in bags & home decor goods before “settling” down with jewellery.

I draw inspiration from a number of things….textiles, monuments, patterns etc.

I don’t believe in just doing pretty designs. For me, as a designer, I love it when I can immerse myself & learn something about, say, weaves of a particular region & then interpret them as jewelley designs. Or the Mughal decorations & architecture. Or dig in deep into the history of paisley as a motif. And then use these bits of images & information to design a collection. So we don’t do just pretty designs. We do pretty designs that are well researched & have a story to tell.

3)  Why choose silver for making jewelry since there are so many contemporary jewelry made available today which do not have any precious metal in the designs?

I have always loved silver jewellery so, I guess, opting to work with silver was a natural choice. I love the feel & the look of it. Besides, it can be given a myriad finishes to project different looks….glossy, oxidized, hammered, etched, plated etc.

Also, I think I am a bit old-world in my taste…..every thing earthy & organic attracts me…..& silver fits in beautifully with my sensibilities. Also, there is something more forever about silver jewellery than say a wooded necklace….& I’d like Lai to be worn & treasured by its owners for really-really long!

Having said that, I do often use other material with silver like old coins, stones, shells….it mostly depends on the theme but sometimes even on the availability or my whim!

4) Any jewelry designer in particular whose work you look up to?

Not exactly look up to but there are many designers & design houses whose work is I really like…. Azza Fahmy, Pippa Small, Cartier, Buccellati to name a few.

5) What’s next for ‘LAI’?

Though I’m been doing silver jewellery for 3 years now, its only been 6 months since we branded it (Lai). We have a calendar of events (exhibition & in-store trunk shows) lined up in different cities & have started a Facebook page too to connect with our patrons.

Right now, the focus is to be able to take our designs to different cities to promote our brand. Hopefully, as we continue to register in the minds of people as an approachable brand doing great designs, we’ll formulate the bigger plans (a beautiful, quaint store of our own will definitely be a part of that plan!)

 6) Where is ‘LAI’ jewelry available?

We sell through exhibitions in various cities and now through our Facebook page at

Creations of ‘LAI’

Photo courtesy : LAI on Facebook

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Find of the Month [March 2012] – Mulberry Tree

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 15, 2012

Spring will be here soon and so will be the gorgeous summer dresses………..that brings me to the ‘Find of the Month’ – Mulberry Tree. Fabulous dresses and gowns designed by Rachael FC is sure to make you look drop dead gorgeous.

‘Mulberry Tree’ has a collection fit for casual time-out, office, evening out or party. Chic, playful dresses or sexy look, which ever look is your favorite, Rachael has the designs for you. The creations can also be customized  for the clients at ‘Mulberry Tree’. The price range starts from Rs. 3,500 and goes upto Rs. 15,000.

We also got to have a quick chat with the designer herself to know more about the label that she has created to make women look beautiful.

Q & A with Rachael FC – Creator of Mulberry Tree

1) What was your inspiration behind designing dresses?

There is nothing a woman loves more than a well designed & fitted dress.. It’s an instant pick up when you try on a dress and look at yourself in the mirror and look fabulous! It’s my instant fix and I’m sure it’s almost every other womans too, and that is the inspiration behind all my dresses… Wanting every woman who tries on a Mulberry Tree design to feel “wow” in it!

2) How did you start off with ‘Mulberry Tree’?

Fashion and design was something that always interested me from a very young age and in 2007 I started my first clothing store called “Rachael”, I sourced clothes from all over the world and provided a great mix of international design and fashion that was not available in Mumbai at the time! However, with the influx of many international high street brands into India over the last few years, I felt I needed to do something different. That is how Mulberry Tree happened, my own fashion label where everything from designing to final production was all done in house by me and my team!

3) Cocktail dresses to evening gowns, what more on your mind for ‘Mulberry Tree’

Other than the cocktail dresses and evening gowns, Mulberry Tree does a lot more for personalised orders.. From jumpsuits to casual dresses or smart & chic office wear and even the odd cocktail sari blouse, we do it all!

4) Best compliment ever received for your creations.

Over the last few months Mulberry Tree has been inundated with messages from clients telling us how many compliments they received when they wore a Mulberry Tree creation! It’s not very often that a designer receives messages from clients to that effect and thanking you for making them look so beautiful.. It is a joy I cannot describe, great satisfaction & joy!

5) Any plans to take your collection to fashion weeks?

As of now, Mulberry Tree is happy the way it is.. No fashion week plans yet!

6) What is your personal style mantra?

My personal style is a lot reflected in Mulberry Tree! It’s what I’m in the mood for, could be a jumpsuit for the day and a assymetrical flowy dress for the night! Accessorise a day dress with a chic hat and put on statement neckpiece in the night! Im not a big fan of bling clothes, subtle yet bold is more my style!

Mulberry Tree is available online via their Facebook Page  or you can call 9819080444 or email It is also available in the stores below

MUMBAI – ‘WHITE PEACOCK’, shop no.10, link corner mall, corner of 33rd & 25th road, diagonally opp Croma (off linking road) Bandra(w), Mumbai.

HYDERABAD – WUNDERSHOP, 8-2-460/6 Banjara hills rd no. 4, opp road to GVK mall entrance, Hyderabad, India 500034

Upcoming designer, alluring designs at even more amazing prices…………….IFP had to get feature ‘Mulberry Tree’ here. Here is a look at Mulberry Tree creations.

Photo courtesy : Mulberry Tree

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Find of the month – February 2012

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 1, 2012

There are many things related to fashion that actually make you think that you are blessed to be a woman. Shopping, being able to wear stilettos, getting to wear loads of jewelry and of course flaunting a bag. So when I came across the collection from ‘Cupidity’ by designer duo Karishma Jhaveri & Masumi Jain, I knew I had found the ‘Find’ of this month. Cupid definitely struck me when I saw their trendy designs :-) .

