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Bridal Trousseau must haves

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on July 10, 2010


Many people visit my blog in search of Indian Bridal wear or subjects related to Indian wedding outfits. I am no expert on it but I have vowed that I will try to keep all of you updated with the recent trends in Indian Bridal Fashion and hence have included a new category ‘Bridal Couture’. I will try my level best to cover the topics relevant to a new bride-to-be  since she wants to look her best on her wedding day which is the most important day in any woman’s life. Men might never understand the big deal we women tend to make out of it……………….but we do cherish this moment for a lifetime.             

Red is traditionally the color of choice of the Wedding Dress as it symbolizes luck and is believed to bring happiness to the couple in the future. Indian Wedding Dresses are normally made of materials which reflect light like silk, chiffon and satin. Silk is the preferred fabric, especially in southern India. Certain sarees like Baluchari, Bandhani, Kanjeevaram and Konrad are specifically worn on wedding day not only because they are super expensive but because they have religious significance too. Nowadays brides are experimenting with lighter shades of red which is not too gaudy and can be worn on other semi formal functions and even work.             

In today’s modern world, brides wear shoes that are not too different from those worn regularly in parties. However, the bridal shoes used from times immemorial are different from the ones that are used today. They have soft cushion and are medium heeled or generally flat. Satin cloth, silk and sequin work give it a different look altogether. Basic clothes to be included in your trousseau :          

  Wedding and engagement outfit  



This should be your most important shopping which should not be done in a hurry. At least give a full day to shop for these two outfits. These days you can try out many wearing different colours for ring ceremony like royal purple, peach, turquoise blue, baby pink, bottle green, golden , silver etc which are definitely away from the typical bridal colours like red, magenta, maroons. As per Indian traditions brides should avoid wearing black and white since these are not auspicious for such occasions. Engagement dresses can vary from Saree to Lehanga to Salwar Kameez to even a Gown these days. Marriage outfit should be ideally a Saree or Lehanga or a Salwar Kameez [which is ideally worn in Sikh Community]. Again you don’t have to stick to the traditional colour palette. Ideally go for lighter colour for a Day wedding and a darker colour for a Night Wedding.             




 Saree is an integral part of any Indian wedding. It can be worn on the D-Day by bride or be a part of the trousseau. Saree has many designs & types to choose from. Brides towards South of India prefer silks, in North India they prefer sequin embroidery on chiffons or crepes, East Indian brides have a preference of hand woven sari & brides in West India carry off both silks & chiffons with equal grace and love bandhni in design. Every bride should have at least 3 sarees in her trousseau depending on her choice. One silk saree is a must since it can be worn on any formal family functions & pooja. Honestly I consider Silk sarees to have a timeless grace. In Indian households a Silk saree is passed on from generations to generations.  Sarees lend an air of elegance and gracefulness to a woman. Nevertheless it’s important to select one that compliments your body features. Thin women should stick to fluffy fabric like organza, cotton and tussar sarees. Women who are a bit heavier should buy light fabrics like silk, chiffon and georgette. It is advisable to avoid large prints as it is too flashy and gives the impression of a huge look. Shorter women should avoid large borders            

 Salwar Kameez  



A salwar kameez consists of a Kurti called as Kameez & salwar is loose pajama like trouser. You can purchase these ready to wear or get them stitched as per your accordance. These are available throughout India in numerous materials, colours & designs. A bride should have at least 5 Salwar Kameez in different lengths & designs in order to suit different occasions. Patiala Salwar and Chudidars with Short kurti are the recent trend. Combine Salwar Kameez with Starppy sandals or for more ethnic look with mojris or Punjabi juthi. Salwar kameez have been a symbol of comfortable Indian wear which anyone can easily adapt to. As a bride get embroidered work done on the kurti like Zardosi, Gotta work, mirror work, embroidery with sequins, etc. Matching embroidery work on the salwar is quite a rage in India. Don’t forget he dupatta along with it. How so fashionable it might be to go without a duppatta, as a newly wed it is more acceptable if you have your duppatta.           




 I honestly feel we Indians have given the world a sophisticated and modern version of Kameez that is usually worn with a Salwar. This one can be worn with Denims or Trousers they look good on both. Women of all age groups can easily wear this outfit and be graceful. Have at least 3 kurtis in your trousseau – 1 for party wear, 1 for formal occasion, 1 for everyday wear. Experiment with colours, don’t stick to a particular colour only. Kurtis can be worn when you go on your honeymoon where you don’t wanna be all decked up in order to have fun. Even your In-laws won’t mind you wearing kurti at home when they are around. You can get the kurti stitched or can purchase them from a store since they are easily available on the retail shelves.            

