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Best Dressed Women in 2010.

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on January 5, 2011

Considering that last year was full of fashion weeks and glamorous red carpet events, there have been many stylish women from across our country trying to look their very best…………….how many of them actually succeeded???? Well the number is quite low since many of our celebs are brand obsessed and never care to look if the outfit actually suits them well or not. There were however few beautiful women who got my attention when it came to dressing up for the event. These women have made it to my list of ‘Best Dressed for the year 2010’.

Karisma Kapoor


Though she is not doing films anymore, but she can still give other younger actresses a run for their money. The reason why she is on my list for 2010, is that she puts in a lot of effort to look good even during her pregnancy. I am truly her fan since my teens when I used to dance around her ‘Le gayi Le gayi’  song from ‘Dil to pagal hai’. Sister Kareena Kapoor too dresses to the nine every time she is on the red carpet, but there is an elegance in Karisma’s style. Whether she dresses up in a party wear or simple dresses down in her casuals, she still manages to maintain the ‘Wow’ factor in her look. She most of the times dresses up in Manish Malhotra’s outfits who has been a helping hand in transforming her into a Glam Queen. She is one of the celebrities who has inspired other women that motherhood does not mean compromising with looking amazing, hence in my list she will always be a top style ‘Diva’ of all times.


 Rani Mukherjee

Surprising isn’t it to put Rani Mukherjee on this list, but can anyone actually remember her not dressing up and looking good last year???? I simply cannot plus let us not forget that she was one of the first actresses to introduce us to the talented Sabyasachi Mukherjee on the silver screen. She has been seen at many recent events dressed in her very best looking better than ever. Long gone are those outfits which used to make her look older than her age. In comes the fashionable short dresses, pencil skirts, jump suits, flared pants, funky denim, unusual saree patterns………..loads of new addition to her wardrobe. And I must say that on her petite frame, I am loving her new ‘avatar’. She has been trying hard to make a successful comeback, with this style of hers I am sure people will be more than happy to have her back.


Kalyani Saha Chawla

Her name has become synonym with the brand ‘Christian Dior’ or ‘Dior’ for which she is the brand ambassador. Another feather to her ‘Dior’ hat would be styling Sonam Kapoor for the fashionable movie ‘Aisha’ with the glam outfits, shoes and bags to die for.  I have never seen her dress in anything obnoxious in any event………………her look is all the way sophisticated, classic yet very contemporary. She dresses in outfits which compliment her rather than just following fashion like the rest of the crowd. Maybe that is why she always stands out in events despite not being an actress.



 Malaika Arora Khan


Malaika Arora Khan needs no introduction where fashion is concerned. She experiments a lot and takes risks with her looks which very few people in the public would dare to do. Her style quotient is ‘demure’  in whatever she wears. If the dress is short, then the shoes & the clutch take centre stage, if it is an indianwear then the back and the fit of the silhouette will be given more emphasis than the rest of the dress or if it is a gown then the jewellery will be the focus. I cannot think of any dull moment last year when Malaika was not dressed up to our expectation. Her hair are done, her clutch and shoes is very much ‘In vogue’ and her make-up is flawless. Be it on the cover of a magazine or any red carpet event, all I can say that ‘Munni’ absolutely ‘rocks’.


Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna has totally revamped herself…………………..I remember the days when she had started in the film industry when she had the horrible hairstyle combined with the neon colour ill-fitting clothes plus to keep up to the expectations of her mother’s glamorous image in the movie industry. I am glad today when I see her in any red carpet event all dressed to kill. Today give her any dress to wear and she turns out like a queen wearing them…………her style includes knee-length dress in fabulous colours that compliment her skin tone, anarkalis or short kurtis paired with churidhars, pants with tops that usually emphasize the upper half of her body and loads of amazing designer jewellery. With Twinkle now following her mother’s footstep in style department, she definitely gets thumbs up from me as the Best Dressed Woman.


Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is like a breath of fresh air in this filmi dunia where style revolution is just getting started. I have never seen anyone wearing vintage Indian jewellery with western outfit and still look like a million bucks. I think style is something she inherits from her mother who is herself quite a ‘Diva’ though she does not come out much for red carpet events. Her penchant for designer wear makes every woman gush with envy plus her ‘to-die-for’ accessories like jewellery, shoes or bags………………..I can’t have enough of it. I actually look forward to her red carpet appearances since she always surprises me with her attire yet remains classic all throughout. At her age, she has got every style fundas right.


 Gayatri Oberoi


Gayatri Joshi nee Oberoi had made quite a charming start to her movie career with Swades then suddenly she disappeared to be married to renowned builder Vikas Oberoi and have two children. But I never thought that her come back as a socialite would be so pleasing to the eye. Gayatri is every bit of sophistication these days…………….she wears outfits with clean-cut, sober colours and is never too flashy unlike other wanna be socialites. She does experiment but never goes to extremes since she sticks to what suits her best rather than be fashion crazy. Cocktail dresses, pants, sarees, designer salwar kameez and churidhar are what she is mostly seen in. All I can say about her to other fashionistas is keep it simple yet elegant……. that too much of wealth does not mean you have to show it off to the limit.


Feroze Gujral

 Feroze is the quintessential ‘Fashionista’ since the time she first appeared in Digjam Suitings ads in late 1980s. I maintain one thing that she stills looks the same…………….I somehow find her growing younger as each day goes by. She is daring in her style but whatever she wears seem to suit her well. Gowns, skirts, flowy dresses and pants are her style must haves. she is also a writer for many leading newspapers & magazines. One of the few socialites from Delhi who I believe to be ‘est Dressed’on all occasions.


Princess Diya Kumari

Princess Diya Kumari from Jaipur might not be a regular on Page 3 but she has her presence felt every time she is on the cover of a leading magazine or in the newspaper supporting a cause. She is seen regularly in gorgeous chiffon sarees, in a Royal attire, a Salwar Kameez or a designer Sarees when posing for the magazines. Her Grandmother Rajmata Gayatri Devi was known for her beauty and fashion sense. Princess Diya Kumari seems to be carrying on the legacy. As elegant as she is, my wish remains to see her more often in social events where we can catch a glimpse of those amazing Sarees. I am sure that she will be a delight for many of our Indian designers who can design their best for her.

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