‘Cupidity’ was established in 2011 in Mumbai, by two friends Karishma Jhaveri &  Masumi Jain with a focus on bringing the latest International trends to  youngsters without making them go too heavy on their wallets. The duo felt  that the need to create a brand that provides the most trendy bags and accessories at the cheapest price! Especially targeting the younger generation, they came out with their very first collection that got an overwhelming response.

Their products range from clutches, evening bags, totes, shopping bags, iPad, laptop cases, make up pouches and wedding clutches. Now that’s an amazing variety that this label offers. ‘Cupidity’ also customize bags as per their clients wishes. Their trendy designs have been displayed in leading publications like Asain Age & Mid-day.

They have tried  to keep their price range as reasonable as possible. Bags range between Rs.400-Rs.2000 whereas accessories are between Rs.200-Rs.1200.

IFP got to know how the designer duo Karishma & Masumi started their journey and what they have in store in the future.

Q & A with the Creators of ‘Cupidity’ – Karishma Jhaveri & Masumi Jain

1) How did you both start off with creating bags?

Cupidity : Initially, we started off with outsourcing bags and retailing them online but we realized some of our customers would like a particular bag but want it in a different color, smaller or bigger size or different fabric altogether. We wanted to be able to customize anything that our customer would like, so we came up with our own range of bags including clutches, sling bags, laptop / iPad cases, shopping bags etc. which we could then modify as per their taste.

2) Was there any formal training required before you ventured into this business?

Cupidity : No, we both have no formal training in hand bag design, just a massive obsession with handbags & shoes :-)

3) What is the inspiration behind your work?

Cupidity : We get inspired by colors, a lot of bright colors to be precise and our collection reflects it. We have lots of bright oranges, hot pinks, reds, purples and a lot of young loud colors.

4) Where are ‘Cupidity’ bags retailed in India?

Cupidity : Currently we only retail online through our website

5) What are your plans to expand your brand in the near future?

Cupidity :We plan to exhibit rapidly throughout the country, we also aim at retailing to local stores in Mumbai and we plan to expand our collection to include shoes & accessories too!!

6) Where can one purchase ’Cupidity’ bags?

Cupidity : Customers can purchase our bags from our website or via our Facebook page You can also email the orders at

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‘Mora’ by Ritika Mittal [October 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on October 6, 2011

IFP’s very first designer to feature on our ‘Find of the Month’ Divya Thomas of Karmasuthra jewelry recommended me the name of Ritika Mittal who created ‘Mora’. Now I was a bit confused as to what Ritika actually did…………..she was not the typical designer showcasing her stuff on the runway nor was she displaying the works at star studded events or on celebrities. Then why did I feature her in ‘Find of the Month’?

Well what would you do when you come to know about someone who works hard to get the best textile & handloom creation from every corner of our India, designs the collection and exhibits across major cities…………….someone who appreciates the art which is still preserved in not-so-well known places……….learning and skills passed on thru generations which are losing it’s ground in the modern world………What would you do if you knew such a Designer who was true to her root?? You don’t just appreciate such wonderful people but also apread the word about their amazing work. That is exactly what I intend to do with the creations of ‘Mora’ by featuring it as my ‘Find of the Month’

Ritika Mittal founded ‘Mora’ in 2008 after experiencing the joys of designing a saree from handloom. She started off designing for her own wedding………relatives & friends loved her designs and soon with their encouragement Ritika established ‘Mora’. Her mum Mrs. Madhu Mittal who has been her support system in this business, manages the working part of the business. All I can say is that Ritika manages to give a facelift to our traditional handloom and textile work of art.

Ritika treats the ‘Textile’ as her ‘Muse’ and thinks of her weavers as the original designers. ‘Mora’ has recieved awards at the prestigious  Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ in 2010 & 2011. It is also thru Ritika’s Faceb0ok updates that I came to know about Eri silk which is entirely humane silk yarn (it is spun from the cocoons that are broken through by the worms) & that Muga is one the rarest silks in the Indian subcontinent which is considered the “God of all Silks”. Each time you wash & wear there will be an increase in it’s lustre and longevity.

Interacting with Ritika herself via the net made me feel as if I am interacting with someone who has loads of energy flowing in her veins and absolutely humorous. Funnily even I feel absolutely refreshing while writing about something unique like this……..something which might not come my way for a long time. I am thankful to Divya Thomas for making me know about ‘Mora’ and the creator behind this label – Ritika Mittal. Hope you enjoy reading my interview with Ritika herself and the story behind ‘Mora’.

Few of ‘Mora’ creations……

Q & A With Ritika Mittal, Creator of ‘Mora’

1) How did you start off with such a unique idea of bringing rural hand woven & handloom Indian wear to major cities across India?

Ritika :  More than a decade of media career takes quite a bit of toll on you… you feel far removed from reality. The textiles and the weavers brought me back to where i belong… there was an instant connect… I knew I had to travel and be a part of this rural life rather than bringing them here and commercialising the whole set up… the idea is to create opportunities in the space where they belong… why uproot them?

The only way we could significantly do something on these weaves and bring them to the mainstream fashion sectors was by adapting them in a way where people associate these weaves to the north east and also see their beauty in wearable art forms of other parts of india- sarees, duppatas skirts etc… With no precedent or pilot initiative to guide us, we jaunted off to West Bengal, U.P. , Kutch, Rajasthan and Punjab collecting Phulkaaris, Kantha, Rabari, Lukhnavi and Sanganeri weaves along the way. The collection that resulted was a playful envelope-pushing ploy to mix and match colours, textures and to see where it would get us. ‘Mora’ mixed cottons and silks for the first time, broke the rules of the color wheel and gave the textile a contemporary look. The collection was an exciting learning experience: there were gleeful successes in the collection, and a good few blunders as well! That, after all, is what learning is about.

So I learned, and sailed forth! If fabric is mora’s inspiration, then traveling to its source is the wind in mora’s sails.  ‘Mora’ is passionate about tribal art, and its makers. I want to reach out and understand the spirit that makes a humble yarn come alive. We want to bring that spirit, the smell of wet earth and the songs of its dreams, to you. It is what has made India special, and we hope that by making that special something tangible to you, we can infect you with the same enthusiasm and passion for our tribal friends, to make a small, but significant difference in their lives.

