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Vogue Beauty Awards 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 30, 2011

Vogue India and Mickey Contractor come together every year to celebrate the Vogue Beauty Awards 2011, of course we have loads of celebrities making their presence felt at this event. Here is your low down on who wore what and how did they fare???

Anuskha Sharma

It is jumpsuit galore these days…………Anushka’s choice for the event was also a jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. She rocked this look which was sophisticated yet perfect for the event. The satin jumpsuit added loads of elegance to her pretty looks plus the strappy shoes were a perfect fit with the outfit. All I can say that it is casual but appropriate for such a fun event.

Madhuri Dixit

And I fall in love with Madhuri Dixit all over again………..this is how this beautiful lady ought to dress up and enter fashion events. She looked every bit graceful in this black gown with earrings to add that touch of ‘bling’……….I would have added a cuff too, but nonetheless Madhuri works that gown superbly. Do check out her ‘Vogue’ cover this month…………I am all eyes the way she has been styled……….she looks like a ‘Diva’ in true sense.

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza opted for this shimmer top dress [I think it is a’Vince’ outfit again] and basic black open toe pumps for the night……she did look cute and that is what we are not looking out at the red carpet event. Since she is going thru the sequin dress pahse, I feel Dia can definitely do better than this.

Feroze Gujral

Feroze Gujral came in a black and white off shoulders gown with a traditional ‘Matha Tikka’………..I wish she would have given it a miss since just the gown works for me……..a cuff or a neck-piece would have given a glam look. This mix of traditional with the west somewhere did not gel well.

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is going places these days with walking at Couture Week, as the face of ‘Lakme’ and now at Vogue Beauty Awards…….usually one sees her dressed looking fun and ready to party. But this off shoulder gown in brown made me cringe my nose………..I prefer the Shraddha who is ready to experiment and take risks with her looks. This one is way too simple for my taste……….does no justice to her pretty looks.

Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra also went for the safer route by opting for black gown but somehow failed to make an impression with her style…..The Alexander McQueen clutch is the only pretty thing in this entire ensemble……….I truly believe it was the length of the gown where the entire look went wrong……….the hemline should have been a wee bit lower to cover those platform shoes……..better if she would have opted for high heel pumps without platforms.  Alas such a pretty lady….maybe it was not her day.

Simone Singh

Simone Singh wearing a James Ferreira gown is a good combination………..the satin outfit stood out of the rest………the hair, the unique pattern of the dress, the cuff and the shoes……………..I feel she looks pretty when all of these are combined together. One someone else the dress might have not looked that great………Simone did absolute justice to the ensemble.

Photo Courtesy : Vogue India


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Gaurav Gupta at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 27, 2011

Gaurav Gupta’s recent collection.

Photo Courtesy : FDCI

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Rohit Bal at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 27, 2011

Your glimpse to Rohit Bal’s recent collection.

Photo Courtesy : FDCI

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Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011 – Day 4

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 26, 2011

The gala affair comes to an end……………just when I was starting to enjoy every bit of it…………….one got to see an array of inspiration in the work of these designers………….paintings, places, glamour, dreams, style………every bit was fabulous. Who says we don’t have talent in India???? Show them the way to Fashion weeks……..I hope then they would zip up their mouth.

Day 4 had eminent designers Rohit Bal and Gaurav Gupta displaying their finest work till date.

Rohit Bal

Love, love, love the intrinsic detail work  in Rohit’s creations………..the menswear was refreshingly different with achkans, jackets in golden, beige, maroons, purple, red and black. The peacock motif along with floral details took the centre stage in this collection……… seemed very much inspired by the beautiful gardens of Indian palaces. Arjun Rampal was the ‘show-stopper’ and boy he sure made that evident by wearing the ‘Show Stopper’ T-shirt on the ramp. Overall this collection was less glamorous than his earlier collection which he had presented last year, but this one was definitely wearable with a touch of elegance.

Photo Courtesy :

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Manish Malhotra at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 25, 2011

More pics from Manish Malhotra’s recent collection

Photo courtesy : FDCI India

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Ashima & Leena at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 25, 2011

Feast your senses with the alluring new work of Ashima-Leena.

Photo Courtesy : FDCI India

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Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011 – Day 3

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 25, 2011

The collections are getting brighter and more amazing as the days are passing by at Delhi Couture Week……..Day 3 was equally eventful with designers like Ashima-Leena, Shantanu-Nikhil and Manish Malhotra. Here is your sneak peek…….the entire collection will be soon uploaded on IFP.

