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How to Dress in your 40s!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 30, 2010

‘Life begins after 40’ holds so true for many women………maybe since in your forties a women finally gets a lot of time to think about herself since the past 2 decades she has been thinking about family, work and career. The 40s age era is about getting to know yourself better. Her focus is now primarily on finding an identity for herself apart from her family. Unfortunately I have seen women dressing up in their 40s as if they are still in their 20s. The fact of the matter is that the more you try to dress younger the more older you end up looking. There is no harm in aging gracefully……..

I like the fact that Indian have started adopting western wear in their wardrobe combining it beautifully with Indian pieces. Best example can be an Indian Kurti with a trouser or a knee length with Indian Jewellery………..this trend has actually caught the eye of the global fashion arena. A woman in her 40s has a strong personality which should also reflect in her dressing. My style for a woman in her 40s would be defined shoulder patterns, boat necks, trousers [loads of them in different colour], a little bit of layering to soften the look, fitted tailored jackets, Kurtis in beautiful Indian summer colours, well fitted Salwar Kameez, an elegant Saree with embroidery emphasis on the border or the pallu……….

I also love to see the women of this age group dressed in gypsy skirts which are long flowy silhoutte coupled with fitted top preferably in sleeveless and long earrings…………….this gypsy look is ‘oh-so-desirable’  when you remember the ‘hippie era’. If you wanna go classic opt for a satin tunic top with denim or trousers and simple accesories. Another favourite of mine would be long sleeve blouse on top of a skirt or trousers. The chinese collars with detailing work if you have a long slender neck else stick to round or v-necklines. Under any case avoid too tight outfits if you don’t wish to be on the ‘trashy dress list’.

If you are more inclined towards Indian outfits go subtle when it comes to choosing embroidery on the fabric or matching your jewellery with your outfits. Wear a saree or a chudidhar but with delicate accessories, please leave the heavy jewellery out for big occassions………… is necessary to have some glitter but not all over. There are women who want to go under the knife once they see the first signs of aging…………relax even with wrinkles a woman does look beautiful and wise. Attempt to wear neutral shade or lighter shades which reflect gorgeously on your skin giving it an instant glow. Include colourful silk scarves over formal wear or style it the way you want to. One can include beautiful mules in their shoe collection apart from stilettoes or flats.

As for bags I have seen many celebrities carry the ‘Birkin’ bag which I honestly feel is highly over-rated both in terms of fashion and price. If you wanna look your best it is not necessary that you will be able to achieve that look only by buying the most expensive designer brand. Get creative and stop following the entire herd over specific brands……… fact find what looks good on you. Funnily the most well dressed women have always opted for lesser known brands and made them famous by wearing them on the red carpet. Originality might have it’s risk but if it works, the entire world will sit up to give undivided attention. 

Some famous Indian celebrities whom I admire for their style and looking good after so many years. Believe me it is a lot of hard work to look this good in your 40s……………..but it is possible.


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How to dress in your 30s!!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 28, 2010

I have come across many people who dread the age 30 and crossing over for them is a big deal but honestly it is totally in your mind coz 30s is the next 20s. Looking at beautiful women in their 30s and still rocking the fashion scene, I feel age is just a number now and it is ok to let people know that you might be 30 years old but have become wiser, much more calmer with time. A woman in this age group is more confident about her body and comfortable in her own skin. Her skin glows coz her pimple face years are behind her and her wrinkles are yet to arrive………….in short she is in the best shape but that does not mean she does not have other concerns in her life.

A woman in her 30s is at her busiest stage in life whether it is about children, work, family, social life…………..she is always in a hurry. But nonetheless she has never looked more stunning since she is at a stage where she can blend the elegance with beauty. Gone is the age-old myth that a woman in her 30s needs to cover up……………if you have a good healthy body, go ahead flaunt it………..

Please remember to dress your age and not younger, coz you will end up looking like a big mess believe me since we all see such disasters on the red carpet quite often. Embrace the 30s and you would have never looked better in your entire lifetime. Indian silhouettes like Sarees and Salwar Kameez are evergreen whatever be your age but go in for well-fitted tailored pants, formal tops paired with denim, knee-length skirts, evening gown, long flowy dresses work for this age group. Say goodbye to mini-skirts even if you have the body to carry it off…………it simply is not age appropriate……..besides one can look even more sexy without showing off too much of skin. Go in for floral dresses for the summers teamed with a pair of shades, bag and flat shoes or sandals like gladiators strappy ones [avoid flip-flops unless you are at the beach] for day-wear, a smart formal top combined with a belt on top of a formal trouser/skirt and stilettos/kitten heels for office wear.