2) Tell us more about ‘Mora’…..what does this name mean and why did you choose it?

Ritika : One thing i was sure from the day one of starting ‘Mora’ was that there could never be 2 similar/identical pieces that we will create… we are running into our third year and still there are no repeats in the designs… i truly believe that what you wear is an essence of your beliefs… it a complete mark of your individuality and personality… why should you wear what everyone else wears… and at the same time as a woman i also believe that all of us want to have what noone else wants… THAT something should be only and truly yours… which is why we named it MORA… means mine… coz every mora you wear is truly yours… MORA is now growing into different dimensions… recently i was told it also means “us”- could be referred to our connection with the beautiful weavers from all across the country. ‘Mora’ also means a peacock… and that we take as a compliment 🙂

 3) Was it a ‘Bed of roses’ or a difficult path to start with ‘Mora’?

Ritika : ‘MORA’ had to go through difficult days but when I look back now, I feel that is what makes it so special for us… I came from media background with no knowledge of textiles… I had to start from scratch… education about textiles was key… thats where the original teachers of art- our very own artisans stepped in and taught me what no textile school could have taught… they started from the very basics and gave me some very pratical knowledge… made me sit on the looom and see how it really works… because of all this, we also faced a bit of cynicism which I think is ok now… that made our resolve even stronger… backpacks were dusted off and all the savings taken out. On the way I managed to find many friends, now it’s a struggle the entire team of ‘Mora’ is happy about.

We have braved torrential rains; lived in tribal huts built on flood-adapted stilts; to have washed clothes and bathed in raging rivers; to have shared sleeping space with pigs, poultry and, of course, people; tasted the woodsmoke of freshly foraged timber in our meals; to have lived with the unbelievable desperation of social & political neglect………. be touched by the profoundly simple hopes and smiles of these communities…these are but some of the kaleidoscope of experiences ‘Mora’ has been through as it crisscrosses India’s incredible landscapes to reach its remotest villages and weavers.

I am now gearing up for another travel and while it feels like I am going to leave home for another 6 months or so… I am filled with excitement to see how the weaves are shaping up and what new worlds will i come face to face with… [During this interview, Ritika was scheduled to showcase her designs in Bangalore & Chennai]

4) What has been your best experience so far with your label?

Ritika :  It happened very recently… the best feeling is when the lovely ladies come looking for specific north eastern weaves after reading the blog… can u imagine… the names we had been screaming out to get them more recognition… are finally part of textile vocabulary of many who weren’t aware of those tribes, leave alone weaves… whew!! what a feeling 🙂 🙂 BLISS! thank you thank you thank you Chennai and Bangalore… you have been so good 🙂 :). It also feels amazing when people follow our travel stories and feel by taking mora back home, they add to themselves a slice of that beautiful north east Indian life, everyone wants to know the details of what they wear when it comes to MORA… its not something they consider “just a buy”. A lady in bangalore said, “I am taking a slice of your travels with me…”.

5) ‘Mora’ has a collection of Sarees, skirts and dupattas in bold prints, beautiful motifs and loads of colour…….what would be the next addition?

Ritika :  Home furnishings for sure… I recently got totally inspired to do kids wear… lets see when that happens… some of our weaves/ kalamkaris are already being framed as art pieces… I might think about it seriously soon… think that should be good fun na? The beautiful north eastern weaves being adorned on walls 🙂

6) You have travelled across so many place with ‘Mora’…….. how do you intend to grow the brand name in the coming years?

Ritika : How we love our travels, and how we will make sure that none of this commercialization sets in our mind and working… the essence of what we do lies in this very travel where we connect with the worlds of weaves unknown… we not only build a textile connection through this, we become friends, families to each other… and thats too big a bargain to let go off. In gifting a slice of India’s many-textured heritage, ‘Mora’ remains committed to its original Muse: the communities of tribal weavers, artisans and their families, the unsung and fast-vanishing heroes of India’s aesthetic creativity.  It is very important for us to see who we are working with – both the weavers and our customers – and for them to see us. mora’s family is a democratic community of weavers, translators, artists and a wonderful, growing family of clients from all walks of life and all corners of the world. Our small business is conducted through inclusive conversations over Facebook and through our blog. Almost everyone we know have come through this network we have built. Mora’s vision is two-fold: For every woman around the world to enjoy the delicious sensuality of a hand-loomed, all-natural Saree, and to create a pan-cultural community of spirited citizens who care to sustain the wondrous textile art of weaver communities around the globe.

7) Anyone in particular you would love to see in a ‘Mora’ creation???

Ritika :  EVERYONE!!! :)” that will be amazing isnt it… in that way atleast we can ensure there are no more synthetics, there are more handlooms and rare weaves and textile techniques… 🙂

 8) ‘Mora’ is definitely the extension of your style, but we would like to know more about you and the people behind this label.

Ritika : Of course mom and myself are there… but the real ‘MORA’ family is the artisans, weavers and the people (buyers) who put faith in them and help us continue to build this connection… we all just are a happy bunch of textile lovers and the lesser commercial we are about it, the happier we feel… 🙂 100-200 pieces a year is all we make and we put all our love into those… Mora’s family is a happy gaggle of people, young and old, rural and urban, speaking all kinds of tongues and all uniformly impassioned to the point of silliness about handmade drape and textile.

You can visit the official website of ‘Mora’ at , the Facebook page!/pages/MORA-by-Ritika/162981860437564 or get to know more about designer Ritika Mittal via her blog

Photo Courtesy : MORA

To see our earlier ‘Find of the Month’ please click here to read about all the designers who have ever featured in this section.

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Maya’s Arc [Sept 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on September 1, 2011

As you all are aware, I am always on the prowl looking for something new, extraordinary and fashionable. And I am proud to present amazing talent of Indian origin in this section ‘Find of the Month’. I have been fortunate enough to have interacted with so many creative people and read their success story.