Manish Malhotra

Sonam Kapoor was a show-stopper for Manish Malhotra…………..thankfully she did not take the limelight away from the outfits and blended with sheer ease as one of the models. She is not just a pretty actress but can double up as a model also given her tall height and alluring features. I think that is what was perfect to Manish Malhotra’s new bridal creations which was showcased…………it did have the signature ‘MM’ look with loads of layers, gotta and detail works……perfect for the upcoming festive season. As for me the clothes were kind of ‘I have seen this before’ moment for me. I desired more drama in the outfits instead of styling…………….nonetheless the clothes were beautiful.

Photo Courtesy : &Vogue India

Ashima Leena

The Royalty will definitely love Ashima Leena’s amazing new collection which spelt ‘Classic’ as well as ‘Traditional’……… wonder they had a ‘Royal’ walking as a show-stopper for them. Sharmila Tagore wore a Kurti combined with Lehenga in subtle shades………..the collection was thankfully not ‘over the top’ and amazed by the simplicity of the creations……..I feel that it will suit women of all ages. Simply loved the pleasant colours which the designer duo had incorporated in their creations…………purple,peach, rani pink, beige, green… word for their collection ‘Fabulous’.

Shantanu & Nikhil

Shantanu & Nikhil created a fusion of Western with India which they do with such ease……….the layers of fabric molded to form lehengas, skirts, gowns……..the colour palette were more of dreamy shades like sky blues, whites, yellows………and of course the highlight had to be actress Sonakshi Sinha walking in a white ensemble which consisted of a fitted jacket with a layered Lehenga…………she reminded me of a bride walking down the aisle…….sigh. I think she has never looked better on the ramp before this appearance. To the designer duo, kudos for making Sonakshi look glamorous, while the rest of creation very alluring………….browny point for wearability.















Anju Modi


I had liked Anju’s earlier collection displayed in WLIFW,  this seemed like an extension of her earlier work only it was much better. The fit,the cut, the use of drapes and layers was beautiful. The outfits were elegant yet sensuous………..I am sure they would make any woman feel like a ‘Queen’. The net lehengas, velvet jackets, chiffon sarees, satin corsets……..sheer elegance. I love the detail work in silver which Anju has used in certain outfits……………I have not seen much of detail work of that sort this season. Shraddha Kapoor was the show stopper for Anju Modi…………..she looked magnificient in a golden corset combined with net lehenga.

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Adarsh Gill at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 25, 2011

A look at Adarsh Gill’s recent collection.

Photo Courtesy : FDCI

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Suneet Varma’s Collection at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 24, 2011

Complete collection update for Suneet Varma………..I am putting my bet for him to be on the list ‘Bridal Couture 2012’.

Photo courtesy : FDCI

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Manav Gangwani’s Collection at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 24, 2011

Here is your exclusive look at Manav Gangwani’s magnificent collection ‘Timeless Affaire’.

Photo Courtesy : Tandem Communications.

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Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011 – Day 2

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 24, 2011

After a pleasant Day 1 of Delhi Couture Week, Day 2 had showcasing from designers like Meera & Muzaffar Ali, Manav Gangwani and Suneet Varma.Here is your look at what each designer had in store for us:

Suneet Varma

Suneet Varma’s recent collection inspired by ‘Kamasutra’ had loads bright festive colours…….bright reds, tangy orange,  lemony yellows, midnight blacks……….the collection is most suited for the bride in search of her perfect wedding outfit. The detail work was very eye-catching…….but I am not a fan of the net used in this collection………..I feel that net is kinda off on it’s way out fashion-wise. Drapes inform of Lehengas, Anarkalis, Sarees formed this collection. My opinion would be that women can definitely look forward to Suneet Varma’s collection in next bridal season…………it will surely feature on my list of ‘Bridal Couture 2012’.

Photo courtesy :















Meera & Muzaffar Ali

Meera & Muzaffar Ali who are known for their ‘vintage touch’ to Indian outfits, presented their recent collection ‘Sama’ which did have a very earthy feel to it. The collection is named after their young daughter, had a variety of outfits which included western wear, scarves, sarees, anarkalis, lehengas………..Muzaffar Ali’s paintings were replicated on fabrics, something which I address extremely unique and fabulous. ‘Awadhi’ grace reflected in every silhouette of their creations……Though the designer duo has tried to go western with this collection, it the Indian designs which I still prefer. The Culottes style pants were unique on the runway this time around………..their collection was different butin a pleasant way.

Manav Gangwani

IFP had already shown you a preview of Manav Gangwani’s upcoming collection ‘Timeless Affaire’ ………I would call this collection ‘Out of this world’ seeing the way Manav had beautifully combined the Indian drapes with contemporary designs. Heavy sequin & crystal detail work with lace were the highlight of this collection, but the styling of  models is what left me speechless. Inspired by Time, Space and Zodiac, I found this collection unique as well as futuristic. Loved the way the drapes were used in form of skirts, fish tails and gowns. I liked this one better than Manav’s earlier collection………this was Couture indeed.

