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Van Heusen Men’s Week 2010 – Day 2

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on August 29, 2010

With a fresh and creative start to the biggest fashion event for Men, Day 2 brought in new ideas in designing. After a delayed but good start on the first day, the saga continues………….



The all white collection presented by Ankita & Anjana Bhargav was soothing…………….no doubt about it. But I wonder why the colour white is given so much of emphasis all the time…………..why is it that designers don’t make their creations in colours other than black and white………………how about men’s wear all done up in shades of red, purple, green………think about it. Should we not look around at bold colours instead of going for safer colours when it comes to designing. Honestly there was nothing new in this collection which I haven’t seen till now. Shorts, kurtas, pajama pants, trousers, shirts all done in white with a hint of beige in some outfits…………….but nothing new. There earlier collection for women which they presented in Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2010 was very creative. Unfortunately I could not see the power element in this collection which I feel would have been a turn around for their menswear collection.


 Vijay Arora


Vijay Arora dedicated his collection to the armed forces of our country……………………very noble thought but the clothes lacked creativity. Common man might not be able to wear many pieces from it like the uniform styles. The kurtas, pathani suits, the achkan combined with trousers, camouflaged pants, shirts in earthy tones were part of this collection………pieces could be worn separately. But the creations could have been as amazing as Ritu Beri’s collection which she showcased in Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2010 where she had also designed the collection around the theme of armed forces but blended the theme well with just few elements used……….like a navy jacket combined with a flare skirt or a camouflaged jacket with a bold colour gown. What lacked in this collection were bold colours but in smaller quantities…….and pop of colour here and there would have worked wonders. Better luck next time……..












 Karan Johar & Varun Bahl


 Karan Johar & VarunBahl designed a very, very trendy and wearable collection…………though I felt some pieces were very last season but overall I am happy that they used bright colours in their creations. There was everything in it……….formal wear, casual wear, resort wear, beach wear………..everything except Indian wear. Nonetheless the collection was complete package, plus point being pop of colours used in few garments & wearability. The colour black was given new dimensions with cut of the fabric. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the new collection, would look forward to something new from the duo next time around.






Manoviraj Khosla

 Manoviraj Khosla had not one but three celebrities walking the runway for him………..Actor Kunal Kapoor, Cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar and Nikhil Chopra. But the collection was what took all the credit since the contemporary clothes were done up amazingly. The motif patterns on the outfits were smart without making the ensemble look over the top. Manoviraj used his creativity quite well to make this collection very wearable yet ‘In Vogue’. Colour palette was kept in dark hues and off whites with a hint of reds, blues, grey. Bandhgala, Achkan, blazers, coat, jackets were the highlight of the collection. Overall I was happy to see this ‘Gentlemen only’ collection in the fashion world which is going more towards ‘metrosexual look’.








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