For the month of September, let me introduce you all to an upcoming jewellery label ‘Maya’s Arc’ started by two talented women Priya Parthasarathy and Uma Ranganathan. The brand is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, that is where Priya & Uma stay at present. But the goodies from ‘Maya’s Arc’ is available to the world…………technology has surely made our world a small place to live in. Both of them left their high-profile jobs to start a family, but their paths crossed and thus the inception of a jewelry brand ‘Maya’s Arc’.

‘Maya’s Arc’  has a range of gemstone and crystal jewelry which is hand-crafted and very contemporary. They have sold thousands of their creations world-wide and what’s best, is that each design is unique and never gets replicated again. I was myself amazed by the simplicity and wearability of their designs. My favourite has to be their Cloissone pendant sets which is so rare to find in India.  Cloissone are created out of metal with vitreous enamel filling………..for more than thousands of years, Cloissone has been used in China & Egypt for various forms of decorations.

Orange and Blue Cloissonne Coin pendant and earring set with Orange Carnelian beads

Their jewellery range starts from Rs 1350/-  onwards for pendant & earring sets, Bracelets start at Rs. 750/- and only earrings the range starts from Rs. 350/- onwards, shipping charges are extra. The range is not heavy on the pocket yet beautiful. trendy designs which one can wear with Indian-wear or western outfits. Maya’s Arc will available for sale in Mumbai from 27th September, 2011 till 6th October, 2011. ‘Indian Fashion Police’ will keep you all updated via our ‘Upcoming Events’ section for more details.

I also got a chance to ask these lovely ladies about their journey so far. Very professional and absolutely business-like, these two have created a ‘brand’ out of sheer hardwork and confidence. My I present to you all Uma & Priya with their creative label ‘Maya’s Arc’

Interview with the creators of ‘Maya’s Arc’ – Priya Parthasarathy and Uma Ranganathan

Priya [left] and Uma [right] wearing Maya’s Arc creations

1) The story behind your label ‘Maya’s Arc’

We are two MBA graduates, who stumbled upon a creative passion. After some years pursuing a corporate career which we subsequently withdrew from to manage our young families, we were restless for an outlet to channelize our creativity & entrepreneurship.

Across the world & unknown to each other we had taken up designing jewellery to satisfy our need to wear something different & unique from what the market had to offer.When we came to live in the same city, it was but natural to enter into a business partnership. The name of our business is a reflection of this derived from the endings of our first namesuMA and priYA.

2) Was there any formal training involved before you both started with creating jewellery?

Our training has been entirely on the job – learning is always an ongoing process.

3) Your inspiration behind every new creation…….

We are both world travellers – having lived in 10 different countries between us. This has exposed us to a wide range of cultures, art and people, which is constantly inspiring us to innovate.

4) You both shuttle between the place you currently live ‘Malaysia’ and the place where you hail from ‘India’……….any plans of taking your label to other countries as well??

We are already “international” owing to our “Online” business via a Facebook Page. Orders have come from the Americas to the Middle-East to South-East Asia and of course India. We invoice through PayPal and ship the products on payment to reach the customer in 8-10 working days. Our customers find it easy to order online, paying us with any credit card through the secure PayPal gateway.

5) Tell us more about your recent collection…

We are very excited about our new collection featuring Cloissonne art beads, carved bone beads, Jades and Agates. This array of beads has brought richness to our designs enabling us to create festive Indian patterns to modern and trendy pieces. As always, we only create one item of-a-kind, so every new collection is exciting since those designs are never going to be made again.

6) Any particular person you would like to see wearing Maya’s Arc creation???

Our jewelry is created for the modern Indian women who have a sense of “individual” fashion – who is able to pick unique accessories, which add value to her identity without being a slave to trends. Extraordinary is important to them but with elegance. We would love to dress women in the public eye who bring alive these values and examples like Preity Zinta, Vidya Balan and the evergreen Kajol.

7) What is next for ‘Maya’s Arc’??

Our goal is to develop Maya’sArc into one of the leading fashion jewelry brands available across popular retail chains in India. We want to offer designer wear jewelry without designer-wear price tags. Our long-term vision is to have a Maya’s Arc design in every woman’s wardrobe.

For more information please visit the official page of ‘Maya’s Arc’to see their entire range of designs. You can also mail them at and place your order. All payments are to be made via Paypal and shipping charges will be extra.

Photo Courtesy : Maya’s Arc

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Citrine by Purvi Dhruv [August 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on August 6, 2011

‘Citrine Jewellery’ by Purvi Dhruv

A bubbly, young girl writes to me about her experience in designing………she seems to be bursting with loads of ideas,my guess was that she was talkative and fun to be with. But after looking at her collection I can call her ‘talented’ as well. Let me introduce you to my ‘Find of the Month’ for August is Citrine Jewellery by Purvi Dhruv.

As said earlier, this page is all about the upcoming designers and their creations. Purvi hails from Bangalore and founded ‘Citrine’ in 2010…….yes she is new but not as new in this field as one might think. She got to learn the tricks of the trade from an early age and now runs the show on her own. I do have a soft corner for Indian inspired jewellery and the traditional designs, hence posting ‘Citrine Jewellery’ as my pick for the month seemed the right thing to do.

Purvi creates her beautiful jewellery with precious & semi-precious gemstones set in 24kt gold plated silver. Her creations are worn by Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and in India have been seen on Saina Nehwal posing for Hi! Blitz magazine.

Citrine has a range of earrings, pendants and necklaces to choose from. Purvi has creatively named each of her collection…..Enigma, Aarnaa, Myrah, Ashkaa…… simply get lost in her world of creations. Hoops, tear drops, jhumkaas, chandeliers, studds……….you name it, she’s got the designs in her kitty. The impressive range starts from Rs 800 onwards……..IFP will keep you updated for the ‘Citrine Jewellery’ exhibits held in your city.

