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Find of the month – February 2012

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 1, 2012

There are many things related to fashion that actually make you think that you are blessed to be a woman. Shopping, being able to wear stilettos, getting to wear loads of jewelry and of course flaunting a bag. So when I came across the collection from ‘Cupidity’ by designer duo Karishma Jhaveri & Masumi Jain, I knew I had found the ‘Find’ of this month. Cupid definitely struck me when I saw their trendy designs :-) .

‘Cupidity’ was established in 2011 in Mumbai, by two friends Karishma Jhaveri &  Masumi Jain with a focus on bringing the latest International trends to  youngsters without making them go too heavy on their wallets. The duo felt  that the need to create a brand that provides the most trendy bags and accessories at the cheapest price! Especially targeting the younger generation, they came out with their very first collection that got an overwhelming response.

Their products range from clutches, evening bags, totes, shopping bags, iPad, laptop cases, make up pouches and wedding clutches. Now that’s an amazing variety that this label offers. ‘Cupidity’ also customize bags as per their clients wishes. Their trendy designs have been displayed in leading publications like Asain Age & Mid-day.

They have tried  to keep their price range as reasonable as possible. Bags range between Rs.400-Rs.2000 whereas accessories are between Rs.200-Rs.1200.

IFP got to know how the designer duo Karishma & Masumi started their journey and what they have in store in the future.

Q & A with the Creators of ‘Cupidity’ – Karishma Jhaveri & Masumi Jain

1) How did you both start off with creating bags?

Cupidity : Initially, we started off with outsourcing bags and retailing them online but we realized some of our customers would like a particular bag but want it in a different color, smaller or bigger size or different fabric altogether. We wanted to be able to customize anything that our customer would like, so we came up with our own range of bags including clutches, sling bags, laptop / iPad cases, shopping bags etc. which we could then modify as per their taste.

2) Was there any formal training required before you ventured into this business?

Cupidity : No, we both have no formal training in hand bag design, just a massive obsession with handbags & shoes :-)

3) What is the inspiration behind your work?

Cupidity : We get inspired by colors, a lot of bright colors to be precise and our collection reflects it. We have lots of bright oranges, hot pinks, reds, purples and a lot of young loud colors.

4) Where are ‘Cupidity’ bags retailed in India?

Cupidity : Currently we only retail online through our website

5) What are your plans to expand your brand in the near future?

Cupidity :We plan to exhibit rapidly throughout the country, we also aim at retailing to local stores in Mumbai and we plan to expand our collection to include shoes & accessories too!!

6) Where can one purchase ’Cupidity’ bags?

Cupidity : Customers can purchase our bags from our website or via our Facebook page You can also email the orders at


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