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Karma Suthra – Find of the Month [April 2011]

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on April 1, 2011

‘Find of the Month’ was launched last month and I am happy that my readers have responded so well to this section. Every month I promise to present a new product, designer line or jewellery creation which many of you might not be aware. The only aim of  ‘Find of the Month’ is to get the best and the latest from the Indian Fashion & Beauty Scene……… tap the budding talent…….. I am sure there are tonnes & tonnes of new designs and products waiting to be discovered by someone………….I had to take an initiative to bring to you the hidden gems of India.

This month of April, ‘Karma Suthra’ jewelery is my ‘Find of the Month’ and will be featured for the entire month under this section. I am constantly in search of something new to display on my website and never ever lose a chance to make it visible to people visiting here. A friend of mine happen to ‘Like’ a jewelery group ‘Karma Suthra’ on the social network ‘Facebook’…………… my curiosity to know more about it’ and it’s creator Divya Thomas grew. What struck me the most was the extensive use of so many beautiful colours in her designs that I got to see while surfing her website. The bright red,blues, greens, yellows fused with ethnic silver, pearls & other materials made the jewellery stand out every bit.

Designer Divya Thomas wearing her own creation

Her jewelery line was contemporary yet have an old worldly charm to it…………….and she makes these creations for real women like you & me who can very much wear her designs plus you don’t have to spend like a celebrity to feel like one. Divya who is originally from Bangalore, has been settled in USA since past 12 years but shuttles between the two countries due to her work. She started ‘Karma Suthra’ in the year 2007, since then her creations have featured in leading magazines like Vogue India, Jade, Savvy, Femina and newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ & DNA India. Her designs are instant sell out the moment she launches them or puts the picture online her website & ‘Karma Suthra’ facebook page. Wear-ability for women of all ages is the forte of  ‘Karma Suthra’. She has the creatively gifted Srila Chatterjee as her ‘Muse’ and has even designed an entire collection for her.. Do I need to give any more introductions??? You can have a look at her creations as a proof………..the designs are very ladylike, very fashion forward and sometimes very ethnically Indian. She has drawn inspiration from nature and made them into a jewelery…………….she absorbs all the beauty around her to make the best pieces one can imagine.


My favourite in Karma Suthra has to be the ‘Mermaid collection’ launched last year…………they are so very exquisite and unique. Have a look at the collection below which consists of Necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Divya from this year onwards has started launching a new collection every single month which you can see on her official website












After seeing her alluring designs, I have a wish……………ok make that 2 wishes……………1) A talent like her gets to display Karma Suthra in Indian fashion weeks 2) Her line of creations be available across the major Indian cities……….I am surely gonna visit with my girlfriends the moment it is available in Mumbai.

Creatively gifted………………..absolutely positive on that note but I am very much touched by the fact that this lady still remains down-to-earth in her approach despite riding high on success. I am thankful to Divya for giving me an opportunity to have a short Q & A session with her…………….this is my very first interview with a designer. Since past 1 year I have approached so many designers for an interview, but unfortunately never got a single reply back……….not even a negative one……..sigh.  But Divya was sweet enough to revert back with every answer, I guess that’s the making of a successful entrepreneur.

Q & A with Divya Thomas, Creator of the jewelery line ‘Karma Suthra’

1) What or who has been the inspiration behind your jewelery line???

Divya : In 2006 , my daughter and I were out shopping when we spotted a little bead store called ‘The Flame kissed beads’……….Utterly small and delightfully colourful little shop. They were offering classes and I signed up instantly, not sure why…….. Not once did I notice an artistic flair in me. This was definitely a calling. I made a very beautiful Swarovski necklace that very night after 4 hours of being taught how to string crimp etc.. That was it……. there was NO STOPPING ME. The more I looked around, the more inspired I was. Right from people to trees to animals to objects to just about anything was an added boost to my creative voice.

For instance once I saw a beautiful snake, I picked colours from it and made a necklace[You can check the photos of this creation on her Facebook page]. It was sold instantly. My pieces are a reflection of my moods.


2.You have created jewelery with so many different materials like wood, silver,coral, semi-precious stones, beads, pearls but which of these beautiful little things makes your imagination run wild?

Divya : This is one area where i completely disagree with discipline. There are no set rules when it comes to making or wearing jewelry. I thrive on anything organic. Love sandalwood, smells good and looks great.  Rudraksh combined with turquoise,  Snake vertebra with pearls & emeralds , experimenting with coffee beans…………..there are infinite possibilities.. Giving the unimaginable a chance to stand out , scream for attention and look lovely……….that  is my thing.

3. Which has been your most popular collection till date??

Divya : My fall collection was brilliant. Made some statement pieces that went to VOGUE. Pieces from TILI collection is also very special. Also my Mermaid collection.  So far so good. Amen.

4.You have already down shows in U.S.A and in Bengaluru. Any plans of participating in  Fashion Weeks held in India???

Divya : I’ve had 2 shows in America, one at the Raintree in Bangalore (fabulous response), one in Cochin at the Avenue Regent which was brilliant and am thinking of having one in either Bombay or Bangalore end of the year. Will keep you posted. Fashion week definitely a thought, the only glitch is that i am overseas, and will have to co-ordinate it accordingly.

5.  Future plans for you brand ‘Karma Suthra’

Divya : Right now I am going with the flow, I refuse to plan never works for me. I’d love to see my work on some people and that’s what I am working towards.


6. Anyone in particular that you have loved designing for till date???

Divya : Designing for Srila Chatterjee, Executive Director of Highlight films & Founding partner of  ‘Blue Frog’ Club in Mumbai  has been the HIGHLIGHT of my career. She has brought out the best in my work. [Srila Chatterjee who is also a trustee of ‘Akanksha’ – NGO for underprivileged children]

Divya (left) posing with Srila Chatterjee (right) who is wearing on of her creations.

7. Where are your creations currently available in India???

Divya : KarmaSuthra is available at Serenity in Bangalore which is a very eclectic store .


Check out the official website or visit the store at the address given below:


8/1, 5th main
Jaymahal Extension
Bangalore- 560 046
Phone – 080-41279127
Timings – 10 am – 7 pm



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