I also got a chance to know the designer behind this label and I am sure my interview will tell you more about this young talented designer.

Q & A with Purvi Dhruv – Creator of ‘Citrine Jewellery’

1) Like I ask every budding designer, I would like to know your inspiration behind your creation ‘Citrine Jewelry’??

Purvi: My family is involved in manufacturing chemicals used in the jewellery industry and also have a casting jewellery plant. I used to often drop by at my factory in my free time as i was intrigued by the manufacturing process. I used to see the designs being manufactured and frankly wasn’t very impressed. Thus I started taking interest in the designing and gradually started getting my own designs manufactured. They were very well received in by the showrooms where we used to supply. But again I wanted to experiment with the designs, use different textures, materials etc which was not possible with gold. Also a lot of my acquaintances who had seen my designs in gold really appreciated them but could not buy them because of the ever rising gold prices. So I tried a few pieces in silver and they sold like hot cakes. Then there was no looking back. The Citrine gem stone is actually a cheaper substitute for a yellow sapphire, which is very expensive. And I personally love the Citrine colour.

2) Was there any formal training involved before starting your own label??

Purvi:I have done a basic gemology and diamond grading course. But most of my training was on the job. The karigars whom I interact so closely with, have taught me the different types of settings, finishes, textures etc.

3) Any Designer that you idolize or whose creations make you go ‘WOW’???

Purvi: I do like Amrapali.

4) Was it difficult at first to start this brand since there are numerous other designers out there???

Purvi:Not really.From the beginning my designs have been well received. My jewellery ranges from contemporary to Traditional. I think my designs have been appreciated over the time and i have my regular set of clients who keep on coming back to me. I also do lot of customization and also use gemstones, beads etc that my clients have to offer. I try to give the same finish as gold in terms of setting, quality of gemstone, pearls, only the base metal is silver instead of gold. So the piece of jewellery looks just as it is crafted in gold, but actually u are getting it very very cheap.Also my jewellery is very competitively priced as compared to Amrapali or any other brand in the same bracket..

5) Your creations have been worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt, is there any particular celebrity you wish to see wearing ‘Citrine’??

Purvi: Yeah. Deepika Padukone. I think my designs are very indo-western. and Deepika is the perfect epitome of the east-west amalgamation. I think she will carry my pieces beautifully.

6) Out of all your creations, is there any which might be your favourite???

Purvi:Every new line that comes out is my favourite…The new line Enigma, which is inspired by the Venetian Mask was a big hit. I had crafted a few pieces using the Murano glass that was sourced from Venice itself. I think that was kind of my favourite.

7) ‘Citrine’ is well known in Bangalore, what are your plans to take your label to the next level?

Purvi:I am in talks with a leading store chain in Singapore, and my jewellery is already retailed in the US under the name RKG D’Zines. A cousin of mine does shows on my behalf  in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Infact I have one lined up at Cymroza Art Gallery, Breach Candy, Mumbai on the 18th and 19th of July[IFP had put the same in it’s upcoming events section in July] Anyone can order online through my facebook.

8) And any plans of participating in Fashion weeks???

Purvi:Yes very open to the idea.

You can check out Citrine’s official webpage at Citrine Jewellery. Purvi also holds exhibits is many cities across India for which IFP will keep you updated.

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JSo Style [July 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 4, 2011

Scarves………… that is one fashion ‘must have’ that I have not written much about or if I am not wrong many fashion magazines also ignore it by giving big fashion houses more space to advertise. I might have also ignored this fabulous fashion accessory had it not been for an interesting e-mail that I received few days back………… upcoming designer duo had sent in some of their recent scarf collection that made me stare my computer screen in awe……….I had a private moment there……………. I was happy that these two young ladies had approached me with their unique creations…….such are the times  where I do feel rewarded for having started ‘Indian Fashion Police’. They are definitely Generation Next designers from my end. Love the way they have given a new life to the simple drape we know as a ‘Scarf’.

Let me introduce the talented Designer Duo – Jasleen Kaur Gupta and Sonu Bohra who came together to start their venture ‘Fashion Bombay’ as blog which seems more like a fashion one-stop for Indian Fashionistas……………from being writer & stylist they took their passion to the next level – Designing. On their website you will find a new world of styling & fashion…………I personally am in awe of their styling skills and the alluring photos they upload on their blog……….speaks alot about their knowledge in the field of fashion. They have styled many celebrities and models for India’s leading magazines. I find the girls very funky and beaming with new style ideas while making the most of India’s fashion hub ‘Mumbai’……………one gets to see their awesome pictures shot in the beautiful bylanes of Mumbai………….and I am hooked to their blog………. 🙂

For the month of July, JSo Style are my pick for ‘Find of the Month’ simply for their originality, creativity and their fashion sense. I believe that if a person has talent you should not judge them,but encourage them…………..upcoming designers should be given a platform to display their talent…………whenever a new designer gets displayed on this page and receives alot of appreciation from the readers, I go to sleep with a big smile on my face.

Both Jasleen & Sonu are self confessed shopaholics, love vintage pieces and have a passion for fashion…………so I let the duo do the talking and present their collection of fashion forward Scarves.

As Jasleen & Sonu say “Fashion should be an Extension of who you are” and believe  that many people in India tend to forget this principle when it comes to everyday dressing.

“Recyclable, affordable and mix-and-match fashion is what we propagate. We love hand-me downs, heirloom pieces passed on by our mums and family. This is the thought process we want to take forward in the various services and wardrobe solutions we offer to our clients.”

 Their current collection: Seven Cities is a window to seven exotic locations that come alive on their infinity scarves with unique elements that will make you want all of them. These 100% handmade scarves in jersey material are the perfect accessory to add that glam quotient to any outfit.



There’s no one city that does bling better. This overdose of gold and silver links makes this jeweled scarf a statement piece that every wardrobe must have.



The home ground for Indian navy, Bombay is a fashionable city that lets each person be exactly what they are. The epaulettes conquer the chic of the country’s financial capital.

