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IN, OUT and FOREVER – Sunglasses this Summer

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 17, 2011

What’s In????

Wayfarers style Sunglasses

I love the Retro look on people these days andof course the Wafers style of sunglasses which were a rage in 1980s are back with a bang this summer season.  Though this time around they are available in many colours like green,red, pink, blue, yellow and even in prints. Any girl wearing this style looks very fashion forward, while the guys can portray a bad boy image without creating any trouble. This style looks good on casual only but people who are risk takers can make it work anywhere. Indian celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan & Ranbir Kapoor have been seen wearing the Wayfarers.

My recommendations : Ray Ban ‘Wayfarer’ collection.

What’s Out????

Oversized Sunglasses

Honestly I am tired of seeing all the women wear the same trend over & over again in order to be a fashionista. Whether it suits your face frame or not, ladies need to have these just for style sake……………..take my advice, the oversized sunglasses trend is long gone, not there…………..puff…..disappeared. Please try to replace these with something that is best for your face shape. I have chucked my pair of sunglasses, I hope you too chuck them soon. The same is applicable for guys also……………say goodbyes to Oversized sunglasses.

For Every Season


Aviators style made extremely famous by Salman Khan in the movie ‘Dabbang’ are definitely for keeps. Any season, any time of the year, one can wear them throughout. Aviators does make men different from the boys……………I dig these sunglasses since they never go out of style.I have seen people wearing them since I was a kid. If you are the type who likes to stick to one pair of sunglasses. Aviators might be the answer. Plus these look amazing on women too…………thanks to Ray-ban for launching a collection for ladies as well. Go ahead, buy these and wear them forever.

My favourite: Ray-ban Aviator Collection for Men & Women.

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