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‘Fashion Fundas’ this Monsoon Season

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on June 18, 2012

Monsoons have come in many parts of India and we would like all our readers to enjoy this weather. IFP gives you a low down of what works in the rainy season and how can you be stylish.

Neons do stand out

Monsoons don’t mean that you have to dress in something dark as usual…try adding few neon pieces to your style and get noticed from far away in the rains. A neon windcheater is helpful while one is driving a bike or crossing the road since the color is visible from far away. To beat the gloominess around you, opt for neon color watches, glasses, nail color or even outfits. IFP recommends wearing neon color gumboots and raincoat to enjoy the monsoon to it’s fullest.

Work with Water-proof make-up

Do you dread putting on make-up once the monsoons arrive……..have no fear waterproof make-up is here. Avoid heavy foundations on your face instead go light with a powder form of foundation. Skip the lipstick which might have the risk of bleeding in the rains and opt for a gloss or transfer resistant lip stain which last longer. Rains don’t mean that you can skip your sunblock, it is equally important to wear a sunscreen even during this season.Waterproof mascara & eye-liner are easily available at all stores in India……IFP recommends Maybelline’s Colossal waterproof Mascara & smudge-free Eye-liner pencil.  IFP also loves Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock which gives a lighter feeling to the skin and Clinique Chubby stick gloss which stays without bleeding.

Go short

By short we mean this monsoons the hemlines go up……..bring out your denim shorts, capri pants, pencil skirts or knee-length dresses. The length is left to you to decide as per your comfort levels. If you are the demure types, then short skirts add the element of flirtatiousness to your look. But if you prefer sophistication then pencil skirts or knee-length outfits will do fine for office wear. IFP recommends Capri pants in various colours which suit women & men of all shapes-n-size.

Add a platform

Keep your best shoes for special occasions and get wedges or platform heels for the monsoon. These heels don’t let your feet get dirty and are easy to walk around in. Avoid closed ballerina flats & stilettos during the rains since it is difficult to walk in muddy waters in such shoes without getting your feet dirty. Open toe wedges and strappy sandals get IFP’s vote for the monsoons since they allow proper aeration of the feet plus they don’t stink.

Bright is the Key

If you are an umbrella type of a person, they why stick to the good ol’ black umbrella which one gets to see every where. Go colorful with bright colored umbrellas which will instantly lift your mood. If you wanna take some style risks then opt for a japanese style umbrella called ‘Wagasa’ or bubble umbrellas which are more ‘lady-like’. IFP loves floral printed umbrellas which never go out of fashion.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


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