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How to dress in your 50s!!

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 1, 2010

After living half of a century a woman in her 50s has seen all the ups and downs in her life and of course in fashion. She has experimented with silly clothes, found her own style, given up some of her favourite fashion evils, does not commit any fashion crimes………… in this age she wants to be perceived as more of a ‘Classic Beauty’. Gone are the days where one could wear flashy clothes with chunky jewellery…………but who says a woman in her 50s cannot be demure and attractive.

The most elegant woman in today’s Indian fashion scene are in their 50s and 60s………….and boy I honestly aspire to be like them once I touch that mark…………..coming back on dressing, the best part about your 50s that you have to try too hard to impress anyone if your personality does all the talking.  There is so much of ease in women of this age group……….no wonder people say that you become wiser as you grow older………..wisdom reflects beautifully from these woman……….I sure can see that in my mother’s face. 

Sarees and Salwar Kameez were a part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe but for woman in her 50s add-in loads of trousers, denim, formal shirts and kurtis……………if you got a pair of fine legs, go ahead flaunt them in Short skirts and dresses as well. Go light on the colour palette and avoid ‘jhatak’ colours, there have been instances where I have seen women have turned up wearing shocking pinks with loads of jewellery at a wedding………….somehow that image still stays embedded in my mind not for the fashion but for the look on people’s faces…………..your dressing style should say ‘I am 50 and beautiful’ and not scream ‘I am as young as my daughter’. Even many well-known socialites dress up in designer outfits like a 20 year old………….it is ok to wear designer stuff if you can afford them but find out what suits you first as per your age and body-type…………..try a nice formal shirt with padded shoulder [yes this design is back with a bang] with a plain black skirt/trousers, a single colour plain chudidhar with bold neck-piece, a bright printed kurti with white pants or denim, a black cocktail dress with minimum detailing………….the options are limitless.

My pick for women in this age group will be a smart fitted shirt on top a trouser with a belt that is well coordinated with her shoes and bag or a colourful short kurti over a chudidhar or jeans………….these two dress ideas work like magic. In case of shoes, if your feet are simply tired of the high heels opt for kitten heels since they work well with Indian or western outfits plus are very comfortable.

As for jewellery wear diamonds but not too much………..concentrate on one piece like beautiful earrings paired with a small pendant chain, or a huge pendant or neck-piece with small earrings or bangles and earrings only. the golden rule is to never overdo to…………please do not wear every possible jewellery that you own to wedding and other occassions…………itis not at all stylish but you might kinda end up being a ‘show-off’. Also opt for pearls in different colours, precious gem-stones and carved silver jewellery……….these pieces are always in fashion.


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  1. hi wats your myspace page

  2. HI! There is no myspace page of Indian Fashion

  3. Amazing, I found your site on google looking around for something completely different and I really enjoyed your site. I will stop by again to read some more posts. Thanks!

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