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Cannes International Film Festival 2010

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 13, 2010

Cannes International Film Festival 2010 or better known as ‘Festival De Cannes’ is in full swing starting from 12th May, 2010. Bollywood stars shine on the Red Carpet with the first day kicking off as Aishwarya Rai and Shekhar Kapur both made their presence felt. It is always a delight to see a fellow Indian representing the country in such major International Events.

Day 1

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya walked the red carpet at Cannes International Film Festival 2010 in an ash grey colour ‘Elie Saab’ gown which looked like a ‘mermaid’ inspired design with silhouette stitched like fish scales. The gown works for me since it gives a very international feel to it and is very appropriate for the event. The accessories are well coordinated with silver sequins clutch bag, silver stilettos and platinum diamond jewellery though I wish Aishwarya would have worn longer earrings since she has her hair tied up and her neckline is devoid of any jewellery. Speaking of which her hairstyle looked a bit inspired by the 1800 era of British empire when the big hair bouffant was so’ in’. Would have prefered if Aishwarya had left her hair open set in waves. Nonetheless this is an International arena where she is expected to be bold and a trendsetter with her style. She was a ‘Vision’ in that classic gown………….love the outfit.

Shekhar Kapur

Shekhar Kapur seen above in the photo with Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale was a member of the Jury selected  Cannes International Film Festival 2010. As handsome as he is, the bandhgala coat in a chrome yellow colour somehow did no justice to this brilliant director’s personality. What would have looked good on him is a black colour bandhgala since i feel dark colours suit him the best.This just makes him look so sad……………….Shekhar if you are in no mood to dress up for the event stick to dark colours like black, navy blue or even dark maroons.

Day 2

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

‘Oh La la’………… this is what I call a red carpet look. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has done much much better than day 1 of Cannes. Here she looks ravishing in a beautiful Armani black sequin gown with her hair pulled back into a sophisticated ‘do’. The corset is embellished with crystal detailing on the rim and sequins all over is glamorous but not over the top, thankfully. The fit of the gown shows-off her hour-glass figure well and the red lip colour keeps the focus on her face. Despite all that I still wish Aishwarya would have worn longer earrings since her round face demands that kind of styling. The accessories blend in well with her outfit. Two thumbs up for this ‘Armani’ outfit and styling……………..Aishwarya you are worth it.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone made her Cannes debut wearing a Rohit Bal designed saree…………but somehow it did not catch the eye of people. The saree was beautiful but what marred the entire look was the lack of glamour factor in it………firstly the colour was a total wash-out, the hair style made her look way older than she actually is, the pallu was pinned up which looked very tacky instead of elegant. Now the thing over here is that the outfit is beautiful………….no doubt about it………..but what went wrong is the styling & draping coz Deepika has a long waist so instead of showing off her face the stylist ended up showing off her not so strong feature. Because of her longer waist I feel Deepika is more suited to wearing an Evening gown which gives her an hour-glass shape than a Saree which divides her figure. Better luck next time dear………

 Day 3

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I am glad Aishwarya has learnt the tricks to looking good on the red carpet in a western attire. Her Miss world experience does come in handy during such events. No wonder she features in the E- entertainment’s ‘Most stylish person list’ published. She walked down the red carpet with her mother Mrs.Vrinda Rai who herself looked gracious in an off-white saree. I am liking the fact that Aishwarya is experimenting with colours, make-up and hairstyle…………this magenta colour ‘Gucci’ gown is definitely a keeper coz the ‘pleat look’ is ‘oh-so-fabulous’.She oozes loads of elegance in this outfit plus has kept her make-up nude. I love her open toe silver shoes which are matched well with her clutch.  Aishwarya you are getting better and better with passing of each day at Cannes Film festival. Keep up the good work………

Mallika Sherawat


Mallika Sherawat was never my favourite on the red carpet and hope this photo of her’s at Cannes prove why she was never my favourite. She has combined a bubble dress with ankle length tie up heels and a funky hair do. I don’t understand was she trying to dress up like a Diva but couldn’t let go off her rock-star image hence this disaster occurred or what??? Mallika please sober up, this dress would have looked amazing if you had combined it with a pair of open toe stilettos and calmed down your hair a bit by going straight. You would have looking alluring but this is a mess…………………plus the accessories are tacky but the only part I like in your outfit is your clutch which is very decent. Get a good stylist or change the one you have right now……………………….else I will be looking forward to many such blunders from your end on the red carpet.