For a more casual look try going in for a t-shirt [no skin fits please] or a shirt with jeans as per your body type since skinny jeans might not suit all body type. Halter neck look great be it day-wear or evening time………….I even love to see women in their 30s wearing square and v-necks to focus on their collar bones and neck.  Evening gown or knee-length dresses work for this age group which makes one look alluring in a very classy way when worn with a small clutch and a pair of open toe heels. Open toe heels are my favourite be it with Indian or Western attire they look good any outfit.

Oversized bags should be avoided at any cost unless you are travelling go for medium-sized leather bag in a sober colours like black, brown and beige which you can match with maximum outfits in your wardrobe.  Also don’t forget to co-ordinate your bag with shoes and belts. Saree can be worn with halter necks for a glamorous look, Kurti chudidhars are a must-haves, Empire waist dresses are to die for………………Fabrics like chiffon and crepes work for this age groups……….One shoulder dress/top make a woman look ‘oh-so-fabulous’. Also one can try lace tops, wrap dresses and ankle length boots [avoid if you live in a tropical city]

Avoid too chunky or girlish jewellery [please no cartoon motif here] instea. d opt for silver and gold combined with diamonds or precious gems. Go for long chains, chandelier earrings, classic stackable diamond rings and bangles with western outfits whereas do wear heavy kundan jewellery like earrings, necklace and bangles with your Saree/Salwar Kameez since I feel this age can easily carry off heavy Indian jewellery……………… a rule concentrate either on the outfit or the accessorises do not have both in excess. If your Indian attire has heavy all-over embroidery then go light on jewels and vice versa.

The photos displayed below are of the celebrities in their 30s who still rock the page 3 with their fashion sense and have never looked better.

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How to dress in your 20s!!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 26, 2010

Dressing for Indian Woman in her 20 – Bold & Beautiful

Dressing of Indian women have been constantly in change from yester-year Sarees to Salwar Kameez to the contemporary western wear…………………..the transformation was rapid.  I feel Indian women have unlimited options to wear when it comes to dressing since they can choose the western attire or go for more traditional choice. But these days it is necessary that a woman should always dress her age and not try to dress in order to look younger. Who says that a woman in her 20s is only allowed to experiment where as the woman in her 60s has to stick to a traditional Indian outfit only………….well times have changed drastically and for better.

Ahhhhhh……….the twenties where so much happens in a woman’s life-like falling in love, getting your first job, having a fairytale marriage, having your first child, going on a dream vacation, making new friends…………..but also coming out of your protective family shell and entering into the ruthless world as an individual…….well honestly the world is not that bad a place. But the twenties also turn a girl into a woman in terms of fashion. A lady has to bid goodbye to her teenage look and discover a more sophisticated mature look in her 20s. This decade is also an introduction to style and class in one’s wardrobe. I remember giving up the early 90s  baggy pants to fit into the new trend of boot-cut jeans after I crossed the 20th year mark………I think at this age a girl starts to feel comfortable as a woman and may be that reflects in her style of dressing.

A woman in her 20s can wear a jeans with a well fitted shirt or a top for a casual laid back look, go flirty with a short skirt, display seriousness in formal wear like a shirt combined with trousers. wear a saree/salwar kameez for a occassion or look demure in a little black dress for an evening out. At this age she can experiment with everything right from hair to make-up to shoes………….take full advantage while you are still young. My favourite in clothes is a short dress for women in their 20s. Wear as much high heels as you can for parties, night out, a date or if you are comfortable…..everyday. Experiment with make-up but make sure you don’t end up looking to made up……………at any age subtle make-up is the key to look like a ‘Diva’……………

The plus point of this age group is that today’s designers design their collection for this age group most of the times so you have a wide variety. As for Saree please invest in some classy designs which you can wear for years to come but experiment with the blouse like have a halter neck stitched, spaghetti straps, strapless tube kind………sexiness is the essential word here…………….you need to look elegant avoid looking too trashy by opting for too much of glitter. Some women in their 20s end up looking in their 30s by wearing grandmother’s era type of blouse………….even the look of saree is ever-changing so please try to keep up with the ongoing trend…………only some vintage outfits look classy in today’s high fashion world. You can keep your grandmother’s saree but please toss the decade old blouse and get a new one stitched.

