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“A Timeless Affaire” by Manav Gangwani

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 21, 2011

‘Indian Fashion Police’ has the exclusive look of Manav Gangwani’s upcoming collection which will be showcased during the ‘Synergy One Delhi Couture Week 2011’ to be held from 22nd July till 25th July, 2011. Twelve leading designers of India will display their collection during this event. Here is your sneak peek to what designer Manav Gangwani has in store for you.

“Timeless Affaire” is inspired by Manav Gangwani’s interpretation of a rendezvous between dreams and reality transcending space and time.


The designer has explored a fifth dimension solely entrenched in the realms of fantasy where desire merges with superstition to makes dreams come alive.

In this collection Manav has delved into the myriad complexities of human emotions and has created a vision of splendor, which is truly overwhelming. It empowers with unparalleled grandiose and accentuates the indisputable strength and beauty that is an intrinsic part of a woman.

“When I design, I bring to life the image of a woman which is latent in my mind. I create fashion for the way I want to project today’s multi dimensional woman. I am guided purely by my instincts not by rules,” says Manav.

The colours, fabrics, embroideries all lend a heady mix of light & shadow dazzling with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to make the collection truly timeless.

Exquisite embroidery, delicate and detailed workmanship, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are used imaginatively and lavishly in this collection, adding glamour. Moving away from his signature style, Manav has artfully added Gota work treated in a completely unusual manner.

Gold dust georgette, Italian chiffon, French lame, sequined fabric, shimmer net…intricately patterned brocade, silk velvet, French lace, duchess satin make this collection exceptionally distinctive!!!!

Delicate Ivory is the color of pure love, merging into yellow the brightest color to the human eye, representing happiness and sunshine, which in turn merges into orange, the color of fire, a symbol of untamed energy. Manav has combined these colors in gradual gradation from light to dark, creating an illusion of an emerging dawn…a new day.

Volume and movement, inspired by spontaneity create silhouettes of effortless elegance, warrior woman like exaggerated collar detail and armour like structures, sheer voluminous skirts with layering, flowing, sensuous gowns,  flared lehengas, novel anarkalis and suits and of course Manav’s staple glamorous saree are juxtaposed together to make an eye catching array of designs.

Keeping in Tandem’ with the Theme of the show, the décor of the ramp is reflective of the connection between Time, Space & the Zodiac. The Chosen colors, of course, are those of the Sun, which is beautifully integrated into the backdrop, thereby making alive a Vision of Timelessness.

In Manav’s words Today fashion equates lifestyle, reflected the way we live, what is happening around us….the way we feel. My style ideology is to be true to myself and not about conforming to dictates of ever changing fashion. With this collection My Timeless Affaire with Me begins to take shape and I want the audience to be enthralled by the profound magic of couture as I envision it!

Courtesy : Tandem Communications


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