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‘Sadhu and the Samurai’ by Payal Khandwala

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on August 1, 2012




‘SADHU AND THE SAMURAI’ draws on the subtle similarities and the definite dissimilarities between these two characters. Fundamentally they both personify discipline, focus and austerity. They share purpose and philosophy, and embody the virtues of loyalty, self-awareness and spirituality.

However, they are distinctly different in their manifestations and this dichotomy makes them significant and intriguing. Symbolically the monk and the warrior make the perfect beginnings for a collection that can combine these extremes, whilst embracing their spirit.

The idea is to marry the gentle, carefree and frugal with the structured, systematic and ornamental. To take the accidental and unintentional and team it with elements that are methodical, orderly and deliberate.

The clothes interpret this contradiction as the layered separates are draped and wrapped alongside more constructed shapes.The palette embodies the origins of both the sadhu and the samurai with an arrangement of burnt orange, crimson and ochre, with coffee brown, charcoal, bronze and indigo.

The silhouettes are long and relaxed. This is where the non-conformist, unconventional ascetic encounters the strong yet graceful soldier.

This collection will be showcased at Lakme Fashion Week – Winter/Festive 2012 on 4th August, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. IST.

Courtesy : Tandem Communications


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