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Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2010 Day 4

Posted by Indian Fashion Police on March 10, 2010

Day 4 was a bit disappointing since could not find anything that appealing or new. I felt the emerging designers were giving more emphasis on the fabric and not on design. Got to see a lot of oversized outfits which truly does not enhance much in a woman’s curve but hides the best features. For menswear there was absolutely no one who could do justice in creating a fabulous look. However ‘Sarees ruled the day where one got to see mesmerizing colourful creations.


Purvi Doshi

I saw a ‘pop of colour’ in every outfit of this collection which was pleasing to the eye but the fit of the clothes were an eye sore. Purvi’s creative line titled ‘Kahchindo’ which means a chameleon in Gujarati language had an array of colours which looked very soothing. The geometric designs in greens and turquiose blue were nice, still the mixing up of designs was not as elegant as it was intended to be. Like the Saree displayed below is beautiful but the entire look is marred by the pallu which looks more like a separate shawl and does not blend in that well. I would have prefered the piece to be left as a single pattern rather than having more add-ons. The drawstrings used in the outfits were creative but too much of them were unecessary. My verdict is that Purvi has talent and a lot creativeness but I wish to see her garments with a better cut and fit.









Shashikant Naidu

Goddess Parvati was the inspiration for this collection of Shashikant Naidu…………….well I must say it was different from the rest that I have seen in the past 3 days. I loved the sarees in this collection which also had dresses both long and short, fabrics were khadi, muslin and tussar………………..but what was striking were the prints with flower motifs and the colours even though they were dull in nature but ?I worked really well with the type of fabric used. The dresses however seemed too indianised to my taste but the plus point here was that each and every outfit was wearble. The styling of the attire was very much old time south indian, still it went well with the clothes. I would love to see more of Shashikant Naidu’s creations in future…………….but of course with some pants added in the collection.








Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta’s creation titled as ‘Chhalni’ somehow felt incomplete…………………….the outfit starts well from the shoulder part but as one gazes towards the hemline you get a feeling ‘What went missing here??’  I think she was the only one to use polka dots in her collection which blends oh so well with the colourful jackets. The beach wear is smart…….but the dresses are too loose.I do understand that there was a lot of inspiration from the ‘Banjara’ era but the outfits could have been better in terms of fit. The mens wear was kept way too simple making me think why should I buy a designer wear when I can just ‘D-I-Y’ for my man…………………….secondly the ‘Anarkali’ kurta with a bikini top was another outfit which left me thinking ‘It is incomplete’ even though the embroidery work near the hemline was beautiful…………..Masaba you should try more to concentrate on women’s western wear since I feel that would be your ‘Strong point’ after seeing the beach wear.










Neha Agarwal

‘Game that people play’ as this collection was titled was full prints of trees and kites…………….the attire was casual and sporty. To me it seemed more like a collection made out of recycled and leftover fabrics. There is nothing new in it only the casual dresses have been given a sporty look by adding a jacket or shorts to them……………….Neha is you are creating a line make it either casual or sporty………………………fusion of both did not go well here……………plus these days women irrespective of their size like to wear well fitted clothes……………..baggy pants with many pockets makes a women look bulky not fahionable and are very 80s……………….My advice is that Neha should g back to the designing board and work out something much, much much more creative.









Paromita Banerjee

‘The Laal Paar and other stories’ was a tribute to Bengal and it’s textile industry. Fabric consisted of khadi, mul, silk, tussar, cotton and many more…………….but was it wearable…………i definitely do not think so……………I fail to understand why is there more emphasis on the fabric than design. A designer is known for what he or she creates with that said fabric. Bengal definitely has beautiful handlooms available in such rich colours but just draping them does not make a design. There is nothing new in the design…………………seen it already……….need something new. If as a designer one is getting inspired from a part of India that is commendable but you have to make a good work out of that creation. Only then it will be remembered for ages………………









Rimzim Dadu

Gothic’ is the very word I would use to describe the collection and fit for a rockstar…………….but why so much of black??? This collection looked very early 90s to me and was not at all for the summers. Messed up hair, ankle length flat boots which reminded me of Urmila Matondkar’s ‘Rangeela re’ song and metalic touches to the outfit all oh so 90s……….but again there was nothing soothing to the eye and have already seen such erre looking clothes on the amp before also. So what made this collection special……………….in my opinion ‘nothing’ would be the answer. This outfits could have been styled in a much better way by adding high heels and having hairstyled well in a party look. On the whole notvery impressed by this collection.









Anand Kabra

‘She was so dark that she was blue’ left me wondering did someone get left out in snow…………………the clothes were simply drapes and more drapes which even I could do sitting at home. Then why should I look at this gothic collection in which some pieces are not at all wearable. First of all the fabric was just cut in a asymetrical way and stitched up together with lack of refinement………………the colour as the title suggests was dominated by black and blue with spalshes of grey, yellow and orange. I am unimpressed by this creation and feel if the designer has to emphasize on the splash of colour than cut then shouldn’t i buy an abstract painting instead of a designer wear. My apologises to Anand Kabra but I feel he should work out a better creation next time rather than something with dark elements only.










Vikram Phadnis

Creme and black colour with touch of metallic hues ruled the scene in Vikram Phadnis collection. The collection was wearable unlike other creations seen on Day 4 and I liked the way Vikram used golden and copper shades with cream colour. There was layering, ruffles, embroidery and symetrical prints which made the look stylish………………however there were few pieces which I felt were just off the rack and had not creative input of the designer. The black and cream colour fusion looked well only in few outfits and who wants to wear the all feather look gown after it has been written off by fashionistas as a ‘Fashion disaster’. My pick in this collection will have to be the short summer dresses which I feel are well fitted and look beautiful. By the way the head thing that the models wore made them look more like an alien. People might say I don’t understand fashion but I do understand when it is overboard……………….










Satya Paul

Satya Paul’s key designer Puneet Nanda presented ‘Zen, Zest, Zip Zap and Zing’  collection which not only have sarees but also dresses both short and long flowy ones. There were splashes of colour on fabrics like organza, voile, georgette, crepe, satin, net and chiffon with loads of detailing and embroidery work. The colour palette included both feiry and watery tones. The dresses were dreamy but the sarees with a touch of metallic were very impressive. I love the fact that Satya Paul has always given new look to the saree over the years making it more of a fashion statement rather than just regular wear for Indian women. They have continued this trend this season also thanks to Puneet Nanda for his creativeness.  Mandira Bedi, Ex- Miss India Amrtua Patki and Sarah Jane Dias along with  Jacqueline Fernandes graced the ramp in Satya Paul creations.


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