New York

The dream city is woven with shimmer and magic powder that this airy scarf holds. Fashionable from head to toe wear this scarf single or mix with other colours and create your own style statement.


The land of mystique, kohl and gold is embodied in this scarf with metallic studs in gold and silver that you can wrap around your shoulder or wear long on your desert sojourns.



The classic old world charm is intertwined with the pearls in this scarf. Wear it to work or wrap it around twice as a pearl necklace for a day downtown.


The party spirit of Mexico City is the fragment this scarf is based on. Wear it as a jewellery item or rock it as a head gear, there’s no limits to wearing this one.



Goa is about endless fun, summer romances and all night parties. This infinity scarf completes that circle of all that is positive, vibrant and exceedingly simple.

Q & A with Jasleen Kaur Gupta & Sonu Bohra – Creator of JSo Style & Fashion Bombay

Jasleen Kaur Gupta [Right] & Sonu Bohra [Left] 
1) How did the two of you decide to come together to make scarves????

JSo Style : Our story is rather simple………. We are a fashion venture started by two writers/ stylists, Jasleen Kaur Gupta and Sonu Bohra. JSo Original, our fashion line, is an initiative to further that venture. As friends and partners, we realised the need to extend our thoughts and creativity into our own design. Our infinity scarves is this the first phase of that initiation.

2) You both come from a journalistic background, how did creating fashion take centre stage????

JSo Style : We are stylists and fashion writers so it’s safe to say fashion was always a part of our lives. Through our blog: Fashion Bombay and our personal style, we both recommend the importance of dressing up as a daily activity. In fact, we avoid the occasional dressing up culture in our country and embrace the act on a daily basis. Scarves or accessories are an easy way to add oomph to an outfit. Besides that,we both love accessorising our look so our designs become an extension of our personality. JSo Style is born out of destiny and passion when two fashion passionistas clicked in their first meeting nearly like love at first sight. Jso Original is an expression of our passion for fashion through their creative designs and unique style.

3) Was it easy for you to enter into the niche market of Scarves??? Women in India are yet to incorporate scarves as their wardrobe essential.

JSo Style : Women in India are thankfully willing to experiment and try out new styles. When we initially started we got a great response from our friends and relatives. Our scarves — infinity scarves are easy to wear without complications and are east to wear. They double up as jewellery even. All our scarves are handmade in a 100% jersey material. For variation we have made some with pyramid studs stitched onto it, making it sturdy and easily wearable, some in dual shades attached with a unique zig-zag stitch a exciting styles thats double up as jewellery. At present, we have seven designs with us.So to answer you, it was thankfully easy to retail them within the first month of making them we were retailing @ Besos and now in SOBO Fashion Store.

4) What are you both planning next for your label???

JSo Style : Currently, we are in the midst of making more designs for scarves. We soon hope to add jewellery as well.

5) Your Inspirations are……..

JSo Style : Our designs are realistic and wearable and our inspiration is everything that envelopes our daily lives. The 7 cities are versions and personification of our imagination.

You can buy JSo Style scarves at SoBo Fashion Store, Motor House, Hughes Road, Mumbai

You can visit their Blog at  or join their facebook page at to get regular updates on fashion.

Photo Credit :



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Art meets Fashion [June 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 1, 2011

Someone recently joined Indian Fashion Police’s Facebook group and I happen to browse through this person’s profile since that gives me a ‘view’ of what kind of people read my articles. Helps me in a way to write better………coming back to the facebook, I just happen to find Aarti Verma and her designs online. Beautiful hand painted bags, T-shirts, tops,purses, jewelery and many more. I was impressed in first shot and wanted to put her up as ‘Find of the month’ for June.

I liked the idea of not sticking to traditional sketches, instead blending Indian designs with the ‘best of the west’………contemporary but I still stop in my way to take a look while discovering something spells ‘funky” in Aarti’s collection. It is very

Art meets Fashion is an 8 month old label started in September 2010. It deals exclusively with handpainted and handcrafted stuff like handbags, jewelery, clothes, home furnishings…………you name it, the girl can create ‘Art’ on any object. The designs feature alot of Indian ‘Art’ like Madhubani paintings, Gods & Goddesses as well as African Tribal art…… She does draw her inspirations from eminent designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee which is pretty evident from her sketches of Sabyasachi’s creations showcased on the runway.

‘Art meets Fashion’ has recently collaborated with Delhi based NGO ‘Protsahan and designed bags for them to help raise funds for the organization. This is not why I am featuring ‘Art meets Fashion’…………..this label is young and loads of fun to carry around.

Aarti  has done an art teacher’s diploma from Sir JJ school of Arts and further trained in fashion designing.  She worked as an Arts & Craft teacher for a year before starting off with ‘Art meets Fashion’.

Q & A with Aarti Verma, Creator of ‘Art meets Fashion’

Aarti showing off one of her creations

1) How did you start off with creating these bags???

Aarti: I wanted to do something unique which is not usually available in the market, thought of designing bags as accessories are equally important today as apparels. When i thought of combining my love for Art and Fashion, thats when Art meets Fashion came into existence.
Its a very quirky and an  Artsy label, every piece is handpainted and handcrafted with love…….

2) Inspiration behind each of your collection…….

Aarti: My work is my reflection. Though I am more inclined towards Tribal and ethnic stuff…

3) Best compliment ever received for your designs???

Aarti: Every compliment which I receive  from my satisfied customers are very special

 4)  How do you plan to expand your label???

Aarti: Uptill now Things have fallen in place, very soon will start retailing at more stores across India…

5) Where are these designs currently available in India???

Aarti: Its Available in “Bliss” in 7 Bungalows, Andheri (West) Mumbai, “Chilli Billi” in Indira Nagar, Bangalore……..also I sell most of my stuff through my Blog and facebook page…

You can visit the official website of ‘Art meets Fashion’  at the link below or join her facebook page.