Shekhar Kapur

Shekhar Kapur unveiled his new movie ‘Paani’ which is a story based on love story set on a back drop of water problem which we might face in the future. Doesn’t he remind of school ke Masterji of ‘Malgudi Days’ in this attire but nonetheless for the fact that he is actively involved in Water conservation issues, I am ready to overlook his style of dressing and support the cause. Here’s wishing the best to Shekhar Kapur’s new venture ‘Paani’.

Day 4

Lakshmi & Usha Mittal

Indian Steel Tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and his lovely wife Usha Mittal graced the red carpet at 63rd Cannes Film Festival. Lakshmi Mittal was dressed to the nine in a black Tuxedo and a bow tie looked very bit like a thorough gentlemen. Usha Mittal on the other hand went with a simple yet elegant peach colour Churidhar Kurta which had crystal and silver detailing all over. The outfit was beautifully acessorized with pearl jewellery coordinated well with the shoes and the clutch. Even though they are not very regular on the red carpet nonetheless they are always graceful when ever they are a part of any big event.

Day 5

Mallika Sherawat

The day time photocall of movie ‘Hiss’ had Mallika Sherawat covered in snakes instead of accessories……………..hmmmmmm I think snakes were her accessories for the day…………..nonetheless during the photo shoot Mallika wore a yellow and black gown which reminded me so much of our Mumbai taxi……………cliche I know but could not think of anything else I could compare it to. I am sure the gown would have looked much much much better if it was entirely in Black or any other dark shade since the bustier of the gown was unique in design. I think Mallika was trying to match her outfit colour with the exotic snakes which she was seen carrying around……………..but this pic has two things that scare me the most – bad outfit and snakes.

Mallika Sherawat attended the Doha Film festival held at Cannes wearing a fuchsia pink off shoulder gown……………well I must say where did you hide this beautiful gown on the day you walked the red carpet of Cannes??? This is how we want to see Mallika Sherawat on the red carpet…………..honestly this might not be the best gown I have seen but it works wonders to make Mallika look graceful. She has a good figure to carry off such elegant stuff and hope she does justice to her looks in future too. My verdict: Beautiful gown with nice accessories but her hair definitely calls for some work…………….at last I am not disappointed.

Day 6

Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya wore a beautiful Sabyasachi saree in golden colour though was a bit confused why she matched it with the bottle green colour blouse. Nonetheless the saree looks elegant despite the fact that this time around Aishwarya kept her style simple with a ‘do’ and bindi…………..I would have loved it if she would have glamed it up like she did in the past few days at Cannes. Love the intrinsic embroidery work on the saree…………….Sabyasachi you bring out the best in an Indian outfit. As for Abhishek Bachchan, now this is how I wanna see him on the red carpet looking dashing, handsome and a thorough gentleman in a black tuxedo with a beautiful lady besides him. On the whole I am digging their look as a couple.

Aishwarya-Abhishek with Vikram

Aishwarya, Abhishek and their ‘Raavan’ co-star Vikram posing for the daytime photocall at Cannes. Aishwarya looked classy in the little black dress in a boat-neck style and strappy sandals. Whereas Abhishek tried to take risk posing in a red jacket [reminded me of Iron Man somehow] but the risk did not pay off that well since [a]  his shoes were a mismatch with his jacket in terms of colour and [b] he has long legs so he needs to go in for longer jacket which can proportionate his upper and lower body well. But the surprise in this picture was Vikram who looked good in a grey suit the colour which was fit for day wear at Cannes. Will be looking forward to see him in the movie as well as on the red carpet in future.

