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Manav Gangwani – ‘The Timeless Couturier’

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on August 30, 2011

A wise person once said “If fashion is wearable, then it is not fashion anymore”. Only few designers have been able to pull of this statement with success since there is a thin line between ‘Haute Couture’ and ‘Passe’. Every fashion week, I await so many designers to come up with something truly exceptional, sadly I end up being disappointed most of the times. But off late I do enjoy seeing a whole lot drama in Manav Gangwani’s collection when they are showcased on the runway. His designs often surprise me to some extent shock me, but the rarity of his designs is what I find very unique and am left wanting for more. His creations are definitely larger than life but that is what makes him stand out of the rest. Today he is one of the top-notch designer of our country……it is a fashion writer’s dream come true to write about Manav Gangwani. There might have been many interviews with Manav Gangwani before mine, but I promise to explore every facet of this designer’s world in my article.

Manav Gangwani is one of the most creative, innovative and promising designers in India, at a young age has carved a niche for himself in the world of fashion with his compellingly bold style statements. No one that I have seen, has ever made a modern age version of a lehenga so alluring on and off the runway like Manav.

While still in college, Manav recognized his strong inclination towards fashion designing. An Alumnus of Pearl Academy of Fashion, ………Manav began his career with ‘Carma’ in New Delhi in the year 1999. From then on there has been no looking back for Manav…… The Manav Gangwani label has become synonymous with luxury and style………….someone who has been able to single handedly create a ‘Brand’ out of sheer hardwork & knowledge.

He has designed the wedding trousseau of Lara Dutta and Raveena Tandon to name few…….Celebs like Karisma Kapoor, Rahul & Akshaye Khanna, Shruti Hassan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Zayed Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Sophie Chodhury, Dia Mirza have walked as Show stopper for Manav…………..and nearly every single Bollywood Celebrity has worn his creations on the red carpet. Delhi Couture Week, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, IIFa and numerous other fashion weeks have seen Manav’s design on the runway……

He is also a, a multi-faceted designer who also paints comical canvases of people who inspire him in his spare time. He has painted for a number of celebrities like Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, Simi Garewal, Raveena Tandon Thadani, Amjad Ali Khan & family amongst many others. He has also combined with Sarod players Amaan Ali Khan  & Ayaan Ali Khan to release a music album ‘Passion’.Manav is also one of the most loved designer among his celebrity friends and has quite a fan following on ‘Twitter’………..’moi’ being one of the followers.

Manav Gangwani has recently opened his flagship store in the plush DLF Emporio, New Delhi. His recent ‘Timeless Affaire’ collection can be seen displayed at his store. I do wish to someday attend his creations on the runway and witness the drama and the bling in all it’s glory. But for now I am fortunate enough to get my chance to interact with the ‘Timeless Courtier’ himself………

A View inside Manav Gangwani’s Flagship Store at DLF Emporio

Interview With Designer Manav Gangwani

1.      Your recent Collection ‘Timeless Affaire’ is truly a work of Art…….what is the story behind this
‘fashion forward’ collection??

Manav Gangwani : I was Inspired by the Story of a warrior woman travelling through time going in and getting hold of her love and finding it and taking over it…. It’s my interpretation of a rendezvous between dream and reality transcending space and time, a fifth dimension solely entrenched in the realms of fantasy where desire merges with superstition to make dreams come alive.

2.      What is the toughest challenge that you face before showcasing a new collection at fashion weeks????

Manav Gangwani : It’s my intense compulsion, that I have to perform, I have to play it right, I have to leave my Audience Spellbound!!! And this at times is intensely stressful!!! Once, I move past this….& then of course the rest just works out….

3.      Saree or a Gown…….which one of these two makes your imagination run wild when it comes to designing?

Manav Gangwani : Tough Choice!!!!  Fashion is what makes my imagination run wild…..whatever the garment maybe!!
But if I have to make a choice, then it has to be sarees!!! There are so many ways you can play with the Drape,  it’s limitless…besides this, Blouses are my USP!!! I absolutely thrive on creating Stunning Blouses….

4.      How did you start off with fashion designing……… what inspired you to enter this field???

Manav Gangwani : Ever since I recollect my earliest thoughts, I have always wanted to be a designer. Clothes & Fashion have always been of great interest to me.

5.     You have designed outfits for the ‘Runway’ and made customized outfits for Celebrities…how would
you describe the difference between designing a collection and designing for a
particular person???

Manav Gangwani : When I design for the runway, it is a collection….I am exploring my Creativity as a Designer & as an Artist….While customizing outfits for Celebrities, However, I keep in mind What would accentuate the Celebrity’s personality, what the occasion is & of course, I am open to suggestions from them.


6.      Any Designer in particular whose work you admire???

 Manav Gangwani : I admire Gudda [Rohit Bal] & “Abu & Sandeep” [Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla]


7.      You have dressed so many celebrities is there a particular ‘someone’ you would want to dress up on the red carpet?

Manav Gangwani : From Bollywood- Rekha of course!!! She is “The Diva” of Bollywood & I think she is breathtakingly gorgeous!!!From Hollywood – it has to be Angelina Jolie…..she has the most Stunning Figure & an indisputably alluring Face!!!I would also Love to Dress Oprah Winfrey…..Am completely taken by her personality & Elegance….. I admire her


8.      Wardrobe Essentials which you as a Designer feel every woman should have.

Manav Gangwani : A saree for sure!! It can be draped in different manners & in combination with options of blouses, can be worn to
suit various occasions.

9.      Heavy drapes, bold designs, crystal detail work, elaborate patterns, beautiful style of fabric layering …………What according to you is a ‘Manav Gangwani’ Signature style???

 Manav Gangwani : Specifically all my Collections are known for their “Bling” Factor!! Exquisite Swarovski  Crystal Detailing & Intricate cutworks are the Signature for “Manav Gangwani”

10.     You have also launched a new flagship store in DLF Emporio Mall, what’s next for the label ‘Manav Gangwani’?

Manav Gangwani : There are various projects in the pipeline, which I shall reveal as they are finalized….However, to mention a couple, I am opening my Showrooms in Dubai & Mumbai early next year.

11.     Manav’s personal style mantra would be……….

Manav Gangwani : Blue Jeans & White shirts, accessorized with a pop of color in the form of shoes & shades!!! I am addicted to them!!!

To see Manav’s Recent ‘Timeless Affaire’ Collection which was displayed at ‘Delhi Couture Week’ recently please click here. To know more about Manav Gangwani do visit his official website

Interview courtesy : Tandem Communications.

Photo Courtesy :



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