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Salon Etiquettes by b:blunt

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on September 3, 2012

The way to get treated right is to behave right. In today’s modern times where trendy salons are catching up in India, this statement holds very true. Many clients visiting a salon seldom remember that etiquettes do matter here. The world of styling has become thoroughly professional over the years and good manners are always appreciated.

‘Indian Fashion Police’ gets some help from Rohan Jagtap – Director & Trainer at India’s premier hairdressing salon ‘b:blunt’  in listing down salon etiquettes. IFP also shares fabulous new looks of the season right from the experts at b:blunt.

Few things you must remember during your visit to Salon.

1. Prior appointment is a ‘must do’

Make sure that you have taken an appointment with the respective stylist for the day & time that would suit you best. A stylist of an established salon attends to numerous clients in a single day and would find it difficult to fit you in their busy schedule in case you plan to walk-in without any appointment. So in order to get the best service on time, please get book  in advance.

2. Be on time for your appointment to avoid any unnecessary delay

It is necessary to arrive at least 15 mins early than your appointment time for any beauty/hair ritual. There are some salon services that require you to change in different set of clothes. Hence arriving early gives you time to get ready and the stylist to start their work on time. In case you have to cancel the appointment, please do so by calling the salon few hours before the set time.

3. Do not apply oil or any hair pack before your visit

Application of hair oil or any hair pack pose a problem for the stylist to diagnosis your hair & scalp before they start with styling. For example – Hair packs like henna applied a couple of days before the visit, can interfere with few hair treatments and the end result might not be as desired.

4. Make sure to be blunt!

Clearly explain your requirement, be it change in style or length, cut or color, to your stylist.  You can carry the photo of the hairstyle you desire to have in order to show to the stylist. Always stay open to the stylist’s recommendations as well, it will lead to a better choice. In case you do not wish to undergo any hair treatment or have any allergies, please be sure you inform politely  to your stylist.

5. Confirm the quote for service from your stylist before the service begins

It is important that you are aware of the price of the service which you wish to undertake. Do make it a point to check the price of the service at the reception or with your stylist in order to avoid any confusion later on.

6. Keep the mobile phones on silent

If you expect undivided attention from your stylist, then you have to be considerate in return. Please be polite & keep your mobile phone on silent or even better if you can switch it off. The stylists need to concentrate on their work which can be very difficult if you are constantly on the phone.

7. Confirm with your stylist about any treatment, home care product recommendation

It is always helpful if you get professional advice for any treatment that will benefit your hair or home care product which will be useful for you to maintain your style longer. Few hairstyles also require follow-up treatment after few weeks, so you can book the appointment in advance.


8. Don’t Forget……

At the end of the of the service, while making the payment do acknowledge who all were involved in the service. If possible reward them as per your comfort. You can leave the tip at the reception desk while paying your bill.

New looks from b:blunt 

India’s leading destination hair salon, b:blunt pays homage to the changing face of India with their latest collection, Mini-12. Inspired by our urbane cities, b:blunt has created a fresh and vibrant collection to spread their love for hair and hairstyles, to every unique corner of the country via their ever expanding ‘Mini’ brand.This latest collection has been styled by three distinguished names in the industry, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar, Avan Contractor and Brent Barber.

Courtesy : Peepul Consulting for b:blunt 


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