 Lakshmi and Usha Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal and his Usha Mittal attended the Chopard Party at Cannes dressed pretty much casually for the occassion. Usha Mittal’s animal print kurta paired with black trousers somehow did not do any justice to her pretty face………………….it was a bit tacky with velvet cuffs and improper fit. I would have prefered her in a designer Salwar Kameez or a Saree since I feel she looks her best in Indian Attire. This Indo-western fusion is not for the lovely lady who is always graceful on or off the red carpet. On the other hand it seemed like Mr. Mittal had a tough day from the looks of his attire. But he is always dressed in formal suits so this mistake is forgiven since he does make up for it during the Arcelor Mittal press conferences.

Day 7

Mallika Sherawat

Va..Va..Voom people………I say Mallika Sherawat has arrived in this attire. Yes the gown was demure and bold showing off her curves but it was sexy with a touch of refinement. Definitely better than the other red carpet looks she had given us in the past few days. This golden glittery designer gown with a trail is alluring yet very contemporary. Mallika has kept her accessories minimal with a matching golden clutch. Overall I love this look on her and wish she would keep up with this style. She is audacious but needs to channel her boldness in the right outfit……………looking at this attire gives me some sense of relief and contentment.

Day 8

Vikramaditya Motwane, Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor

Just sighted the Indian Television Czars on the Cannes red carpet attending a film premiere ‘My Joy’. Actor Ronit Roy looked pretty handsome in a black velvet bandhgala………………now that’s what I call going western with a desi twist. Ditto for Vikramaditya Motwane [screenwriter of ‘Dev D’]who also wore a bandhgala but the designed varied a bit from Ronit’s.  Ram kapoor went for a suit with velvet collar but somehow it was not very impressive. Would have liked if he would have gone ‘desi’ in a jodhpuri jacket. Nonetheless the trio rocked the red carpet since their movie ‘Udaan’ in which Vikramaditya has made his directorial debut starring Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor, has been selected to be screened at Cannes this year. Wishing all of them luck.

Day 9

Mallika Sherawat

‘Oh-la-la’ the lady looks dazzling in this silhoutte……………………smoking hot.I am liking this divalicious version of Mallika Sherawat. The little black dress is gorgeous, the necklace is beautiful, the clutch and shoes are perfect……………10 on 10 to Ms. Sherawat for working it well on the red carpet at Cannes. This is how we wanna see you in future also…………..please please please dress up like this and forget your old funky rock star days. If Mallika or her fans are reading this can someone tell her that straight hair will work wonders for her since it has been long since we have been seeing her in curled up look not that it doesn’t suit her……………but a bit of change will be nice.

Day 10

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika at a Dior party in Cannes wearing ummmm……. a Dolce & Gabbana gown with golden trimmings at the end.Wish the trimmings would disappear somehow. Plus was Mallika having a bad hair day that she had to tie it up in a bad hair-do…………….All my hopes about Mallika being the Diva come crashing right here.  Lady this is a Dior party where you are expected to be dressed like a super-star and not a girl lost in her dreams……… say for this is a disastor look even if it is a designer outfit. Not liking it one bit.

Last Day at Cannes

Shekhar Kapur

With the closing of Cannes I was pleasantly surprised to see Shekhar Kapur in a Tuxedo…………….he simply looked wonderful. It actually got a smile on my face seeing this handsome man dressed to kill. I had expected he might wear a kurta coupled with a jacket or so…………….but this was definitely what I would have loved to see him in the opening ceremony as well. Nonetheless my word on this ensemble is elegant, surprising and makes him look even more graceful. Two thumbs up for you Sir………………

Picture courtesy :


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Stylish Indian Gentlemen

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 12, 2010

Just the other day when I was busy updating my blog, my husband came in my work area and asked me……….”Why is that there is not much about men and their style in your blog??”…………………Valid question for which I had no answer……..maybe I like many other fashionistas kept thinking that fashion only meant ‘what women wear’………….but now it is time to change my focus and include men’s fashion as well. Though I will try my best to bring forth new articles about the opposite sex, people’s recommendation on the same will always be welcome…………….

