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Midas Touch of Tarun Tahiliani

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on May 6, 2010

Every single day since I have started writing this blog, I have had search queries for ‘Tarun Tahiliani…………….well that is not the only reason why I am writing about him. I believe, in fact I know that he is one of the pioneers of today’s Indian Fashion scene and has carved a niche for himself. His designs exude loads of sophistication and grace………….no wonder he has the whose who of the tinsel town wearing his creations.

Despite all the grandeur, he has never designed for the Bollywood movies……….in India if you your creations displayed in a bollywood movie then as a designer you have arrived…………..but Tarun Tahiliani made a name for himself by his insight and love for Indian heritage.

The key look of his creations is the way he blends Indian designs with western attire and boy are the results are fantastic. Any woman wearing his design looks mesmerizing and divine…………… wonder he has made Shilpa Shetty a hot property on the global front. No one can forget her walking down the ramp dressed as a Greek goddess for Tarun in fashion week……………infact if the original greek goddess came down to planet earth, she would want Tarun to style her after seeing Shilpa walk down the ramp.

Tarun who is an alumnus of Wharton Business school started his rendezvous with Indian fashion by opening up the first boutique ‘Ensemble’ in the year 1987 in which the high-profile designerwear was displayed. The boutique was started by converting a tools showroom into a haven for Indian designerwear. Today it is managed by Tarun’s sister Tina Tahiliani Parikh and top Indian Designers display their newest creations in Ensemble. whether one is looking out for Indian bridal wear, menswear, western outfits, fusion or simply couture, you will find it all under one roof. After more than 20 years in fashion business, ‘Ensemble’ has grown 4 stores strong which in itself tells the success story of the boutique.

Tarun Tahiliani loves the Indian way of draping of Indian textile and has many times stated that Indian design heritage has been in the Art of Draping unlike the western art of cutting the fabric………….he has been one of the few designers to keep the Indian craftsmanship alive by giving them a fresh look in his creations. Love the colourful stone work on the silhouette which is so original and never before seen. I marvel the way Tarun has combines chikan kari with net fabric or zardosi on velvet or swaroski crystals in a Lehenga………..he always goes on to create a master piece which can be easily passed down to the next generation in your family. Bride-to-be want to be a show-stopper at their own wedding by wearing a ‘ Tarun Tahiliani ‘ bridal couture………………celebrities like Priya Sachdev, Shilpa Shetty, Jemima Khan and Elizabeth Hurley all wore Bridal outfit designed by Tarun on their big day. I have seen at least all Indian celebrities wear his label for major events or red carpet.

But my only wish remains that our Indian celebrities would also wear his creations on the red carpet abroad……….as Tarun rightly says that we Indians are trying too hard to be westernised so it is time to put forth ourselves in our Indian element and be proud about it…………………he might be what Christian Dior is to the western fashion but Tarun Tahiliani is a ‘True Legend’  for our country.

Vist his official website at or the ‘Ensemble’ website


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