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Sanchali – Vintage meets Contemporary [May 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 6, 2011

My favourite thing to do whenever I am in India is to flip thru the pages of a newspaper or magazines and get to know things which are new here. That is exactly when I came across Dakshayini Gowda’s creations in which she had beautiful jewelery out of old, unused material. A piece of embroidery was a contemporary earring, the saree zari was made into an eye-catching neckpiece, pendants created out of Indian brocade…… that’s what I call creativity.

Imagine an old Benarsi saree of your mum……….hmmm ok grand-mom which has elaborate work all over but now you don’t find it too fascinating to wear or maybe it got damaged…………what would you do with it??? Ideally anyone of us might end up giving it away or throwing it. But have we ever given it a thought that this valuable saree might make the most beautiful piece of jewelery you might ever possess???? That’s exactly what Dakshayini did……………….and voila here she is as ‘Find of the month’ on Indian Fashion Police.

Sanchali started by Dakshayini Gowda is not just into Hand-crafted jewelery but also into personal accessories, Art revival and educating the children from various schools about it. Dakshayini who has single-handedly initiated ‘Sanchali’,  has managed to fuse the vintage with the new style. She has done her masters in Archealogy & Museology from Maharaja Sayaji Rao University in Baroda, Gujarat…………..this talented young lady is skilled in making Clay models, Plaster casting, Fibre glass work, Painting, Metal casting, rubber moulding. Not only that, she also knows the traditional crafts back of her hand like Batik printing, Paper Mache, Textile printing, Leather Puppetry, Terracotta, Traditional Indus Valley bead making………………the list is endless such a talent powerhouse she is…………..And I can hardly scribble few lines on the canvas let alone create something pleasing to the eye……………..sigh. Need to take lessons from Dakshayini…….

Here’s a look at one of her collections which are made of recycled and eco-friendly material like cloth, beads, sequins, seeds etc. Her collection is inspired by nature, temple and places in India like Varanasi.

I have been fortunate enough to interact with upcoming talent of my country…………last month it was Divya Thomas of ‘Karma Suthra’, this month it is Dakshyini Gowda. Here’s my interaction with Dakshayini about ‘Sanchali’

Q & A with Dakshayini Gowda, Creator of Sanchali


1)    What inspired you to start off with ‘Sanchali’???

Dakshayini : I think it’s my educational qualification that helped me get inspired. I have done my Bachelors in fine arts, Masters in Museology and Archaeology. During my studies I travelled a lot to villages and saw the talent that women had………..more often they created amazing items out of leftovers.

My Bachelors degree helped me in designing and creation of jewelry with woman from rural villages. My Masters degree helped me in shaping out workshops for children from rural areas of India. In my course I had the opportunity of working with craftsmen to produce Indus valley pottery, textile, beads in the way people did back then around 2500bc…in the traditional way. Lots of interesting facts of that period is often not told in schools & in most part history is considered boring. So to break that I have this interactive sessions where children learn about history heritage in a very fun-filled way by playing games and other activities related to the topic of display.

I worked in Auroville for a 1 year and from there I was sent to Varanasi to work with village women on craft. With that experience of working in rural area I got back to Bangalore and started on my own project and called it Sanchali which means ‘movement’ in Sanskrit because it is the concept of a travelling museum where this workshop is taken to different schools in rural areas. These are free workshops and hence the jewelry making with women was started in which women get benefits and the sale gives us money to fund these school workshops.

2)    Was the start difficult since you had to travel to rural villages for creating your designs???

Dakshayini : Yes it was even though I worked with a local NGO. I have trained at least 60 women and I found 10 women working for me. I had to win their trust sometimes had to convince their families. Women in that area are not allowed to step out of the house to work. So all my training was at their doorstep……………. We supply them with the material and bring the finished products from their homes. Their families had to be  convinced.

But now it’s been over a year and lots more want to join us.

3)    ‘Eco-friendly’ is still a ‘new’ concept with which people still need getting used to……… would you say it helped you in creating new things???

Dakshayini : I think the concept of re cycling has been part of our age-old traditions. I learnt it from my grandmother……………..she used to use dried seeds to make flowers. Even now in the villages you still find women creating so many things without any design background.

Eco friendly products are catching up…………….people now are conscious about what they buy and what it supports. In fact I have been getting good feed backs that it inspires me to work on more designs.

4)    Anyone in particular you would love to see wearing a Sanchali Jewellery.

Never really thought about it  but when i did ….i figured lots in particular Priyanka Gandhi, Shabana Azmi, Arundhati Roy, Kiran Rao, Bipasha Basu…n the list goes on!!!!

5)    Where have you displayed your creations in India???? From which stores can we buy ‘Sanchali’ products??

 Dakshayini : In Bangalore at store called ‘Levitate’, Ambara andOrange bicycle. [Address given below]

Levitate : Mezzanine floor, 100 feet boutique restaurant 777-i, 100 feet road, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Ambara : 119, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor, near Lakeside Hospital, Bangalore – 560042

The Orange Bicycle : House No : 3353, 5th Cross12th “A” Main , HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038

In Mumbai: Loose ends and OMO

Loose ends : Shop No.1, A.N. House, 31st Road, Lane opposite Shoppers Stop, Next to Cambridge, Bandra-West, Mumbai – 400050

OMO: 204, Sagar Fortune, Waterfield Road, Bandra(W), Mumbai – 400014

In Delhi: O-layla

O-layla : 21, Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi, India – 400016

Abroad a fair trade company in USA and LONDON

 I hope Dakshayini goes on to cover not just India, but the entire world with her creations……………One word which best describes ‘Sanchali’ – ‘Beauty with a cause’…………….so if you are looking out for jewelery which are eco-friendly yet fashionable………’Sanchali’  is your destination. Do visit the official webpage at or click on the link below for  the ‘Sanchali’ facebook webpage!/pages/Sanchali/90674883574

Photo courtesy:

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Karma Suthra – Find of the Month [April 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 1, 2011

‘Find of the Month’ was launched last month and I am happy that my readers have responded so well to this section. Every month I promise to present a new product, designer line or jewellery creation which many of you might not be aware. The only aim of  ‘Find of the Month’ is to get the best and the latest from the Indian Fashion & Beauty Scene……… tap the budding talent…….. I am sure there are tonnes & tonnes of new designs and products waiting to be discovered by someone………….I had to take an initiative to bring to you the hidden gems of India.

