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Cannes Film Festival 2012 – Finale

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 28, 2012

At the end of Cannes this year, IFP has been surprised by unexpected red carpet appearances…………..many new Indian celebs walking at this  event have made an impression fashionwise. So for the finally we finally got to see Sonam Kapoor on the red carpet………….was she able to take our breath away………let’s find out………

For the finale Sonam had opted for Alexander McQueen outfit that had left us with one question………………Why did she ever choose this outfit for the most prestigious red carpet event of the year???? She had Dior, Chanel, Naeem Khan, Valentino and so many other designers to select couture from but why this???

It’s not that we don’t like the gown but it does nothing to this brilliant fashionista……………the only saving grace is her hair & make-up. I wish Sonam would have opted for a structured gown that would do justice to her frame. This one is surely a forgettable look………..need more glamour factor.

Sonam Kapoor also made an appearance in a velvet ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ dress which was styled in a very vintage manner for the finale dinner. The hairband, the long earrings, all made the look classy. IFP likes it for sure……….this look was adventurous and better than her day look.

IFP also caught a Cannes look at Arjun Rampal & missus Mehr Jessia. Arjun looked absolutely like a prince in Rohit Bal’s Jodhpuri pants & jacket attire, but it was Mehr Jessia who stole the look in beautiful Tarun Tahiliani. As a couple IFP adores their red carpet ready look.

Photo Courtesy :, Twitter


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