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JJ Valaya Collection at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 23, 2011

More pics of JJ Valaya’s Collection showcased at Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011

Photo Courtesy: Fashion Design Council of India [FDCI]

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Varun Bahl Collection at Delhi Couture Week 2011

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 23, 2011

More pics of Varun Bahl’s collection on Day 1 of Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011

Photo courtesy :

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Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011 – Day 1

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 23, 2011

What a wonderful way to start the Couture week with Designers like Varun Bahl and my favourite one JJ Valaya…………plus add in a dash of spice in form of Madhuri Dixit…………….Voila!! you have an amazing Day 1. Here is a glimpse of the Couture Week which started off yesterday…………..feast your eyes people. More pics on their way………..

Varun Bahl

Supposedly as per the news Madhuri Dixit was to be the show-stopper for Designer Varun Bahl, instead she cheered for him from the front row and later posed for the shutterbugs in one of his creations. I do like the fact that designers these days are turning away from having celebrities as show-stopper…………..but honestly I would have loved to see Madhuri on the ramp……..sigh………….nonetheless Madhuri looked elegant in this Varun Bahl Creation…… for the designer, Sir could you please loose the pair of denims and opt for a formal trouser instead.

JJ Valaya

I wait an entire year just to get a glimpse of JJ Valaya’s collection………and fortunately I am never disappointed. The fact that I personally love about Valaya creations would be that they are so Indian…….the inspirations are form every corner of this beautiful country……….now how many designers can do that.

The new collection had alot of elements of his earlier creations………but when it is done perfectly then why ponder it. Every bit was sensuous, the detail work was again breath-taking, beautifully crafted and most importantly every creation was fabulously wearable. The magician has created another ‘Indian Dream’ for me.

Photo courtesy:,,

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“A Timeless Affaire” by Manav Gangwani

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 21, 2011

‘Indian Fashion Police’ has the exclusive look of Manav Gangwani’s upcoming collection which will be showcased during the ‘Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011’ to be held from 22nd July till 25th July, 2011. Twelve leading designers of India will display their collection during this event. Here is your sneak peek to what designer Manav Gangwani has in store for you.

“Timeless Affaire” is inspired by Manav Gangwani’s interpretation of a rendezvous between dreams and reality transcending space and time.


The designer has explored a fifth dimension solely entrenched in the realms of fantasy where desire merges with superstition to makes dreams come alive.

In this collection Manav has delved into the myriad complexities of human emotions and has created a vision of splendor, which is truly overwhelming. It empowers with unparalleled grandiose and accentuates the indisputable strength and beauty that is an intrinsic part of a woman.

“When I design, I bring to life the image of a woman which is latent in my mind. I create fashion for the way I want to project today’s multi dimensional woman. I am guided purely by my instincts not by rules,” says Manav.

The colours, fabrics, embroideries all lend a heady mix of light & shadow dazzling with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to make the collection truly timeless.

Exquisite embroidery, delicate and detailed workmanship, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are used imaginatively and lavishly in this collection, adding glamour. Moving away from his signature style, Manav has artfully added Gota work treated in a completely unusual manner.

Gold dust georgette, Italian chiffon, French lame, sequined fabric, shimmer net…intricately patterned brocade, silk velvet, French lace, duchess satin make this collection exceptionally distinctive!!!!

Delicate Ivory is the color of pure love, merging into yellow the brightest color to the human eye, representing happiness and sunshine, which in turn merges into orange, the color of fire, a symbol of untamed energy. Manav has combined these colors in gradual gradation from light to dark, creating an illusion of an emerging dawn…a new day.

Volume and movement, inspired by spontaneity create silhouettes of effortless elegance, warrior woman like exaggerated collar detail and armour like structures, sheer voluminous skirts with layering, flowing, sensuous gowns,  flared lehengas, novel anarkalis and suits and of course Manav’s staple glamorous saree are juxtaposed together to make an eye catching array of designs.

Keeping in Tandem’ with the Theme of the show, the décor of the ramp is reflective of the connection between Time, Space & the Zodiac. The Chosen colors, of course, are those of the Sun, which is beautifully integrated into the backdrop, thereby making alive a Vision of Timelessness.

In Manav’s words Today fashion equates lifestyle, reflected the way we live, what is happening around us….the way we feel. My style ideology is to be true to myself and not about conforming to dictates of ever changing fashion. With this collection My Timeless Affaire with Me begins to take shape and I want the audience to be enthralled by the profound magic of couture as I envision it!

Courtesy : Tandem Communications

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