Since I have written an article about the stylish women in India, I start off my section on men with the most stylish Indian celebrity.


Hrithik Roshan

‘Greek God’ is the word for Hrithik Roshan, everytime I see him on screen my eyes are wide with amazement………, not because he is good looking, so handsome, has such a good physique……………not for those reasons, but for the way he dresses up on-screen and off. How does he manage to get his look right for his role every single time. Of course he rocked in Dhoom 2 where he wore designer jeans with shirts and T-shirts, as a black phantom in ‘Krrish’, as a King in ‘Jodha Akbar’ or his look in forthcoming movie ‘Kites’………………..every frame , every angle he simply looks ‘Wow’. Hrithik’s plus point is that he knows very well what suits him and what he can carry off with sheer elegance on the red carpet. My favourite look for Hrithik has always been a good shirt paired with denim or in tuxedo. Hrithik can also try wearing a Jodhpuri jacket since these days Hrithik is more into a mature look with a beard and the jacket will suit him fine.

Amitabh Bachchan

The ‘Czar’ of Indian cinema needs no style tips from a nobody like me……………..I adore his style in bandhgalas or even in tuxedos which have a hint of Indianess in them. The designer who has done a lot of justice to his look has been Raghavendra Rathore for the movie ‘Eklavya’ and also  ‘KBC – Season 1’ [This is entirely my opinion]. The reason why Mr. Bachchan can carry off any outfit with ease has a lot to do with his personality. Surely if any other actor was to dress up in an outfit designed for Mr. Bachchan, I bet it might not look that good on any other person. He might not have the conventional good looks but has a charm which even the most good-looking men would lack. In my opinion he dresses up like a perfect gentleman and is a truly a ‘Legend’. If I were to ever style him for the red carpet it would be definitely in a ‘Tom Ford’ Tuxedo or Jacket.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction to style but even though he was never born fashionable, he learnt the trick to look good. I appreciate the fact as mentioned in my earlier write-ups, that Shahrukh Khan always makes an effort to dress up for the Red carpet which many male celebrities fail to do so……………he always has a perfect suit on, clean-shaven look, hair set well……….I won’t be surprised if he was the one to start the culture for men to dress up for the red carpet. He also looks very stylish in jeans and a simple T-shirt, I think it is not him wearing the clothes but his attitude which makes even the most simple outfit come to life. I do remember seeing his super-duper hit movie ‘Kuch Kuch hota hai’  during my college years in which he was carrying a ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ bag…………..the very next week of the movie release, loads of people in my college had the very same bag of course from the flea market since Mr. Hilfiger was yet to open a store in India and as a college student we could not afford any branded stuff. Still I just wish to see Shahrukh on the red carpet dressed in a Jodhpuri jacket or a bandhgala since I have seen him less in ‘Indian Avatar’ and more in the western high fashion brands. No doubt he fits in those suits like a glove but a dash of Indianess in his style would surely turn heads.


Ness Wadia

Ness Wadia who is the leading man of the ‘Wadia Group’, co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, great-grandson of Mohammad Ali Jinnah,  a regular face on the Page 3 circuit and of course one of India’s eligible bachelor has a very tasteful sense of styling. Though few years back we used to see him in his designer suits only, these days one get’s to see a more relaxed Ness Wadia wearing his jeans and his team jersey. He might stay away from the Bollywood hype but makes people sit up and notice him wherever he goes. He sure looks like a man who takes his dressing very seriously………..I have never seen anyone carry off those made-to-fit suits with so much of panache. His flamboyant style is the reason why he is on this list. But would love to see him in a knee-length black Achkan with white chudidhar to show-off his regal looks or he can even experiment with Ralph Lauren suits & casual wear.

