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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2010 – Day 6

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 30, 2010

Day 1 events were finally re-scheduled to Day 6. Thankfully the audience were not left disappoint after the initial hiccup. I was very much looking forward to this day since the most experienced designers were showcasing their work. All is well that ends well…………….

Ranna Gill

I was very excited to see Ranna Gill’s collection since the lady makes quite stylish clothes with striking colours. After having a look I was not disappointed but not very happy either. Maybe I got a bit used to seeing her earlier designs of geometric designs with alluring effects. I found this one rather too simple in fact unadorned since the clothes were made in solid colours, tassels, bag & jewellery were used as accessories for the same. One shoulder dresses, halter necks, pants, jackets, skirts, tops all of them were wearable which is plus side of Ranna’s creations. The colours were fabulous though this time around I was not that impressed with the prints since found them rather very dull. What this collection lacked was freshness……………..winter does not mean just dark dull colours. Some sequin work would have given that added novelty to the clothes. Minisha Lamba looked cute and pretty in Ranna Gill ensemble. Nonetheless will always be in high spirits to see more of Ranna’s creations in future.










Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri’s collection was a Tribute to the Indian Army which reflected very well in her clothes. Army inspired jackets, camouflage print, high waist skirts and pants, broad belts, tartan checks, golden military type detailing were the key designs of the collection. The collection was demure, bold,had a feeling of royalty to it. The clothes were also wearable and fit for the Autumn/Winter season. My pick in this creation were the colours which had fiery red, aquamarine blue, navy blue, olive green, matt golden, midnight black and pure whitehues shades were used in fabrics like satin, velvet, net and many more. As per the theme the clothes fit well, after a long time I must say Ritu Beri’s collection was eye-catching and made a statement. My verdict: clothes were stylish and would make a modern woman very very fashionable. Ritu Beri walked in as show-stopper in the end since due to the cancellation of Day 1 of the show the original choice for show-stopper Sushmita Sen could not make it due to prior commitments. Nonetheless Ritu Beri herself looked graceful on the ramp since I do feel even at this age she is as pretty as any model in India.Kuddos to Ritu Beri for putting her heart out for the Indian Army.










J J Valaya

JJ Valaya’s Autumn Winter collection unfortunately had nothing ‘new’ to it since there was a lot to expect from him since his is one of the pioneers of the Indian Fashion Industry. I did like the fact that there was the colour ‘red’ included in this collection but the placement of a belted pocket on a saree was a style which I could not digest. Why would any woman want to wear a hideous pocket belt over an elegant saree. Was this a new fashion statement JJ Valaya wanted to make or just a mess up with the stylist did?? I might not know that but it was unlike JJ Valaya’s signature touch which I have seen  in his earlier collections. Nonetheless the jackets were stunning with brocade background and detail work on the shoulder part. The collection started off with creations in black colour proceeding white on to red and cream then ending with metallic hues. My verdict: If the pieces are worn separately off the ramp the look would be much more elegant. The styling of this show was not upto the JJ Valaya benchmark.


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