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Sabyasachi Mukherjee – ‘Making East meet West’

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on September 1, 2010


When I said Sabyasachi makes ‘East meets West’ I literally mean he is the person responsible for making the modern Western India blend awesomely with the culturally rich but mysterious East India. I am an admirer of his work and must say that he has a signature look in every outfit that he designs…………..absolutely original.  

This talent powerhouse started his own label after graduating from NIFT Kolkata in 1999……………he also hails from Kolkata. After winning accolades as the most outstanding designer internationally, he took part in Lakme Fashion Week in 2004. Since then there has been no looking back for this genius………………he was also one of the only Indian designers to receive an invitation to the Milan Fashion Week to showcase his work. His work has also been seen at the esteemed NewYork Fashion Week………….he still manages to stay grounded for good.  

His actual claim to fame came when Sabyasachi started designing for Rani Mukherjee for movies Black & Baabul and he was surrounded by bevy of bollywood beauties all wanting him to create a signature look for them. Which he did fabulously…………..Rani sported a dark bohemian look in ‘Black’, Vidya Balan’s classic beauty were enhanced with Sabyasachi’s vintage look sarees in the film ‘Paa’, Aishwarya looked more demure in Sabyasachi flare kurta-churidhar in ‘Raavan’.    

Of course he even rules the red carpet with his contemporary Indian Wear……………..How can I ever forget the Saree worn by Aishwarya at Cannes 2010, it beat all the gowns which she had worn earlier in the event……….the best was saved for the last. Sabyasachi’s ladies are a stunner on the red carpet with his unique creation…………he has dressed not just the ladies but also men for the red carpet in events like Oscars, Cannes, Filmfare awards,Film premieres, the list is endless. Remember A.R.Rahman dressed in black Sherwani for his memorable Oscar performance.  I love the way he combines numerous fabrics, motifs and patterns to create an outfit. Indian Prints and Motifs are his strengths and he is the person responsible for giving them a new life in this fast-moving fashion world. The Sarees have a trademark look of matt golden being used extensively which in turn end up looking ‘oh-so-fabulous’.    

All I can say about Sabyasachi is that he always gives his audience something new, different and original every season. His inspirations are simple things from the lively world around us and his clothes tell a beautiful tale of a journey that they have undertaken from the designer’s mind to the real thing. As for me I do hope to buy one of his designed pieces and keep it in my wardrobe as a prized possession of my lifetime.

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2 Responses to “Sabyasachi Mukherjee – ‘Making East meet West’”

  1. Rajk said

    I love the colours that he uses – my favorites…red, maroon, brown, black!! So it was he who designed Vidya Balan’s look in Paa? No wonder…I loved her sarees/skirts etc. in the movie…

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