Prannoy Roy

As a kid I would hate to see news on television but somehow I used to watch ‘The World this Week’ with utmost attention as if someone was telling be a story…………………the reason definitely was Mr. Prannoy Roy’s presentation of the past week’s historic events which even as a kid I could relate to and absorb the knowledge provided by his program. No wonder today Prannoy Roy is known as the face who leads the Indian Media with his NDTV channel. The man responsible for changing the visage of news reading in India keeps his attire totally business like. Of course not everyone have a salt & pepper beard and still manage to look so graceful. These days he is seen on television only while covering important matters but has been usually seen wearing a suit. Best part about Prannoy Roy is that he never craved for attention despite being in limelight, maybe his understated style has made people notice him. Any man who is works in an Indian corporate work culture can relate to him easily in terms of his style……………..simple, sophisticated, no frills and to the point. The reason why he makes this list is the realistic, practical approach which Prannoy Roy has towards his work and his dressing.

Omar Abdullah


On usually sees big and even the not so big politicians always walking around with an entourage consisting of their party member plus bodyguard. It was pretty unusual for me to see Mr. Omar Abdullah travel in an economy class in a no frills airline without any such crowd. He was what we usually call a ‘common man’ in that flight……………….a wonderful change to see in young politicians since he hails from the influential ‘Abdullah’ family of Jammu & Kashmir which has been involved in Indian politics for generations. Why do I call him stylish?………………come on how many Indian politician have ever made it on the cover page of ‘GQ’ magazine looking like our Indian version of ‘James Bond’. The fearless Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir looks suave even when dressed in Kadhi or a simple cotton kurta. He has a very demure sense of styling and knows well what looks good on him be it his attire, his hairstyle, everything is perfect even while he is campaigning. Hope that his sons also grow up to be as dashing as Omar and carry on the family legacy.

Saif Ali Khan

 ‘Chote Nawab’ as he is well-known within his royal family, should definitely give a lot of credit to his genes. It was a difficult path for Saif since people had a lot of expectation from the son of handsome Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and elegant Sharmila Tagore, but he has indeed made a standing for himself in Bollywood. Love his sense of style which is contemporary but has a very ‘regal’ air to it. The past decade one saw Saif grow to more mature roles with oodles of charm. His key style have been tailor fit suit for red carpet events, denim with T-shirt for casual wear, a blazer with jeans for a launch party, bandhgala for wedding occasions. He is open to experimenting with his look which is what makes his one of the most ‘Stylish Men’ in India. Whether we see Saif on the big screen or off he has never ever disappointed by wearing anything hideous. Unlike other actors, Saif has matured like wine and embraced his age gracefully rather than trying to look like a teenager.

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Midas Touch of Tarun Tahiliani

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 6, 2010

Every single day since I have started writing this blog, I have had search queries for ‘Tarun Tahiliani…………….well that is not the only reason why I am writing about him. I believe, in fact I know that he is one of the pioneers of today’s Indian Fashion scene and has carved a niche for himself. His designs exude loads of sophistication and grace………….no wonder he has the whose who of the tinsel town wearing his creations.

Despite all the grandeur, he has never designed for the Bollywood movies……….in India if you your creations displayed in a bollywood movie then as a designer you have arrived…………..but Tarun Tahiliani made a name for himself by his insight and love for Indian heritage.

The key look of his creations is the way he blends Indian designs with western attire and boy are the results are fantastic. Any woman wearing his design looks mesmerizing and divine…………… wonder he has made Shilpa Shetty a hot property on the global front. No one can forget her walking down the ramp dressed as a Greek goddess for Tarun in fashion week……………infact if the original greek goddess came down to planet earth, she would want Tarun to style her after seeing Shilpa walk down the ramp.

Tarun who is an alumnus of Wharton Business school started his rendezvous with Indian fashion by opening up the first boutique ‘Ensemble’ in the year 1987 in which the high-profile designerwear was displayed. The boutique was started by converting a tools showroom into a haven for Indian designerwear. Today it is managed by Tarun’s sister Tina Tahiliani Parikh and top Indian Designers display their newest creations in Ensemble. whether one is looking out for Indian bridal wear, menswear, western outfits, fusion or simply couture, you will find it all under one roof. After more than 20 years in fashion business, ‘Ensemble’ has grown 4 stores strong which in itself tells the success story of the boutique.

