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IN, OUT & FOREVER – Bags this Summer

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on February 9, 2011

What’s In????

Petite Bags

I love these tiny, cute, pretty, ladylike………………….help me, I am running out of adjectives to describe the Petite bags. It is so refreshing to have these bags back on the fashion scene. They are appropriate for day time or night-time, you can possibly take them anywhere. Since all things are getting compact in size, I am sure that petite bags will be fit for the upcoming summer season. Go for a solid colour or try print patterns which you can wear with your denim. Go buy one for yourself and enjoy showing it off. Good things do come in small packages………………Petite bags are here to stay…………… least this summer.


What’s Out????

Oversized bags

Why do we women carry the entire house with us………………honestly, seeing an oversized bag actually makes me think what is inside it that requires so much of space. Funnily one might just find handful of things in there. I can declare that these oversized bags are definitely ‘out’ this summer season. Women might feel big bags are comfortable to carry along but can you actually find your stuff??? I know that I never can. Unless you are travelling or carrying clothes for change, please spare your shoulders some pain and go light. Chuck these big bags and add some more grace to your style by opting for something classy.

What’s for Forever???

Party Clutch

India has festivals, weddings, parties and loads of celebration all year round……………….so it makes a lot of sense to have a party clutch in your wardrobe for all these times. This is a perfect accessory for all year round. Dress it up with a traditional outfit or dress it down with the clutch taking all the attention. I am a huge fan of Indian Potli bags and clutches since they are so colourful with beautiful detail work. Though crystal ones are also for all occasions but avoid too much of ‘bling’……………………….subtleness is the key here.

My Pick : MALAGA clutches by Malini Agarwalla.

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