Blue Denim Jeans


 Your wardrobe is incomplete if  you don’t have a pair of Blue denims.  These can be co-coordinated with tops, formal shirts, kurtis and just about anything. You have a lot of options to choose from like straight, skinny, boot cut or flared with waist option of high rise – high on  your waist, avoid this fit if you are broad on the butt side,  mid or low rise – low on your waist , avoid this if you are heavier on your waistline.  Boot cut jeans are fitted at the hip and the thigh and flared below the knee. Straight Legs are also fitted at the hip and thigh but are neither flared nor tightly fitted below the knee. There are a variety of brands to choose from plus numerous colours too. For party wear Denims you can check out jeans having studded with crystals or sequin embroidered.           


Party Wear Top


  Buy a lot of Colourful tops to match with jeans or trousers. Please do not go in for the basic T-shirts. Look for tops with feminine appeal that make you look like a fabulous bride. Include 2 to 3 party wear tops which will be useful when you are entertaining friends. Outdoor and Casual Wear tops are a must when you are honeymooning. Formal wear tops for your daily office life.  You can include colourful kurtis which are widely available which I think are the best clothes which display a mix of modern and ethnic. Displayed below are just some tops in order to give you an idea about your purchases.                  

      Formal trousers 

 Black coloured trousers are a must in this category for their versatility to match with all colours. If you have been told not to wear the colour black for at least a year [Some Indian traditions do not allow the newly wed brides to wear black & white colours for a year as these colours are symbols of bad omens] then look for navy blue, brown or grey colours in trousers. You can wear trousers with tops or embroidered Kurtis.            



If you are planning to have a sexy strappy or backless night gown which will make your guy go weak in the knees, well that should not be a problem unless it is within the four walls of your bedroom. Have an alternative Nightwear gown that is decent enough for you to wear in front of your in-laws. To be on a safer side have at least 2 pair of nightwear. Colours can range from pinks, reds, peach to blue, purple, greens. Bridal Nightwear are easily available across all major stores in India. Pick according to your body type, is comfortable and yet looks elegant. Avoid following fashion over comfort.              


          Lingerie & Everyday Inner wear 


Buy sexy lingerie but don’t buy them only. Make it a point to buy everyday wear undergarments as well. Choose colours like red, pinks, purples, etc anything that would look good on your skin shade.  Avoid buying whites only, experiment with some colour. Have the bra and panties co-ordinated in the same colour/pattern. Go in for lingerie which has a bit of sequin detail but not too much as you might end up look like a belly dancer. Lingerie translates to sensuousness and will bring out the best in you. If you feel good and confident within it is bound to show in your body language too.            



 This just might be an accessory but it is an important one since the kind of bag you carry can make or break your entire look. Bridal bags should be small and matching with the bridal outfit. For the other outfit the key for a perfect bag is to match with not only the outfit but with your shoes and belts as well. Have at least 2 bags, one for party wear which a bridal bag can also be used as one and the other for everyday wear which you can carry to office, shopping or just an outdoor meeting. Colours common preferred are reds, pinks and golden for bridal bags and browns and black for Everyday Wear bag.            



Bridal shoes generally match the outfit the bride wears. You can ask your trousseau designer or the retail store from where you are buying your wedding dress to co-ordinate and design the shoes as well.       The advent of light colored shoes is conspicuous because they can be re-colored to any other darker shade later and worn for any other festive occasions after marriage.
The bridal shoes should be comfortable. The various pre and post-wedding ceremonies require the bride to walk around and stand for long hours to meet people. Bridal shoes with a smaller hell are the most comfortable. There is a wide variety of Bridal Shoes like wedding pumps, high heeled sling backs, flats, sandals and pointed toe shoes. Bridal shoes vary in size and height and depending on ones need, one can choose from a wide variety of shoes that are available in the market. But you cannot always walk around wearing heels. Add on everyday wear shoes or flats. In India you will find beautiful traditional flat shoes like mojris or Punjabi jutti which look great with Salwar Kameez, denims, etc. Else you can buy simple flat sandals as shown on the left. The key here again is to buy shoes in different colours instead of sticking to the basic black ones. A person with beautiful shoes has conquered half the required look. You can never go wrong in your looks if you have stunning footwear. Beautiful footwear are itself a fashion statement. Make sure you have pedicured feet to show off in your shoes.   



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