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Trendy Manicure style this season

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 2, 2012

Every season not just the clothes, but even your beauty style should get a face-lift.  Here are a couple of manicure trends which IFP thinks makes a cut this season.

Caviar Manicure

Caviar is not just pair with champagne but now can we added to your manicure as well. The latest trends to hit the manicure market, has to be the Caviar beads which IFP finds fabulous and fit for women of all ages. What’s best about this trend is that it is not too loud yet spells trendy all the way long. Many Hollywood celebs have caught on with this trend and hope to see it at the nail spas in India soon. You can also buy the tiny beads and D-I-Y at home with any of your favourite nail color. This one is worth a try this season…………

Louboutin Manicure

If you though that Louboutins are just a synonym for stylish shoes…………think again. The label which has the patent red sole has got transformed into trendy manicure style where the inner side of the nail is painted red while the outer tip can be of any other shade….just like a pair of Louboutins. Famous celebs have been seen on the red carpet rocking this trend……… rush to your manicurist & flaunt this style on your next party.

Gradient Manicure

Imagine seeing sunset on your fingertips till the time your manicure lasts………different shades of a single color merge on a tiny finger-nail is what gradient manicure looks like. The base is usually kept in lighter shade which becomes darker till the tip with the help of a sponge. You can  try in blue, green, red, yellow,infuse two colors or try with neutral shade & combine it with shimmer tips…………the choices are unlimited.

Photo courtesy : Ciate UK, Swatchaholic & Flickr


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