Tarun Tahiliani loves the Indian way of draping of Indian textile and has many times stated that Indian design heritage has been in the Art of Draping unlike the western art of cutting the fabric………….he has been one of the few designers to keep the Indian craftsmanship alive by giving them a fresh look in his creations. Love the colourful stone work on the silhouette which is so original and never before seen. I marvel the way Tarun has combines chikan kari with net fabric or zardosi on velvet or swaroski crystals in a Lehenga………..he always goes on to create a master piece which can be easily passed down to the next generation in your family. Bride-to-be want to be a show-stopper at their own wedding by wearing a ‘ Tarun Tahiliani ‘ bridal couture………………celebrities like Priya Sachdev, Shilpa Shetty, Jemima Khan and Elizabeth Hurley all wore Bridal outfit designed by Tarun on their big day. I have seen at least all Indian celebrities wear his label for major events or red carpet.

But my only wish remains that our Indian celebrities would also wear his creations on the red carpet abroad……….as Tarun rightly says that we Indians are trying too hard to be westernised so it is time to put forth ourselves in our Indian element and be proud about it…………………he might be what Christian Dior is to the western fashion but Tarun Tahiliani is a ‘True Legend’  for our country.

Vist his official website at or the ‘Ensemble’ website

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Best Indian Celebrity Bride

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 6, 2010

Sania Mirza
The most recent Indian celebrity bride but in this case her marriage was a cross border one. is The world witnessed so much of drama during the much hyped wedding of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik. I do admire that Sania Mirza kept a dignified silence and supported Shoaib during such trying times………………anyways I am no one to comment about any person’s personal life but will be definitely be commenting about their style. Despite all the chaos she looked every bit of a glowing bride. Even though I am not a fan of her look during her Nikaah where she wore her mother’s wedding saree and the sangeet chudidhar outfit. I do understand the sentimental value associated with wearing your mother’s vintage wedding saree but the styling was just too hotchpotch with the pallu of the dupatta simply hiding her pretty face. I would have draped her saree differently and pinned the dupatta in a much more stylish way so that it gives the illusion that it is a part of her saree. The pink chudidhar which she wore for her sangeet simply made her look all washed out since the colour was way too light. The hairstyle with loads of gajra was simply too old-fashioned. She would have definitely rocked had she styled her hair and kept them open. But she definitely did us all proud during her reception ceremony in Pakistan by wearing Shantanu-Nikhil Lehengas………….one is Grey with crystal work all over she wore in Lahore and the other one in beige with bright vermillion red embroidery work she wore in Sialkot. The bright colour and glitters made her look like a ‘Diva’. She accessorized it very well with a ‘Dior’ clutch, vintage jewellery, bridal shoes and a stylish hairdo. These two looks were my favourite for her and not to mention that the designer duo Shantanu-Nikhil did a lot of justice to her look. And yes people she did repeat her jewellery, shoes and clutch bags during her week-long wedding celebration which I feel is absolutely fine. If you get a priceless, classic piece of accessory or outfit stick to it for a lifetime…………..and wear it as many times as you desire.
Hope her fairytale wedding has a smooth sailing forever………………………..
Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty always hits the bullseye with her dressing and is in one word a ‘Style Diva’. Even on her D-day she did not disappoint us with her bridal look. Here dressed in traditional Saree which had Swaroski crystals sewn in the ‘Ambi’ design all over was designed by Tarun Tahiliani. Tarun has always done justice with her look, no one better could have dressed her in the Bridal Trousseau like he did. We loved the look which was enhanced with the use of traditional Kundan, ruby and emerald Jewellery. The Bride was dressed in South Indian attire complete with veil of jasmine flowers ‘Gajra’ adorning her hair but wore the North Indian Chuda and kalire in order to keep up with the Punjabi tradition since she her husband hails from Punjabi background. She has the perfect body to carry on any outfit and all we can say to this bride that you simply look adorable. But I was disappointed when she wore the golden outfit which was a combination of a Saree and an Evening Gown for her Wedding reception.  She looked more like an Oscar trophy rather than a diva. Plus the westernised dress with the Indian Jewellery simply did not blend well.
Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

