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Trend #6 : Wearing Art

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 11, 2013


Art is no more limited to the walls anymore, wearing art is the latest trend in India. Indian designers are including beautiful art from various parts of our country. Masaba Gupta,  Satya Paul, Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, Neeta Lulla and many more designers have incorporated art in their recent collection. Mughal paintings, Madhubani & Kalamkari are favourite but contemporary art forms like hand prints, animal motifs and other everyday prints are also making their way in fashion.

Incorporating ‘Art’ is not just limited to clothes……….try wearing jewellery that depicts ‘Art’ or carry a clutch with painting printed on it. Hindu god & goddess paintings are fine to be worn but make sure the use of such form is not done on shoes or in any insulting manner.

Brand Courtesy : Masaba Gupta, Artygator, Maya’s Arc, 

Photo Courtesy :,


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