Try going in for funky bags at this age – denim bags for a casual look, leather wear bag for daytime, a shimmer clutch for night-outs………….it does not have to be a brand only, elegance combined with utility and comfort is what you should look out for while buying a trendy bag. And yes it is ok to repeat your bags and outfit…………believe me it is no big deal if you end up wearing the same outfit or bag on different occasions. As for jewellery, keep it to the minimal and try to concentrate on one piece of jewellery to look fabulous and not too made up. One can go with small earrings, a chain with pendant and a bracelet for daytime but change if with longer earrings and a dazzling ring during night-outs. Keep the heavy Indian Jewellery for the occasions and wear them with Indian attire. Avoid trashy jewellery stick to minimalistic style during daytime with earrings, a chain with pendant and a bracelet. Try longer earrings for evening but wear heavy gold jewellery with Indian attire. Diamonds and other precious stones can be worn by anyone at any age……………..they are timeless. Concentrate on one piece of jewellery in order to get that undivided attention………too much of big  jewellery will make you look more of a ‘show-off’. In today’s bollywood world I am happy to see the young ladies who have a fresh face and their own unique style thanks to many talented Indian designers and stylists. Here are some of the women in their 20s whom I admire for their statement making style.

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Ritu Kumar – Tsarina of Indian Couture

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 17, 2010

A woman walks by me in a party where people are dressed in their best attires but what catches my eye is the beauty of the garment she is wearing……………so simple yet very much for the wedding occasion, the delicate embroidery reflecting the Indian craftmanship, royal colour which makes one stand out of the crowd………………it was then I realised that the lady in question is looking stunning in this very outfit coz it is designed by the best Indian Designer – Ritu Kumar. Her creations actually do stand out in the crowd but in a pleasant manner. I could afford to buy only a kurti designed by this legend but I cherish very moment I have worn it.

As a teenager I never used to budge from the television whenever there was a fashion show or international beauty pagents just to catch a glimpse of the Ritu Kumar dresses worn by Indian models. The Indian representatives always held their head up high while flaunting their traditional Indian attire on the international arena……………..of course the reason behind the ‘look’ has always been Ritu Kumar. Since 1994 till date she has dressed up every Miss India for the International Beauty Pagents like Miss Universe, Miss world and Miss Asia-Pacific, won accolades for the best National Costume.

Ritu Kumar started her career in the 1960s in a small village near Kolkata with a small team of craftsmen and workers. Forty years down the line she and her team have successfully been able to create a brand name ‘Ritu Kumar’ which is synonym with ‘elegance’ when it comes to Indian couture. Her collection with buddhist inspired ‘Devi Mandala’ and hand block prints ruled the 90s fashion scene, her timeless zardosi work outfit is a must have, her stunning bridal wear still makes me go ‘Awwwwwww…….it is so beautiful’, her Rajasthan inspired designs are sheer classics………..honestly I can go on and on about her because of her talent, originality and creativity. She is also one of the few designers to revive the rich heritage of Indian handicraft and sustain the legacy of numerous indian craftsmanship through her creations which is sold all around the globe. For her effort to keep the Indian Tradition alive Ritu has also been honoured with numerous awards. She along with her son Amrish Kumar currently has 3 brands under her belt : Ritu Kumar, Ritu and Label. If I had to describe her designs in one word, ‘Divine’ is what comes into my mind.

The brand Ritu Kumar has Indian casual wear, Ritu specializes in Indian Bridal Wear and Label is a western wear extension. Her creations have been worn by Princess Diana, Jemima Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen and All Bollywood actresses have worn her outfit on many red carpet events. She has also written the book ‘The costumes and textiles of Royal India’ which describes the beautiful heritage of Indian Royalty and their dressing over the centuries. Indian Royalty might be long gone……….but the Indian craftsmanship lives on for eternity………..thanks to brilliant designer like Ritu.

One can check out her work on her official website

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