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Aruna Seth – The Shoe Fairy

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 4, 2011

For all the Cinderellas around the world, Aruna Seth is definitely God sent……………..especially on their Wedding Day. This young entrepreneur has been creating waves in the Bridal industry for her elegant designs. She has dressed celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Sophia Bush, Paris Hilton, Emily Blunt to name a few on the red carpet in her famous creations. Every celebrity in London owns at least one pair of ‘Aruna Seth’.

Her creations have featured in magazines like Vogue UK, Wedding, Brides, OK!, UK Tatler, Hello!, Good Housekeeping, Grazia…….her shoes get featured every single month in a number of bridal magazines in UK. But the question still lingers in my mind…………… Who is the face behind this big brand ‘Aruna Seth’???

Designer Aruna displaying her creation

Aruna Seth has had a major influence of her family since the beginning……………. her father – the creator of ‘Ascot’ brand of shoes, is an established name in the shoe business. Her father hails from India while her mother is from Jamaica & the family settled in UK, Aruna got to see the best of both the worlds. She learnt the craft of shoe making from her father by helping him overlook the day-to-day work at their shoe workshop. She later learnt footwear designing from London College of Fashion and started her own brand in 2006.

Each of the beautiful shoe is handcrafted in Italy to ensure best quality and designs only 100 pairs of each design for exclusivity purpose. Aruna emphasizes not just on outer beauty of the shoes, but also inner comfort with special pads on the inside. Unlike other designer shoes, you can wear her shoes and walk around for hours without any pain. Aruna Seth’s shoes are definitely for keeps for years, they will still rock even if they are many years old. My say is if you want Ultra luxury in Footwear, Aruna Seth is your answer………

Though many people in India are still unaware of her label, I am sure she won’t be a stranger once her creations are showcased here. My style wish for Aruna Seth would be to see every Indian celebrity wearing her amazing shoes on the red carpet……………till now the shoe choices of our desi celebrities on the red carpet has not been that commendable. Hope Aruna can help change that……..:-)

One of the famous designs of Aruna Seth have to be the Farfalla Butterfly heel collection which have the crystal butterfly motif on a peep toe shoes………….the choice of heels or flat is yours. Also another creationof hers which I regularly see on the red carpet are the beautiful crystal bow heels & wedges, one of the creation is displayed below in Scarlett red……………..Love at first sight………There are shoes designed in Lace, Boots in suede, strappy sandals & handbags in leather and clutch bags with crystal detailing in her collection. The entire range is available in a bouquet of alluring colours which will surely take your breath away.

I am fortunate enough that for my very first section ‘Interview with the Designer’ I was able to get a quick Q & A session with the Creator herself. She & her PR manager were kind enough to acknowledge the existence of my teeny tiny website. I wish her more success and wish she would showcase her creations in India soon.

Q & A with Aruna Seth

1. Major influences in your life……….Who has been the inspiration for you to enter the shoe world?

Aruna : My father, who has been making shoes for over 40 years, designing and creating beautiful shoes. Designing shoes is in my blood.

2. My signature style is…

Aruna : Sparkly Swarovski, the cerise wedge is the Aruna Seth signature shoe, I hoped to liven up traditional bridal shoes with a bit of glamour

3. Your Shoe creation which is ‘HOT’ right now is…

Aruna : The Aruna Seth crystal butterfly shoes, the perfect height for some glamour, a beautiful crystal butterfly on the peep-toe, padded for extra comfort and available in different colours from nude, ivory, candy pink and fuchsia pink…Katherine Jenkins owns two pairs of the butterfly shoes after being unable to make up her mind on just one shoe.

4. The perfect wedding shoe is…

Aruna : One which compliments your wedding dress perfectly in terms of colour and material…there is no perfect shoe w.r.t to shape & colour, brides can be experimental when it comes to shoes and try a hint of colour.

5. The key to picking the perfect shoes is…

Aruna : Choose what you love, don’t leave the shoe picking until last-minute as shoes are equally as important as the dress, comfort is key, pick the right height for your dress, consider your location as wedges may be best for a garden wedding and be a shoeaholic its your wedding so pick shoes for your hen-party, wedding and honey-moon.

6. Any Wedding tips you can give our readers when it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for the D-day.

Aruna : Always keep in mind that work with your wedding dress to find the perfect shoe.  Use material swatches to compare your dress and shoes.  Pick a shoe colour matching your wedding dress colour; a pristine white dress goes best with white or a pale pearl colour and an off-white gown, goes best with pearl or ivory-coloured bridal shoes.  If your dress is long, shoes with embellishments or spike heels may damage the fabric.  If your dress is short then the shoes are on display, a bit of fancy sparkle on your shoe may be more important.

7. One thing about designing shoes that always makes you smile

Aruna : Supplying bridal shoes for what is meant to be the happiest day of someones life is extremely satisfying.  Many of our brides stay in touch and send us pictures.[Check out the pics on her Facebook page] We’ve even heard of a pair of Aruna Seth bridal shoes upstaging the bride and being photo-graphed more than she was.

Aruna Seth is the first Designer to feature in new ‘Interview with the Designer’ section on Indian Fashion Police. To know more about her collection, recent launch and make purchases please visit her official website or ‘Like’ her Facebook page

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