This month of April, ‘Karma Suthra’ jewelery is my ‘Find of the Month’ and will be featured for the entire month under this section. I am constantly in search of something new to display on my website and never ever lose a chance to make it visible to people visiting here. A friend of mine happen to ‘Like’ a jewelery group ‘Karma Suthra’ on the social network ‘Facebook’…………… my curiosity to know more about it’ and it’s creator Divya Thomas grew. What struck me the most was the extensive use of so many beautiful colours in her designs that I got to see while surfing her website. The bright red,blues, greens, yellows fused with ethnic silver, pearls & other materials made the jewellery stand out every bit.

Designer Divya Thomas wearing her own creation

Her jewelery line was contemporary yet have an old worldly charm to it…………….and she makes these creations for real women like you & me who can very much wear her designs plus you don’t have to spend like a celebrity to feel like one. Divya who is originally from Bangalore, has been settled in USA since past 12 years but shuttles between the two countries due to her work. She started ‘Karma Suthra’ in the year 2007, since then her creations have featured in leading magazines like Vogue India, Jade, Savvy, Femina and newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ & DNA India. Her designs are instant sell out the moment she launches them or puts the picture online her website & ‘Karma Suthra’ facebook page. Wear-ability for women of all ages is the forte of  ‘Karma Suthra’. She has the creatively gifted Srila Chatterjee as her ‘Muse’ and has even designed an entire collection for her.. Do I need to give any more introductions??? You can have a look at her creations as a proof………..the designs are very ladylike, very fashion forward and sometimes very ethnically Indian. She has drawn inspiration from nature and made them into a jewelery…………….she absorbs all the beauty around her to make the best pieces one can imagine.


My favourite in Karma Suthra has to be the ‘Mermaid collection’ launched last year…………they are so very exquisite and unique. Have a look at the collection below which consists of Necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Divya from this year onwards has started launching a new collection every single month which you can see on her official website












After seeing her alluring designs, I have a wish……………ok make that 2 wishes……………1) A talent like her gets to display Karma Suthra in Indian fashion weeks 2) Her line of creations be available across the major Indian cities……….I am surely gonna visit with my girlfriends the moment it is available in Mumbai.

Creatively gifted………………..absolutely positive on that note but I am very much touched by the fact that this lady still remains down-to-earth in her approach despite riding high on success. I am thankful to Divya for giving me an opportunity to have a short Q & A session with her…………….this is my very first interview with a designer. Since past 1 year I have approached so many designers for an interview, but unfortunately never got a single reply back……….not even a negative one……..sigh.  But Divya was sweet enough to revert back with every answer, I guess that’s the making of a successful entrepreneur.

Q & A with Divya Thomas, Creator of the jewelery line ‘Karma Suthra’

1) What or who has been the inspiration behind your jewelery line???

Divya : In 2006 , my daughter and I were out shopping when we spotted a little bead store called ‘The Flame kissed beads’……….Utterly small and delightfully colourful little shop. They were offering classes and I signed up instantly, not sure why…….. Not once did I notice an artistic flair in me. This was definitely a calling. I made a very beautiful Swarovski necklace that very night after 4 hours of being taught how to string crimp etc.. That was it……. there was NO STOPPING ME. The more I looked around, the more inspired I was. Right from people to trees to animals to objects to just about anything was an added boost to my creative voice.

For instance once I saw a beautiful snake, I picked colours from it and made a necklace[You can check the photos of this creation on her Facebook page]. It was sold instantly. My pieces are a reflection of my moods.


2.You have created jewelery with so many different materials like wood, silver,coral, semi-precious stones, beads, pearls but which of these beautiful little things makes your imagination run wild?

Divya : This is one area where i completely disagree with discipline. There are no set rules when it comes to making or wearing jewelry. I thrive on anything organic. Love sandalwood, smells good and looks great.  Rudraksh combined with turquoise,  Snake vertebra with pearls & emeralds , experimenting with coffee beans…………..there are infinite possibilities.. Giving the unimaginable a chance to stand out , scream for attention and look lovely……….that  is my thing.

3. Which has been your most popular collection till date??

Divya : My fall collection was brilliant. Made some statement pieces that went to VOGUE. Pieces from TILI collection is also very special. Also my Mermaid collection.  So far so good. Amen.

4.You have already down shows in U.S.A and in Bengaluru. Any plans of participating in  Fashion Weeks held in India???

Divya : I’ve had 2 shows in America, one at the Raintree in Bangalore (fabulous response), one in Cochin at the Avenue Regent which was brilliant and am thinking of having one in either Bombay or Bangalore end of the year. Will keep you posted. Fashion week definitely a thought, the only glitch is that i am overseas, and will have to co-ordinate it accordingly.

5.  Future plans for you brand ‘Karma Suthra’

Divya : Right now I am going with the flow, I refuse to plan never works for me. I’d love to see my work on some people and that’s what I am working towards.


6. Anyone in particular that you have loved designing for till date???

Divya : Designing for Srila Chatterjee, Executive Director of Highlight films & Founding partner of  ‘Blue Frog’ Club in Mumbai  has been the HIGHLIGHT of my career. She has brought out the best in my work. [Srila Chatterjee who is also a trustee of ‘Akanksha’ – NGO for underprivileged children]

Divya (left) posing with Srila Chatterjee (right) who is wearing on of her creations.

7. Where are your creations currently available in India???

Divya : KarmaSuthra is available at Serenity in Bangalore which is a very eclectic store .


Check out the official website or visit the store at the address given below:


8/1, 5th main
Jaymahal Extension
Bangalore- 560 046
Phone – 080-41279127
Timings – 10 am – 7 pm


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