She was famously known as Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s daughter before her own wedding happened where people took notice of her style and her Bridal outfits. What we liked about Riddhima is that she was different from other traditional Brides. Her Bridal trousseau had a variety of different looks. She wore a beautiful pista green colour with crystal work lehanga teamed with a Corset with plain dupatta fitted as a veil with Diamond and Emerald jewellery on her engagement. Unusual choice better worked really well with her skin tone and her body. For the wedding she wore a red coloured Lehenga with gotta work all over. Riddhima Kapoor Sahni makes our list of Celebrity bride for having originality and an elegance which ‘Kapoor Women’ have always had.


  Priya Chatwal


She got married to Vikram Chatwal who is the son of famous hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal. But she took all the attention away from the well-known groom when she came out dressed in outfits designed by Tarun Tahiliani. Baby pink colour was the most least expected colour a bride would wear in India, but Priya made the right choice with her pink organza Lehenga since her pheras as per Sikh customs took place in the morning. But for the Barat the night before she wore a dazzling Red colour Brocade Lehenga with heavy embroidery work. Loved the Jewellery that she wore which included timeless pieces like Rani Haar, Kundan with precious gems, traditional punjabi Matha tikka and of course Chuda with golden Kalire. Part of wedding took place in the exotic Rajasthan and the other half in the capital city New Delhi which was surely the wedding of the year 2006.

 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  

The lady needs no introduction  when it comes to Indian Couture. Dressed like a bride as per ‘Bunt’ tradition, Aishwarya looked ravishing in a golden colour Saree designed by Neeta Lulla on her wedding day. The bride was decked in gold, kundan, precious gems and diamond jewellery from head to toe[literally]. Check out her elegant south Indian Matha tikka and baju bandh. We love Indian traditional jewellery since it brings out the best in every Indian girl on her D-day. I loved all the Kanjeevaram Sarees which she wore post her wedding also. I must say that after becoming a ‘Bachchan Bahu’ she has never looked more Elegant. Of course their wedding was a media frenzy but the couple glowed and looked every bit in love.

Karishma Kapoor
To describe Karisma’s style in plain words is difficult but I truly feel that she has been the most ‘Classic’ Celebrity till date. For her wedding she selected the colour Pink for her Bridal Attire which was a perfect choice for a daytime  ceremony. The Lehenga was grand and in accordance to the image of ‘Kapoor’ family. She looked like a ravishing punjabi bride wearing the traditional punjabi chuda and golden kalire. The credit for her look must be given to her Designer Manish Malhotra who got the best out of her by transforming this simple lady to a glamourous Diva of our time.  She has been original throughout with her choice of clothes and hence she is one of my best choice for the Best Celebrity Bride.

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How to dress in your 60s and beyond!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 2, 2010

In a party where there are plenty of women in their 20s and 30s looking gorgeous in their designer outfits, only one woman wearing an elegant beige colour sequin embroidered Saree with minimal make-up on her face, a strand of white pearls combined with a beige colour shoe manages to gather admiration from me as well as the crowd…………..that is the power of a wise woman in her 60s………..she can still give the young pretty ladies a run for their money when it comes to style.

Somehow after doing a ‘Google’ search on Indian celebrities in their 50s and 60s I could hardly find a handful of celebrities of this age……………..are we biased only preferring the young pretty ladies, forgetting the women who was also a style icon in the earlier years………………. honestly I am yet to find a Meryl Streep or Barbra Streisand of India………….but I do admire few celebrities as seen in the picture gallery below,  since they have stood through decades with their timeless style.

