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Pearls Infrastructure Delhi Couture Week 2010 – Finale

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 26, 2010

 I was just not that happy on the last and final day of the Couture week………………as the shows came to an end I realized that the finale shows were either done up in a jiffy or just for the heck of it since the clothes lacked creativity and innovation. The designs were something I had seen since past many fashion weeks. Read on for my review designerwise.

Rakesh Agarwal

 Rakesh Agarwal presented his collection which had Indian as well as western outfits………………I I have to go by the looks of it I would rather prefer his western ensemble since the silhouettes were better designed and looked good on the ramp. I am sure if our celebrities were to dress up in those outfits and walk on the red carpet they would surely look like a million bucks. But as for the Indianwear……………after seeing the creations of other designers in this fashion week I honestly feel Rakesh’s Indianwear lacked the glamour factor. Nonetheless the western attire gets a thumbs up from me……..Jacqueline Fernandes walked as a show-stopper for Rakesh.













Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka’s new collection had a rather dark, mysterious style of background setting which is why it was difficult to review her outfits. But by the looks of Lara Dutta walking down the ramp as show-stopper I felt the collection was not up to the mark. The emphasis was given more on styling up the models than the outfits……………not that others had not done the same but their outfits spoke volume too. Here I am sadly not convinced that the outfits are gonna be a big hit with the audience. Sorry Rina………………this was just not that happening show.

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Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla the famous designer duo are back on the couture week scene but the clothes were bigger than last time they have presented a collection on the runway but not that appealing. Shimmer……………..loads of shimmer was used in womenswear, menswear was much more subtle and elegant. The embroidery was beautiful as the duo is master in it but the designs were a bit repetitive. Layering was a dominant feature…………………overall was just satisfied since I had expected a lot new designs this time around since the gap between their previous show and now was many years. Gorgeous detailing but new something ‘in vogue’. Celebrities like Shweta Nanda & Bret Lee looked fabulous as show-stopper on the ramp……………no complains in their styling.

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