Comfort is essential part for a woman in her 60s, hence many prefer wearing Salwar Kameez, Saree and Trousers with small heel or flats. Draping a stole around your neck or on the shoulder is another style I adore so have loads of them in your wardrobe………….colour choices can vary from neutrals to earthy tones to any colour that suits your skin tone. Baby pinks, beige and off-white colour are my favourite for woman of this age group. Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend but pearls work best for a woman in her 60s. I also like the style of Maharani Padmini Devi of Jaipur and Sharmila Tagore for wearing kundan jewellery with Sarees……………sheer grace when I look at them. At this age the simpler a woman dresses, the better are the results. Now by being simple I do not mean to go with out any glitter…………….add the shimmer factor but make sure it is not all over your outfit or jewellery. Salwar Kameez can be worn in any shades since this outfit is the easiest to carry off plus we Indians are lover of bright shades.

Go by your gut feeling when you want to buy an outfit for yourself…………no stylist is needed here. Have a bag for day wear, a clutch for night time  and a potli bag with your saree. Shoes can be mules, kitten heels, flats or our very own kolhapuri chappal………….designer or not, it does not matter but avoid too high heels. My personal favourtie are Charles & Keith’s collection for daywear/nightwear plus their shoes are so comfortable. The biggest advantage of being in your 60s is that whatever you wear you have been the trendsetter for ages. So go ahead and just be yourself lady.

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How to dress in your 50s!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 1, 2010

After living half of a century a woman in her 50s has seen all the ups and downs in her life and of course in fashion. She has experimented with silly clothes, found her own style, given up some of her favourite fashion evils, does not commit any fashion crimes………… in this age she wants to be perceived as more of a ‘Classic Beauty’. Gone are the days where one could wear flashy clothes with chunky jewellery…………but who says a woman in her 50s cannot be demure and attractive.

The most elegant woman in today’s Indian fashion scene are in their 50s and 60s………….and boy I honestly aspire to be like them once I touch that mark…………..coming back on dressing, the best part about your 50s that you have to try too hard to impress anyone if your personality does all the talking.  There is so much of ease in women of this age group……….no wonder people say that you become wiser as you grow older………..wisdom reflects beautifully from these woman……….I sure can see that in my mother’s face. 

Sarees and Salwar Kameez were a part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe but for woman in her 50s add-in loads of trousers, denim, formal shirts and kurtis……………if you got a pair of fine legs, go ahead flaunt them in Short skirts and dresses as well. Go light on the colour palette and avoid ‘jhatak’ colours, there have been instances where I have seen women have turned up wearing shocking pinks with loads of jewellery at a wedding………….somehow that image still stays embedded in my mind not for the fashion but for the look on people’s faces…………..your dressing style should say ‘I am 50 and beautiful’ and not scream ‘I am as young as my daughter’. Even many well-known socialites dress up in designer outfits like a 20 year old………….it is ok to wear designer stuff if you can afford them but find out what suits you first as per your age and body-type…………..try a nice formal shirt with padded shoulder [yes this design is back with a bang] with a plain black skirt/trousers, a single colour plain chudidhar with bold neck-piece, a bright printed kurti with white pants or denim, a black cocktail dress with minimum detailing………….the options are limitless.

My pick for women in this age group will be a smart fitted shirt on top a trouser with a belt that is well coordinated with her shoes and bag or a colourful short kurti over a chudidhar or jeans………….these two dress ideas work like magic. In case of shoes, if your feet are simply tired of the high heels opt for kitten heels since they work well with Indian or western outfits plus are very comfortable.

As for jewellery wear diamonds but not too much………..concentrate on one piece like beautiful earrings paired with a small pendant chain, or a huge pendant or neck-piece with small earrings or bangles and earrings only. the golden rule is to never overdo to…………please do not wear every possible jewellery that you own to wedding and other occassions…………itis not at all stylish but you might kinda end up being a ‘show-off’. Also opt for pearls in different colours, precious gem-stones and carved silver jewellery……….these pieces are always in fashion.

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